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Congratulations for finding this site! It has so much to offer you, that anything I have to say can only scratch the surface of the great things you can find. It will be a weight off your shoulders to find so much information that is directly at people just like you; new to the industry, new to the great things we have to offer, and new to the idea of breaking an old habit with a great new product. We are helping reduce pollution and provide you with a great alternative to your nicotine craving.

This site will give you tons of information so you can make the best choice for switching to Electronic Cigarettes. Sift through piles of reviews, opinions, ratings and more from real people just like you! We have the knowledge to help you figure out this exciting new product and what it has to offer you.




No Matter Your Reason For Investigating Smokeless Cigarette Options, Our Goal Is To Help You On Your Journey have ecig experts (James is the main one behind, "HI" that's me!) and 2 other veterans to vaping contributing regularly (Tyler and Deena). All of use are dedicated to making this site awesome, and helping you with real, quality, useful information at White Smoke Review - not the junk that so often passes for it on most e-cigarette review sites.

Tyler and Deena will both be helping with reviews on a couple products i have less experience with myself than they do (not often!) - but typically you can expect opinions, news announcements / coverage and editorial articles and blog posts from those two... they have no shortage of opinions let me tell you!

To some people, all this information can seem overwhelming, and even off-putting for a lot of E-Cigarette newbies looking into giving it a try. We try to make our articles and reviews easily approachable - yet we don't just rehash marketing material that sounds like each brand's own web sales pitch reworded. That doesn't help you learn the stuff that you need to know nor does it tell you anything useful when making often pricey E-Cig Buying decisions.



You will find that our ever-increasing library of 'Vaping Knowlede & E-Cigarette How-To' articles (and soon videos / interactive presentations) will compliment the terms, concepts and details we dive into in our E-Cig Brand Reviews themselves, especially as we roll out a series of ultra in-depth features on some of the Best Electronic Cigarette brands that all have proven themselves to not just have fantastic product lines, but the company values and support that have already EARNED them devoted and loyal followings over time.

Be sure to check back regularly over the coming weeks.

2013 is going to be a decisive and eventful year for the future of e-cigarettes in America, and however events progress, we will be sharing insights and be the 'media pundit' we've all 3 secretly wanted to be since childhood :) well, maybe not, but we are VERY passionate about e-cigs and you can be sure some heated and controversial views to be spelled out every week here - as editorial commentary is something we feel is not only missing from most review sites, but it is something we are uniquely qualified (not to sound too arrogant ... or nerdy!) to do a stand out job.

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V2 Cigs In 2013: The Best Electronic Cigarette Product Line & Company To Back It Up


V2 Cigs Best E-Cig Brand E-Commerce Site - Offers Excellent Usability For Order Customization


V2 Cigs In 2013: The Best Electronic Cigarette Product Line & Company To Back It Up

V2 Cigs Best E-Cig Bran E-Commerce Site - Offers Excellent Usability For Order Customization

V2 Cigs Best E-Cig Brand E-Commerce Site - Offers Excellent Usability For Order Customization

Beginner electronic cigarette users often find themselves wondering which brand of electronic cigarette would best suit their needs. Choosing a brand of electronic cigarettes can be difficult with so many different options available to choose from. V2 electronic cigarettes is one of the most highly recommended brands of electronic cigarettes. This brand has many loyal users who come back to V2 Cigs repeatedly due to their high quality product.


V2 Cigs Coupon Code

There are a million and one different reasons why V2 Cigs is the best brand of electronic cigarettes. It is hard to narrow it down to just one thing that makes this brand top dog in the world of e-cigs. The following is a list of good reasons why V2 Cigs is the best of the very best. Not only is this brand good for beginners, it good for just about any smoker.

Best Electronic Cigarette - Especially For First Time ECIG Users - Is Hands Down V2 Cigs in 2013

Best Electronic Cigarette - Especially For First Time ECIG Users - Is Hands Down V2 Cigs in 2013

•    Production of Vapor – Electronic cigarette users look for quality vapor production from their e-cigs. V2 Cig provides not only quality vapor production, but they also produce a large amount of vapor with each drag. The rechargeable battery pack and cartridges are sealed for freshness. This also adds to the high quality product that V2 Cigs produces.

•    Easy to Use High Quality Craftsmanship – This brand of electronic cigarettes is simple to use and feels like smoking a real traditional tobacco cigarette. These electronic cigarettes are built to last the test of time. This is truly an easy to use brand of electronic cigarettes. The user simply needs to charge the unit, flick the switch, and begin vaping.

•    High Quality E-Liquid - The e-liquid, or liquid nicotine, that V2 Cigs uses in their e-cigs is nothing but the very best.  This brand is proud of the fact that the e-liquid that is used in their brand of electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the four thousand chemicals that traditional tobacco cigarettes contain. Consumers can rest easy using electronic cigarettes due to the fact that the e-liquid is laboratory tested.

