An Overview Of Cartomizers and Cartridges For Electronic Cigarettes

It is a known fact that electronic cigarettes are considerably less harmful compared to tobacco cigarettes, both for your health and for the surrounding environment. Thousands of tons of used cigarettes are disposed in nature every year, hurting both animals and people.

One of the main benefits of electronic cigarettes is that despite the fact that you need to refill the cartridges, they are still more cost-effective than tobacco cigarettes.

When it comes to cartridges, it must be mentioned that there are several different types of cartridges available on the market and they each have an impact on the flavor of the cigarette, as well as the quality of the smoke. Cartomizers, on the other hand, use a newer technology – this is why it is essential to understand the basic differences between cartridges and cartomizers.

smokeless image sells excellent KR808d-1 compatible cartomizers - both prefilled and empty

smokeless image sells excellent KR808d-1 compatible cartomizers – both prefilled and empty

A Closer Look At E-Cig Cartridges

Cartridges vary in terms of size and the method used to refill them. Cartridges were used for the older models of e-cigarettes, and several newer models have emerged on the market over the past several years. Cartridges can be easily recognized after their main features (mainly after the opening at the bottom of the device, unlike cartomizers which have a screw threading in that area). Unlike cartomizers, cartridges do not require any attachment whatsoever.


In addition to this, if you closely look at a cartridge you can notice a small sponge. The cartridge is connected to the atomizer, by pushing it on the top side of the atomizer. Cartridges have many advantages, and one of them is that they are very affordable – however, some consumers complain about the poor quality of the vapor, which in their opinion is not as flavored and as consisted as they used to be. This aspect can have an impact especially on heavy smokers, who have to decide between cartomizers and cartridges.

Despite the fact that some manufacturers state that one cartridge is the equivalent of ½ packs of tobacco cigarettes, some users claim that one cartridge is only enough for four to 5 cigarettes, thus making them quite costly and not as environmentally-friendly as believed.

What Are Cartomizers?

2-piece cartomizers vs carts

Just as the name implies, the cartomizer is basically a combination between an atomizer and a cartridge, both of them being essential parts of the electronic cigarette. The older e-cig models used a cartridge and a separate atomizer – now, cartomizers are basically the 2-in-1 solution to this problem. The sole disadvantage is that once the cartridge is emptied, the whole component must be disposed of. Even so, cartomizers can retain far more liquid than traditional cartridges, thus making them eco-friendly and very cost-effective at the same time. As a matter of fact, one cartomizer is the equivalent of approximately two packages of tobacco cigarettes.

Many heavy smokers see cartomizers as very reliable, as they come in handy and they last longer – besides, unlike cartridges, they do not have that bothersome suction effect. The inhaling experience is also considerably increased, as the vapor is more flavored because the cartridge seals the atomizer, which makes it a lot more difficult to drag on.

Otherwise stated, cartomizers are not only more cost-effective and more durable, but more enjoyable as well!


The fact that they are completely sealed makes cartomizers slightly safer compared to traditional cartridges, which used to leak thus being a real danger to children and pets. As stated above, cartomizers are perfectly sealed which means that they do not leak and they are safe to use.

Nonetheless, it must be mentioned that cartomizers have a downside as well, and that is the price – generally speaking, they cost a bit more than cartridges. Even so, this is certainly a great investment in the long haul, as you do not need to replace the cartomizer as often as you would replace the cartridge. If you have decided to switch to cartomizers, you can easily distinguish these two devices by looking at the screw threading, usually placed at the bottom of the cartomizer.

In conclusion, electronic cigarettes have evolved greatly during the years and the technology gets better with every year that passes. Cartomizers are amongst the most significant innovations in this field, as they allow the smoker to enjoy thick, flavored vapors without having to worry about refilling the cartridge several times a day!

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