2-Piece vs 3-Piece E-Cigarette Models

E-Cigs: Deciding Between 2-Piece Cartomizer Technology and 3-Piece Cartridge + Atomizer Technology

If you currently smoke obsolete tobacco cigarettes and you have been thinking about switching to clean, modern E-Cigs, you may have heard some of the controversy around the choice between 2-Piece and 3-Piece technology. It’s a salient point when considering taking up vaping (enjoying E-Cigs) and one you may want to give a bit of thought. 

One thing you should realize is that E-Cigs are a new technology and the best companies are involved in ongoing research and development, so E-Cig styles are subject to change at any moment, and there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon.

For the most part, 3-Piece technology was the original E-Cig technology. Today most of the big E-Cig manufacturers are going toward simple 2-Piece technology. Nonetheless, there are still lots of seasoned vapers (people who enjoy E-Cigs) who love 3-Piece technology and stand by it. For this reason, it is still available.

When you are looking for a safer smoking alternative, the first thing you should consider is whether or not the alternative you have in mind will actually fulfill the same “voids” currently being filled by obsolete tobacco cigarettes. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you decide whether you want to go with 3-Piece or 2-Piece E-Cig technology.

Am I more interested in thrift or convenience?

3-Piece technology consists of a battery, a reusable atomizer and reusable cartridges. Current wisdom states that 3-Piece technology is more thrifty because you reuse the atomizer over a long period of time and you can refill the cartridges, so there is less to buy and less waste. You also have the option of collecting a large variety of E-Liquids to fill your cartridges and of mixing your own E-Liquid blends if you like.

  • As far as thrift goes, it’s a little cheaper than 2-Piece technology, and you’ll save a king’s ransom over what you’re currently spending on obsolete tobacco cigarettes.
  • 2-Piece technology consists of a battery and a pre-filled disposable atomizer/cartridge combination (cartomizer). When you use up a cartomizer, you just toss it and screw another one onto your battery! 
  • This is very easy, and cartomizers come in every strength and flavor of E-Liquid. It does generate a bit more waste than 3-Piece technology; however, it generates far less waste than smoking with obsolete tobacco cigarettes. 
  • As far as thrift goes, you may spend a bit more on disposable cartomizers than on reusable cartridges and atomizers, but not much. You will still save an astronomical amount of money when compared to obsolete tobacco cigarettes.

Which technology delivers the most satisfying performance?

When cartomizers were first introduced, vapers claimed that 3-Piece technology produced superior performance; however, since that time, technology has improved and the 2 are now on fairly equal footing in terms of vapor production.  In terms of being able to vape without leaking E-Liquid problems, 2-Piece technology is superior..

Is a reusable atomizer better than a disposable cartomizer?

An atomizer (or the atomizer segment of a cartomizer) is responsible for heating the E-Liquid to form rich, flavorful, satisfying nicotine vapor. An atomizer is screwed onto the battery at one end and the cartridge at the other. 

The cartridge is usually the mouthpiece of the E-Cig. Both reusable atomizers and refillable cartridges require some maintenance (cleaning, drying, refilling). Because of the multiple moving parts and frequency of attaching and detaching them, reusable cartridge and atomizer combinations have been known to leak. This is wasteful, messy, can damage clothing and furniture, and does not leave a good taste in the vaper’s mouth!

While atomizers are reusable, they are not infinitely reusable. Eventually, they wear out. This can happen within a month with very heavy usage. With light usage, an atomizer might function for a year. When it begins to wear out, it puts off a burnt plastic taste that is definitely to be avoided! If you don’t have a spare atomizer on hand, you will have to go vapor-less until your replacement arrives.

Atomizers are available in a variety of performance levels and sizes, and these factors affect the throat hit you receive and your enjoyment of your vaping experience. 

What are the benefits of a cartomizer?

Cartomizers are just simpler. They consist of a single unit which both contains and heats the E-Liquid. The E-Liquid is pre-filled and factory sealed to completely eliminate problems with leaking. You screw one disposable unit onto your reusable battery, and you’re ready to go. When it’s used up, you dispose of it responsibly and screw on another one. The quick and easy aspect of cartomizers provides a more authentic vaping experience.

Cartomizers are available in lots of attractive colors and patterns to add a fun, stylish and fanciful aspect to vaping. Additionally, if you like to switch from one flavor of E-Liquid to another, you can simply order the different flavors in different colors and patterns of cartomizers to make your flavor selection quick, easy and error-free.

Because cartomizers are disposable, you will never encounter the dreadful burned plastic taste that accompanies a dying atomizer. Some vapers have determined ways to reuse cartomizers, and there are lots of videos online to help you learn how to do this. Additionally, you can order blank cartomizers if you want to create your own special E-Liquid blends and fill them up yourself.

Is it really more thrifty to use 3-Piece technology than 2-Piece technology?

No, not really. Initially, that may have been true, but cartomizers have been around for a while now, and prices have gone down. Initial cost of a reusable atomizer is actually quite high by comparison.

In the end, when you consider the convenience and hygiene benefits of cartomizers, even if you spend a few more pennies on them, the cost is well worth it. No matter which you choose, you will save a bundle over smoking with obsolete tobacco cigarettes.

It’s all up to you!

Generally speaking, vapers have embraced 2 Piece technology for its many obvious benefits; however, vapers who started out with 3-Piece technology often want to stick with it. Some people enjoy both and have expansive collections of E-Cigs that span all of the changes in technology since the beginning.

For new vapers, it would seem logical that 2-Piece technology would be the simple, easy choice, but if you like tinkering and enjoy caring for and maintaining equipment, you might like 3-Piece technology. 

The main thing to remember is that vaping is a safer smoking alternative that is intended to bring you enjoyment. In terms of cost and performance, 2-Piece and 3-Piece technology are fairly comparable. The way for you to choose is to consider the attributes of each and think about how you would feel about maintaining equipment vs. a toss and go vaping style. This consideration will allow you to make a satisfactory choice.

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