•    Widely trusted and used – V2 Cigs is a widely used brand of electronic cigarettes that is highly recommended. It is easy to see that this brand is legitimate. This brand takes great pride in providing their customers with only the best of the best.

•    Money Back Guarantee – V2 Cigs offers a money back guarantee. Not many companies offer a money back guarantee on their products. V2 Cigs are confident that their customers will be completely satisfied with their products that they offer them their money back if they are not pleased.

•    Lifetime Warranty – V2 Cigs is also proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products. Electronic cigarettes from this brand will last you for a lifetime.

•    Easy to Navigate Website – It is easy to go to the V2 Cigs website and order any electronic cigarette items that you need.

 Save With V2 Cigs Coupon Code_1

•    Support – Live chat support is offered at the V2 Cigs website to answer any questions you may have about their products.





Regular smoking puts thousands of awful chemicals into your body, and a huge majority is not even nicotine! And most of these terrible chemicals can also be found in everyday household cleaners. Would you want to smoke your dish washing detergent?

Smokeless cigarettes are free of all the terrible chemicals that are in normal cigarettes. Electronic Cigarettes are made of just two things; nicotine and water vapor. Through a simple process called atomizing, you receive unfiltered nicotine and release only water vapor instead of smoke. So you are free to smoke anywhere without the stigma that you are harming the health of non-smokers.





Vaping replaces the hundreds of chemical compounds found in conventional cigarettes, and the thousands found in the resulting smoke once lit, leaving the only one you require to enjoy your cigarette ritual – the nicotine. This eliminates many of the health risks associated with smoking, and because e-cigarettes don’t use ammonia to artificially boost the action of nicotine, they lack the addictive potential of regular cigarettes as well.

E-Cigarettes offer a revolutionary new choice. No its not quitting - if you can manage to quit your cigarette use altogether I won't pretend its not a better option - the sad truth is it isn't a realistic option for so many of us.

The numbers tell the story, with an estimated 90% of those who attempt quitting using convention NRT therapies as an aid, returning after 6 months if not much sooner. This is the all too familiar process that tends to create a vicious and depressing cycle; a cycle you may already be familiar with yourself.

E-Cigs offer something else - they offer the first real substitute that works to replace the tobacco cigarette smoking habit for literally the majority of those who give 'vaping' a chance. If you want to try quitting t0bacco use fully or partially, leaving behind combustion (burning) and so many of the downsides that go with smoke - stench, tar, hundreds of proven carcinogenic toxins and the practical fire hazards - electronic cigarettes can be a fantastic and life-changing option. Some users have used e-cigarettes to taper off, reducing the liquid nicotine strength over time, they vape

If you just want to satisfy your urge to smoke with a convincing and enjoyable smokeless vapor substitute, and one that is more than likely doing a great deal less harm (there are legal and regulatory wrangling right now over what can or cannot be stated - but in my view and experience as a 4.5 year e-cig user I feel that the device has been a lifesaver, possibly quite literally).

Whether you want less ash on the floor or less tar in your lungs, this revolutionary marriage of nicotine and technology is an ideal solution.

Cartomizer Based 2-Piece KR808d-1 E Cigarettes Are Very Convenient

But like with any new product, you’re bound to have questions and concerns about the different smokeless cigarettes brands, styles, flavors, and concepts that may differ from one company’s offerings to the next, and without a thorough understanding of the item, and real testing to back up the information and opinions, it can be difficult to make the right choice for you and your needs. That’s where we come in. We aim to provide a comprehensive, unbiased, reliable source of e-cigarette brand reviews and ecig knowledge for you; deciphering the ads and marketing, breaking down each product into the E-Cig Starter Kits on offer, individual components, the ecig brand's track record, the pros and cons that matter most, and offering a solid bottom-line opinion on the effectiveness, quality, and desirability of each item we review.



We aim to provide a comprehensive, unbiased, reliable source of e-cigarette brand reviews and ecig knowledge for you; deciphering the ads and marketing, breaking down each product into the E-Cig Starter Kits on offer, individual components, the ecig brand's track record, the pros and cons that matter most, and offering a solid bottom-line opinion on the effectiveness, quality, and desirability of each item we review.

On this site, you can expect to find a wealth of information and resources updated constantly to bring you the latest news and developments in the e-cigarette industry.

Utilizing a broad range of multimedia tools, from instructional videos and informative brochures, to comprehensive articles and product reviews, we will place in your hands all the means to make the best decision for your personal preferences and tastes. And by offering manufacturer coupons for deals on e-cigarettes, we can make it even easier for you to start smoking a substitute that satisfies cravings like nothing else can, cuts down on your long terms expenses by up to 70%, and which more than likely inflicts significantly less harm - that's the magic of smokeless vapor, we're a little obsessed.


