Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

The availability of cheap electronic cigarettes has made the device one of the more popular alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. In fact, with smoking still remaining as a popular mode of relaxation today, many are turning to electronic cigarettes for a more relaxing lift without the incidence of health problems. This means that unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be used anytime and anywhere, every time that there is an urge to get a fix.

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes: Reasons They Are Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Considering new laws banning smoking and prices of tobacco cigarettes getting higher, more and more smokers are getting drawn into the use of electronic cigarettes. With such numerous advantages like guilt-free indulgence of nicotine, it is not surprising that the demand and sales of electronic cigarettes can equal, if not surpass, that of tobacco cigarettes. To have a broader understanding of the preference, consider the reasons cheap electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes.

Specialized features Of Electric Vapor Cigarettes:

Sometimes people take for granted the ingenious science that goes into the research and development of electronic cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes that simply have to be put in the mouth and lighted up, there is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes of electronic cigarettes. For one, the combustion process that releases the nicotine does not require fire, but rather, heat, which is derived from a battery power source.

The vaporized nicotine also does not turn out smoke, instead, it creates a vapor that is made up of predominantly water and high grade food flavoring. This is in stark contrast to the smoke of tobacco cigarettes that contain at least 500 deadly chemicals, as well as various toxins and carcinogens. Even the type of nicotine used has some difference. Tobacco cigarettes obviously, derive nicotine from tobacco leaves, electronic cigarettes on the other hand produces nicotine from propylene glycol.

Imagine having access to this modern technology, for a fraction of the price it takes to buy a pack of tobacco cigarettes. The amount of science that goes into electronic cigarettes even allows for the use of built-in sensors that can automatically detect whether the heating element should be activated or not. It also has features that turns off the battery to conserve its power when the electronic cigarette is not being used. These specialized features is one of the reasons cheap electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes.

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A More Affordable Way To Smoke… Going Smokeless Saves You Cash

When looking at initial costs, it is easy to conclude that electronic cigarettes are more expensive than tobacco cigarettes. However, as you go deeper into the features and benefits of electronic cigarettes including its long-term use, it becomes clearer that they are actually more affordable than tobacco cigarettes. Smokers do not realize it at this point, but tobacco cigarettes are costing them a fortune.

Former smokers have found out that on the average, they are creating savings of $200 or more every month, since they have stopped smoking. With an average cost of $4.26 per pack of tobacco cigarettes, everything can add up quite fast depending on how frequent smokers light up. With electronic cigarettes, the initial investment can easily become negligible once savings of 50% to 80% become noticeable.

It is important to take into account that a single cartridge of electronic cigarette is equivalent to about 15 to 20 sticks of tobacco cigarettes. With this equation, it is easy to see just how affordable electronic cigarettes are, especially when used for the long-term.

Healthier Alternative – Reduce Harm By Eliminating The JUNK

With over 4,000 carcinogens, toxins, and poisonous chemicals, tobacco cigarettes has been considered as one the leading causes of preventable deaths. It is also known to have adverse effects on the health of people who are non-smokers through second- and third-hand smoke. Heart disease, hypertension, stroke, asthma, allergies, and clogged veins are just some of the effects of tobacco cigarettes that have resulted in huge medical expenses for smokers.

Cheaper Electric Cigarettes Offer Harm Reduction Benefits Too
The use of cheap electronic cigarettes on the other hand, contains nicotine (depending on the flavor), water, propylene glycol, and high grade food flavorings. The amount of nicotine can vary substantially, with many flavors being sold nicotine-free. It is also worth considering that the delivery of the nicotine is considered safer than tobacco cigarettes. Looking at all these ingredients of electronic cigarettes, it is easy to see that they are relatively safer.

If you take the arguments of some health experts and lobbyists for the tobacco industry, that there are not enough clinical studies to establish the safety of electronic cigarettes with long-term use, then you simply have to turn to the ingredients. With electronic cigarettes, there are no carcinogens, toxic chemicals, and poisonous substances. Granting that they may not reduce the incidences of preventable death, they surely will not contribute to worsening it.

This means that aside from the more expensive tobacco cigarettes, smokers will also successfully eliminate medical costs. The money saved in these two instances alone can be substantial enough to be used for something more worthwhile or saved up in the bank in case of emergencies. This is another excellent reason why electronic cigarettes are indeed better than tobacco cigarettes.

Vapor Cig Refills & E-Liquid Offer Way More Options

Not only are the refills cheaper, but they also provide more options than tobacco cigarettes. One of the more glaring comparisons is in the amount of flavors available as well as the varying nicotine contents to consider. Using electronic cigarettes give vapers the chance to choose among apple, cherry, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, and mint among many others. There are some manufacturers that offer more options, it is even possible to mix your own custom e-liquid blends exactly to your nicotine strength ideal and flavor intensity. Call me crazy but i can't get enough of my home brewed 'cucumber' smoke juice! It might not be for everyone, but then hundreds of flavors are all possible using quality natural and nature-identical flavor concentrates from brands such as Italy's FlavorArt, Capella and Loranne Oils). There is also tobacco flavor, for vapers who want a more realistic taste.

The distinct advantage of cheap electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is that vapers can choose from various nicotine strengths. They have the flexibility and convenience to move down until they eventually reach the nicotine-free level. This is something that tobacco cigarettes cannot offer.

With these four reasons alone, it is easy to understand why cheap electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes.


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