Cartomizers are found in the latest versions of electrical in electrical cigarettes. An electrical cigarette is a device with a cylindrical shape, which a normal cigarette in appearance, sensation, nicotine content and even flavor. They are alternatives to tobacco smoking. Electrical cigarettes employ the use of heat or ultrasonic to vaporize a glycerin based or propylene liquid solution in order to produce a vapor or mist that is inhaled by the user.
The earliest types of electronic cigarettes had three basic components which are the cartridge, the atomizer and the battery. A cartridge is a small container made of plastic and is usually disposable. It has openings on both of its end. One end is attached to the atomizer and the other end serves as a mouthpiece.
The two main functions of a cartridge are allowing the liquid solutions to pass into the cartomizer for heating and to act as a mouth piece for the user. The atomizer is the heating element that is charged with the responsibility of turning the liquid into vapor. The later models of the electronic cigarettes have replaced the atomizers with cartomizers.
Advantages of the e-cigarette:
There are numerous advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes especially those that have cartomizers. These advantages include a better health for you and those around you. Since electrical cigarettes use the liquid in the cartomizers to produce smokeless vapor, they are harmless to the people around electronic cigarette smokers. This is unlike traditional cigarettes that produce a lot of smoke, which has been scientifically proven to cause even more harm to other people around the smoker.

Another advantage of electronic cigarettes based on cartomizers is that they keep the environment clean since they produce no smoke at all. Real cigarettes produce harmful smoke which then rises into the atmosphere and gradually destroy it. In addition to these advantages, there are minor benefits such as keeping the teeth of the electronic smoker clean since these cartomizers do not produce tar.
Benefits attached to the e-cigarettes cartomizer:
Many manufactures have opted to use cartomizers for various reasons. One reason is that with the atomizers, one had to clean them from time to time and this wasted a lot of time and energy. With cartomizers however, this is not necessary since they are made to be disposable once use them. Another reason manufactures chose to replace atomizers with cartomizers is so that there are no liquid leaks. Since the atomizer has to be joined with a cartridge sometimes smokers would experience liquid leaks from the solution because of the space between the cartridge and the atomizer. The cartomizers on the other hand are designed in such a way that it combines both cart or mouthpiece and the atomizer into one object, which is disposable. Since the cartridge and the atomizer are one unit in the cartomizers there is nowhere for the liquid solution to leak. Furthermore, using cartomizers is far much cheaper than using atomizers which are normally standalone. Some cartomizers can even reused several times before you can disposed and replace them.

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