But make no mistake. While many review sites out there are only trying a make money by providing misleading information on behalf of a particular manufacturer or marketing entity, our integrity will not be compromised.


You will only find the best, most in-depth vapor cigarette reviews and ecig ratings charts, whose findings are based on the experiences of highly-qualified testers and rigorous testing protocols. We value our audience, and understand that our relationship with you must be built on trust. If we find out that an electronic cigarette brand delivers a superior e-cig to the market, you can be certain we’ll let you know about it. But you can also rest assured that if we test something that is not up to standards, you’ll be made aware of that as well.


We'd love for you to share your thoughts with us and other readers too - we don't want this to be a one way conversation, and not everyone feels the same way - not have they the same unique tastes, needs, smoking habit and history or lifestyle requirements. This means that there isn't one "Best Electric Cigarette" for everybody; but there is a collection of excellent ecigs to choose from, and one that is indeed the best for each smoker individually.


We won’t be swayed by marketing jargon or the latest shallow fad (unless it happens to be a fad with merit! Of which there have been more than a few in the short history of electronic cigarettes). Nor will we blindly defend electric cigarettes which have fallen short in quality over time, or which have been surpassed by better models or . This is sadly a situation several top name brands - and countless less well known - have fallen into a trap of; continuing to sell a 2 or even 3 year old e cig "spec" - often not the ideal choice at the time, now long since surpassed in performance standards by newer technology while the e-cigarette brand focuses on marketing rather than product R&D. If an e-cigarette fails to deliver, and many indeed do fail we won’t hesitate to tell you the truth.

One truism is that not all ecigs are created equal; the disparity is rather surprisingly vast. Far too many smokers who don't find the satisfaction they seek often have purchased an out-dated or inferior vapor cigarette - with every one of over 300 American E-Cig suppliers in 2013 and all of them claiming to be the Best E Cigarette, the Most Powerful Batteries, the Best Vapor, the Longest Lasting Cartridges, and so on how to know the truth? Well we have the experience to known winners from losers, and helping provide you with the answer to that question is our commitment. You deserve nothing less.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to judge whether our information and Electronic Cigarette Reviews will be helpful to you in making e-cigarette choices and purchases, and we’re confident that by spending some time on White Smoke Review and examining all we have to offer, you’ll agree that this is the first place you should come to for information and recommendations for all your e-cigarette research, advice and coverage of topics that matter to e-cig users new and experienced alike.


If you’ve reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re a cigarette smoker. Maybe you’re a life-long smoker, or perhaps you’re relatively new to the game. Either way, you are no doubt well-aware of the many negative aspects of this habit, from the smell that sticks to your clothes and the rapidly diminishing amount of public places where you can indulge in a cigarette, to the strength of the addiction and the disastrous long-term health effects you risk developing as a result of smoking. And even if you haven’t seriously considered quitting, you’ve certainly wondered if there is some way to mitigate the harmful effects of tobacco use and put yourself in control of this hard-to-break habit.
One of the main reasons why cigarettes are so addictive is that manufacturers use ammonia to enhance the nicotine levels already present in tobacco. Ammonia, most commonly found in cleansing agents and fertilizer, has been found to increase the conversion of bound nicotine to unbound or free nicotine while smoking, allowing it to travel through your body faster and produce a more immediate effect. The result is a stronger addiction to this pronounced activity of nicotine in your bloodstream, and until now, only traditional, commonly-available cigarettes have been able to satisfy your cravings.
Why say “until now”? Before we answer that question, take a moment and imagine the ideal cigarette substitute. It feels like smoking a cigarette, and certainly produces the same effect that a typical cigarette provides, but without the odor, inconvenience, and danger posed by the average commercial products you’re used to. It’s not nearly as addictive, either. Is this hard to imagine? It certainly seems like something more science-fiction than science-fact. But what if we told you that not only does this alternative exist, but it’s also widely available and has the potential to satisfy all the requirements of the ideal smoking substitute?
Perhaps you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes. Maybe you’ve seen ads, read about them online, or heard about them from a friend. You might have seen someone smoking one, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. But what are electronic cigarettes, exactly? While they’re designed to look like traditional cigarettes, with similar shape and appearance, they work in wholly distinct ways, and it is in this difference that the benefits offered by the e-cigarette can be found.
While regular cigarettes are packed full of additives and chemical compounds, from the tobacco to the filter, only pure nicotine can be found in e-cigarettes. Rather than lighting up tobacco to produce a harsh, tar-filled smoke, e-cigarettes work by heating liquid nicotine, which forms an easy to inhale, smooth tasting, and far-less damaging vapor. This process, called “vaping”, or vaporizing, delivers pure nicotine safely into your body, without the need to add noxious substances like formaldehyde or carbon monoxide, commonly found in the average commercial cigarette.


