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If your past efforts at quitting smoking have failed, it might just be time to trade in your pricey cigarettes for an electronic cigarette, or as they’re sometimes called, a personal vaporizer.

Although without FDA regulation, numerous past smokers have relied on e-cigarettes to overcome their tobacco cigarette habit. With the reviews contained here, you can make an educated decision on which electronic cigarette is for you, and how to make the transition to personal vaporizers.

The electronic cigarette is a clever little device made up of a battery or alternate power source. This powers an atomizer, which is a small heating coil that vaporizes the liquid contained inside a flavor cartridge. The liquid found in these cartridges generally contains a small amount of nicotine, the measurement of which is done in millimeters. Nicotine-free flavor cartridges are available as well. When the vapor from the electronic cigarette is inhaled, the lungs receive the nicotine.

Upon exhalation, a cloud of vapor is expelled which has the appearance of smoke, but in reality is a mixture of small droplets of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water, and the added flavoring. Each item is an additive regularly used in foods, although there has yet to be a determination of the safety of inhalation over an extended time period. By the same token, the smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes has been long-since shown to be made up of hundreds of chemicals, some known to be cancer-causing.

Choosing the proper electronic cigarette starter kit, brand or Personal Vaporizer requires knowledge of the options available, Let our Smokeless E-Cigarette Reviews Provide the Guidance You Need

This site, the reviews of personal vaporizer brands, and our newsletter will help educate you on which is the ideal e-cig for you, and all you need to know about different models to make the choice best for yourself. You might be surprised how many different electronic cigarettes there are, particularly if you’re new to the world of electronic cigarettes and their use.

Heavier smokers more accustomed to full-flavored tobaccos, for instance, will be wise to be certain they select a brand that provides refill cartridges of greater strength, which aren’t available from every brand. This is useful particularly in the early portion of beginning vaping, and helps reduce cravings in order to make an easy move to the world of e-cigs. On the other hand, other people may want to experiment with different flavors, or want a very portable electronic cigarette, to make traveling easier.

Picking the wrong electronic cigarette can be an expensive let down, particularly if you’re introduced to them through the many mediocre-quality, out-of-date, e-cigs available, or because the e-cigarette you select isn’t the right one for your lifestyle.

It has to be understood from the beginning that there isn’t one ideal e-cigarette that fits every user across-the-board. Our goal, by providing detailed reviews of which makes of e-cig have demonstrated their quality repeatedly, and recommendations of which models are best, is to help you find the electronic cigarette that is right for you.

Our regularly updated and continuing E-Cigs Buyers Guides and series of E-Cigarette Comparison Charts Are Growing Fast

They are meant to help overcome these hurdles to begin with. We also strive to give our audience information relevant to your interests and not available on other sites offering electri cigarette reviews. As our site continues it’s rapid growth, it’ll be worth your while to check back and read our additional content, as the site gets bigger, for your benefit.

Many people have felt the transformation in their life brought on by overcoming tobacco once and for all and making the adjustment to vaping instead. For once, the hype is accurate with a product, and by providing knowledge and advisement, more than anything, our goal is to pass on our wisdom and experience to you. This will allow you to make the transition to electronic cigarettes, and do it in a way that lets you select the ideal e-cigarette for your needs. And on the way there, truly appreciate the world of e-cigs, and seeing what this new way of almost-smoking really has to offer, while avoiding the inconvenience and expense of accidentally purchasing one of the poorer products unfortunately out there.

The most popular way of entering the world of vaping is through E-Cigarette Starter Kits, which helpfully provide all of the basics needed to begin, at a bundled, more affordable price. There is the risk of purchasing the wrong one, but we intend to assist you in preventing that mistake from happening. A starter kit is a one-time purchase, and the biggest you’ll need to make at one time. However, this purchase will pay for itself quickly, considering vaping generally costs less than half what tobacco cigarettes do. This investment is important, and one you’ll want to make carefully.

Each model of electronic cigarette is different. Battery life can be longer with one than another, the amount of liquid they hold can vary, and the lifespan can be quite different, as well. A number of retailers offer beginning kits holding the needed components of batteries and flavor cartridges or customizers, a cartridge/atomizer hybrid. These kits also generally include a battery charger.

The e-cigs found in corner stores and filling stations often have parts exclusive to that maker that are hard to service, so it’s generally advisable to buy the disposable models in those locations, as the price is lower than a full kit and allows you to experience an e-cig, if you’d like to test it out. That’s also good advice if you find you’ve run out of vaping supplies and need to avoid the temptation of tobacco products in the meantime. It’s still advisable, however, to remember that most physical stores selling electronic cigarettes usually have a very limited selection compared to what is really out there, and they sell theirs at a markup, making them more expensive than purchasing them straight from the company over the internet. It’s always best to buy a personal vaporizer with standard threading, so you can make compatible future accessory purchases online.

After finding a well-rated e-cig option that you like the sound of through our recommendations, you can rest assured we’ve examined it closely. We take smokeless electronic cigarettes seriously, and strive to ensure we review them fairly, honestly, and without bias, based on a long-term knowledge of the field of options available, and with a dedicated investment of time to ensure accuracy.

As our site expands it’s our goal to include all of our visitors as well, and will soon be announcing giveaways that will make your jaw drop as the month progresses. We’ll also be involving our guests here in a way that allows them to contribute, by providing some with electronic cigarette kits, top-end cartridges, and gift certificates as well, so that they can contribute thoughts from their perspectives. In time, we’ll combine those with our thorough examinations, and reports from around the Internet, in order to provide the most thorough information possible, all in one place. We feel one of the best ways to demonstrate our integrity is by making sure numerous voices are heard.

Because we want you to make the most accurate, knowledgeable choices possible, we hope you’ll carefully examine our E-Cig Brand reviews so you can take all the different factors of the best brands into consideration. When one trait stands out on a particular model or vape brand, we make sure that you know about it, and how it may apply to your lifestyle or situation. If it’s the ideal electronic cigarette for vaping fans on the go, a brand providing a bit stronger nicotine content to make the transition to e-cigs easier, or anything else, we’ll be sure to point it out.

Many of the Electronic Cigarette Models that are available from various ecig brands have a design that makes their different components compatible from one model to another, sometimes partially, and occasionally fully. This gives the buyer the bonus of being able to select their preferred starter kit, and then choose flavor cartridges, cases, and even portable cases capable of charging your e-cig, called PCCs, from any seller you choose who offers compatible products.

As our site expands, expect to learn more about these products in particular, to help new users learn their options, and also make current users more aware of what new options have appeared. While brands may not make a point to inform you of these things themselves in all cases, we do, and we will even more in the future.

If there’s one thing we, as a review site, wish to pass on you, it’s that the “best” personal vaping device is really, as simple as it sounds, the one that is best for your uses. We intend for our reviews to win your trust in our site, and by offering our exclusive, detailed reviews, individual buying guides, and regular providing of info via our blog, we plan to become your preferred choice for electronic cigarette information. As the e-cig revolution expands as a growing number of tobacco smokers seek to escape the bondage of their harmful habit, we plan to be on the forefront of your introduction to vaping and be by your side on the way, with everyone having fun in the process.

It’s our guarantee to you that we won’t lead you wrong if you allow us to take the lead and introducing you to the world of vaping, and all that electronic cigarettes have to offer you in your quest to give up tobacco once and for all. Please Bookmark & Share Us If You Like What You See

Take a look at all our site has to offer, and let us know where we can improve. Visit us often, since we are always updating and adding information about the latest from the electronic cigarette industry. Our job will always be to provide you the information you need to make the right choice. We hope you enjoy your visit now, and come back again soon too.


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