5 Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

It is important for all smokers to understand the benefits of quitting smoking.  There is no argument that this habit can damage the body substantially, making smokers feel sluggish and irrational at times.  The good news is that immediately 12 hours after quitting smoking, the body automatically begins the healing process.  This will lead to the decline of the nicotine and carbon monoxide levels, as well as the repair of the heart and lungs, which have been damaged by tobacco smoke.


There is a huge possibility that smokers may feel worse before they feel good once they stop smoking.  This is primarily due to the healing and cleansing process that the body undergoes.  These symptoms of recovery are also referred to as withdrawal pangs.  It is also possible for smokers to experience weight gain, sore gums, dry tongue, and fluid retention once they stop smoking.  There are however some immediately noticeable benefits of quitting smoking.


  • Chronic coughing is gone.

The so called “smoker’s cough”, which has been taken as normal by all smokers will be a thing of the past.  Seldom do they realize it, but this is a very annoying thing that happens almost uncontrollably and is brought about usually by the irritation of the throat due to the effects of tobacco smoke.  As one of the immediate benefits of quitting smoking, former smokers will observe that they no longer have to clear their throat frequently.


The common problem of smokers is that they cannot control the urge to clear their throat whether they are in private or public.  You can imagine the effect when in church, in a business meeting, or even a movie theater, when there is a dire need to cough or clear your throat.  This is one of the first things that will disappear once you stop smoking.


  • Improved physical appearance.

Smokers do not even notice it, but they have dry and wrinkly skin, which makes them look older than they actually are, and negatively affects their overall physical appearance.  Because smoking prevents the organs from functioning properly, many smokers have gray hairQuitting smoking can actually allow the hair to grow back and return to its natural color.  This type of physical recovery can have a significant impact on the self-confidence of people.


The incidence of yellow teeth will also be significantly reduced over time.  Smokers are not aware of the fact that regardless how hard and often they brush with whitening toothpaste, their teeth remain yellow and stained.  This is because of the effects of the chemicals found in tobacco smokeQuitting smoking will allow former smokers to regain their dental health, which contributes to their improved physical appearance.


  • No more foul odor.

There are actually two ways that smokers experience foul odor.  The first is with their breath and body odor.  It can be quite hard for smokers to detect the foul odor because they have been used to it for such a long time.  However, when in the presence of non-smokers, the odor can be quite distinct, especially with their breath.  It does not matter if they just came out of the shower, the distinctive odor will always be there.


The second instance that foul odor can be observed is with the property and pets of smokers.  Usually, the clothes, carpets, home, and car interiors of smokers will have that irritating odor that is also the cause of third-hand smoke.  Inhaling this odor associated with tobacco smoke can cause serious health problems in infants and children.  Even pets of smokers will be affected by the odor, the smell will usually be part of the fur or coat of the pets.  The elimination of the foul odor is one of the benefits of quitting smoking.


  • Regain your senses.

There are two senses that are commonly affected by smoking; the sense of smell, and the sense of tasteQuitting smoking will help former smokers regain complete control and functionality of these senses.  As a result, they begin to smell food better and have a better appreciation of the things around them like the aroma of food or the smell of fresh grass in the garden for example.  These are priceless benefits that can be received by simply quitting smoking.


By regaining the sense of taste, former smokers will begin to experience gastronomic feasts in a new light.  This is because their mouth will no longer be full of toxic and poisonous chemicals, and as a result, they will be able to taste food betterSmokers may even be surprised that they will be using less salt and other types of condiments because their tongue will be able to absorb the taste and flavor of the food.


  • Have more money.

This benefit is something that both smokers and non-smokers would really want to have.  It is quite amusing that smokers do not even realize the cost of their habit until they actually stop.  On the average, many smokers have successfully saved $200 monthly just by quitting smoking.  This missing amount was not noticed before, when they still had the habit, but it is making a huge difference now that they no longer smoke.


Considering the variable amount of cigarettes in different localities as well as the differences in the smoking habits, there is no doubt that some smokers may find significantly higher savings.  The simple math of the price per pack of cigarettes adding up can become substantial over time, and this is an amount that can be used for other more productive purchases.  There is no doubt, that when it comes to benefits of quitting smoking, this can be quite a motivating factor


These are five excellent benefits of quitting smoking that all smokers should take into consideration.

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