A person takes up smoking for a number of reasons, but its unlikely one of those reasons would be to acquire an addiction. But in time, that is exactly what takes place. And whether you’ve grown to hate this habit or still find cigarettes enjoyable, there is a nagging realization of the negative health consequences resulting from tobacco use. A desire arises to quit, but that’s easier said than done, and your search for help may have led you to this site.


The addictive component of tobacco is, of course, nicotine but the use of ammonia in the manufacturing process of commercial cigarettes multiplies the problem, so that the final product contains a nicotine-based compound that is far more addictive than the just nicotine itself.

While this enhanced craving makes it very difficult to abruptly cut off the nicotine supply, there are alternatives that eliminate many of the health risks of traditional cigarettes while satisfying the nicotine cravings built up over a years long smoking habit, and which can lead to a gradual elimination of nicotine dependence altogether. The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is one such solution. Consisting of just water vapor and a nicotine solution, e-cigarettes are free of the numerous chemical compounds that make commercial cigarettes so dangerous.


This site exists to bring you the most up to date information regarding electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes or water vapor cigarettes. You will find a wealth of information covering everything related to the e-cigarette industry, including informational videos and industry news. The centerpiece of our site is our product recommendations, where we thoroughly evaluate all of the leading e-cigarette brands and report our findings to you via well written articles created by our staff based on actual product testing.

The goal of our reviews is not to generate sales, but to provide our site visitors with the pros and cons of each product. We pride ourselves in taking an unbiased approach, and when a product is not up to our standards, we list the reasons and often forward suggestions for improvement to the product manufacturers. While we offer promotional coupons provided to us by product manufacturers, our focus is first and foremost to create accurate and informative product reviews for the benefit of our site visitors.

Honest E-Cigarette Reviews Puts Product Quality Front and Center

Purchasing an e-cigarette based only on manufacturer advertising can be a risky proposition for the consumer. It’s a simple fact that overall quality varies widely among the various products available, and it’s because of this fact that the reviews we provide for you focus first and foremost on product quality. An e-cigarette is something used several times each day, so durability is a must. And since many users rely on this product to replace the nicotine input from traditional cigarettes, vapor quality is critical. These are just two of the most important quality factors our staff evaluates for each e-cigarette on the market. You can rely on us to provide a product review based on actual use, and to report on every aspect from battery life to vapor quality to general product design.

New e-cigarettes appear on the market regularly, competing with the more established brands, all making claims that result in a bewildering choice for someone looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our site staff has “seen it all” within this industry, and our product reviews often include comparisons against other available brands. If a given brand falls short of our expectations in an area of quality or performance, we’ll recommend another brand that we feel is better for you. Using the wide range of information we provide, our readers become well informed about the entire e-cigarette industry and are able to make purchase decisions that provide them the best value. The objective of our site is to provide quality product reviews, leading our readers to quality products.

“Vaping” instead of “Smoking” - Smokeless Cigarettes Really Are Smoke Free

In the same way that “smoking” refers to the use of traditional cigarettes, “vaping” refers to the use of e-cigarettes. It’s appropriate that these two activities are given different names, because e-cigarettes are so different from cigarettes as to be similar in name only. The differences between cigarettes and e-cigarettes center on the way in which nicotine is delivered, the potential for addiction, the absence or presence of harmful chemicals and associated health risks.

Best Vapor Cigarette Reviews

Smoking traditional cigarettes exposes the lungs to literally thousands of hazardous chemicals. It is not an exaggeration to state that smoking a cigarette is similar to inhaling a household cleaner or a can of insecticide, because many of the components of these products are actually found in cigarette smoke. And these are in addition to the more commonly known and more plentiful substances found in cigarette smoke, such as carbon monoxide and tar, the latter being so prevalent that one pack of cigarettes can generate an 8 ounce deposit. And the ammonia-based process of ‘freebasing’ used to create traditional cigarettes results in a nicotine compound that is highly addictive.

By comparison, electronic cigarettes are cleaner, safer and less addictive. Instead of producing chemically laden smoke, e-cigarettes, through the heating of a liquid nicotine solution, create a water vapor that can be pleasantly inhaled, delivering only pure nicotine without a plethora of dangerous additives that are an obvious threat to your health. Nicotine in its pure form is far less addictive than the ammonia based nicotine compounds found in traditional cigarettes, and presents a health risk similar to that of caffeine, which in moderation is considered generally safe. And while further study is needed as to the effects of their long term use, electronic cigarettes are currently thought to be safer than conventional cigarettes.

The Best Smokeless E-Cig Brand Reviews & Electronic Cigarette Tutorials, Knowledge, News and Expert Opinion

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