About Me



I’ve tried to quit over and over again, using everything from patches and gum to medication, but I’ve never even made it as long as a month. E-Cigs are a great way to deal with the issue of smoking. Although ecigs aren’t quite devices for quitting smoking, in my experience, they’ve helped me to quit smoking normal tobacco cigarettes, and making that switch has been an amazingly positive experience for me.


Through my enthusiasm with vaping and involvement soon after writing and using my web background in order to help spread public awareness about the existence of electronic cigarettes (things have come a long way since just a few years ago).

It is true a much larger even majority of the population of America has heard of ecigs now, and the challenge is more about getting the right messages and frankly fighting back against the powers and influencers who have the most money at stake if e-cigarettes are successful – the rather ineffective traditional NRT therapies (gum, patches, zyban etc) is a 4 billion dollar a year earner that thanks to a miserable failure rate means each smoker will usually try quitting many times and either not escape that loop, a self defeating cycle really – or they may be able to quit though statistically the average is 7 tries.

Those are often spread over years and those years likely will mean smoking most a good part of a decade more than switching to a ‘harm reduction’ product which i personally consider E-Cigs to best be looked at. They may likely prove to cause some minor health issues; but as is now confirmed by the views of many who have examined the topic in the medical community (tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com is an excellent updated source of both an expert MDs views who is supportive and logical in his siding in support of E-Cigs, Dr. Seigel also posts regularly in response to other studies that have begun to confirm many of the things most of use who used our own judgement to make an educated decision for ourselves when we took to vaping.

For myself that was over 4 years ago, and then it was a simple equation – basically almost anything is better than smoking, whatever surprises may come to surface chances are they wont add up to more than a couple % the damage smoking cigarettes – something i tried stopping on my own several times and never made it more than a month. That behavior guarantees damage to the point where it likely would contribute to an early death, it doesn’t take much to convince me i made the right decision.