Cartomizers- Benefits of the technology

Cigarette addiction is a widespread issue around the world. Most people have accepted the health risks associated with tobacco smoking and have tried or are trying to quit. Smokers have tried a number of aids including patches and gum but the most successful so far has been the e-cigarette. The way to get over the addiction is by targeting the two habits that that form the basis or the addiction.

These are the physical addiction to the nicotine and the physical action of inhaling.

Electronic cigarettes are considered by many as being an important breakthrough in providing an alternative to traditional smoking that is less harmful. The electronic devices do not contain the harmful additives that are associated with tobacco cigarettes. They do not contain tar, carbon monoxide and other poisons that affect the smoker as well as all the people around him. Electronic cigarettes do not harm the environment by burning toxic chemicals like the traditional cigarettes. It is estimated that about 20% of the world population are smokers. Considering the dangers associated with this vice it is obvious that having a viable alternative is a good idea.

A pharmacist called Hon Lik originally developed the electronic cigarette in China. China has the largest number of smokers in the world. About 30% of Chinese smokers term themselves as active smokers. With these kinds of statistics, Hon Lik felt he needed to provide an alternative to an overwhelming population that was ruining its health. He came up with the idea of the electronic cigarette in 2003.

By using e-cigarettes, the smoker can take care of the nicotine issue by gradually reducing the levels until he is able to get to the non- nicotine level. With e-cigarettes, the user is inhaling less dangerous levels of nicotine than with traditional cigarettes. The user is also able to avoid the tar and other poisons that are associated with smoking tobacco.

The latest technology in electronic cigarettes has led to the production of cartomizers. These E- cigarettes are composed of a nicotine based liquid that has flavor. The electronic gadgets which are made to look and feel like traditional cigarettes come in different colors and models. The nicotine level or strength is determined by the user.

About the cartomizer

Cartomizers of different quality and make are available in the market. The price differs according to the model. It is important for the user to invest in high quality products which are long lasting. The plastic tubing of the cart stores the nicotine liquid which is connected to the atomization chamber. The nicotine solution is heated producing a clean, smoke like vapor. Each cart has a built in atomizer so the user does not have to worry about refilling or replacing the atomizer.

Unlike with the three piece e-cigarettes, the cartomizer is cheaper and convenient and the nicotine level is controlled. The e-cigarettes come in different flavors including tobacco flavor which is meant to imitate regular cigarettes, mint, menthol and many more. The nicotine level in the e-cigarettes differs to cater for different users tastes.

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