Are E Cigarettes Safe: 4 Vital Considerations

The relatively young nature and apparently lack of peer review of clinical tests has allowed the question “Are e cigarettes safe?” be posed by many potential users.  There is no doubt that this represents a genuine concern that cannot be disregarded despite the growing number of electronic cigarette users as well as the huge chunk it has taken out of the tobacco industry.  This device, which was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, only made its way to mainstream markets in the United States in 2007.

Like most new products, there are huge speculations and misconceptions that accompany its presence and usage.  The simple fact is that instead of traditional tobacco leaves, it makes use of a nicotine solution that is heated by a battery-powered mechanism to produce water vapor that quickly turns into mist.  Despite the various testimonials from long time users, there are still some sectors questioning its safety because of lack of clinical trials and regulation.  Some of the reasons why the concern “Are e cigarettes safe?” can be responded to positively are:

  • The lower nicotine levels.

Based on the initial studies conducted on the use of electronic cigarettes, they do not appear to be bad for the heart.  In fact, researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery in Greece, even suggests that the simulating nature of electronic cigarettes can be an effective technique to gradually kick the addictive habit, which has been proven to cause havoc to the health of smokers.

Available data on traditional tobacco cigarettes is irrefutable; it contains carcinogenic, toxic, and poisonous chemicals that harm the smoker, the people around them, and the environment.  In stark contrast, electronic cigarettes are comparatively less harmful with its type of delivery system, which converts the liquid nicotine solution into water vapor.  Although Farsalinos admits before the European Society of Cardiology that studies may be small, electronic cigarettes are still comparatively better.

The main reason is that the nicotine content is measureable, unlike in traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This means that vapers can choose anywhere from high nicotine content and gradually move to lower nicotine levels.  In fact, the presentation of various nicotine strengths give vapers the option to eventually reach nicotine-free levels, where they simply enjoy the motions and sensory experience of smoking, without the debilitating side effects.  This is a good way to respond to the concern of “Are e cigarettes safe?”

  • There are reduced risk levels.

Are e cigarettes safe, is a natural concern of those who have never tried the device before.  Although not conclusive, the answer to this query would be yes, simply because, as Dr. Klaus Lessnau, a specialist in pulmonary and critical care at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, even if electronic cigarettes do not improve lung health, they do pose reduced risk levels than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Taken in the context that traditional tobacco cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, shifting to electronic cigarettes do present some relative advantages.  Despite the lack of major studies to back up electronic cigarettes as healthier alternatives, Dr. Lessnau believes that it has substantial impact on the prevalence of lung cancer in our society today.

This is based on the fact that traditional tobacco cigarettes have been established to produce over a thousand toxic substances, most of them related to the tar content, which is not present in electronic cigarettesCardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes may not be impacted drastically due to their connection to nicotine use; however, Dr. Lessnau has the opinion that significant decrease in lung cancer may be achieved by using electronic cigarettes.

Over time, when vapers choose to go for the nicotine-free solutions, there may be acceptable decline in the prevalence of heart attacks and strokes as well.  The next step therefore to ensure its safety and quality is regulation of the nicotine contents.  This highlights the personal preference of many vapers to buy electronic cigarettes and nicotine solutions that are manufactured in the United States, because of the level of quality control of the products.

  • Fewer bioactive chemical compounds.

There are millions of electronic cigarette users in the world today.  So, are e cigarettes safe?  This fact in itself cannot be taken as a conclusive response to the safety factor for electronic cigarettes.  However, when you compare the heart function of daily smokers to that of electronic cigarette users, those who used electronic cigarettes were comparatively healthier.  Plus the fact that no smokers have ever claimed that traditional tobacco cigarettes have made them feel better and healthier, unlike with users of electronic cigarette.

Russell Luepker, MD, a spokesperson for the American Heart Association from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis avers that because electronic cigarettes is the closest to mimicking traditional tobacco cigarettes, they may be preferred by many smokers over smoking cessation devices.  He continues to say that it is not surprising for electronic cigarettes to be considered less harmful, simply because they have fewer bioactive chemical compounds.

Dr. Luepker concludes that the comparatively lower blood pressure, as well as other better health indicators of users of electronic cigarettes can be traced to the fewer bioactive chemical compounds found in the device, which subsequently lowers the risks to the heart.

  • Elimination of second-hand smoke.

One of the most common claims of manufacturers of electronic cigarettes is that the absence of tobacco smoke eliminates the potentially dangerous effects of second-hand smoke.  Basically, second-hand smoke has been found to cause a number of health problems such as asthma attacks, allergies, coughing, and others to non-smokers who are frequently exposed to tobacco smoke.

Since electronic cigarettes create second-hand vapor, made of water and high grade food flavorings, it can be considered harmless to non-smokers.  By eliminating second-hand smoke, the possibility of third-hand smoke, where tobacco residues stick to clothes, furniture, and other items, is likewise terminated.

Based on these reasons, the answer to the question of “Are e cigarettes safe?” is undoubtedly…. yes if you add and “r” to the end. E Cigarettes Seem To Definitely be the Safer Alternative to tobacco cigarettes. 

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