Disposable Electronic Cigarette: 3 Important Questions

The disposable electronic cigarette is commonly a little longer than traditional tobacco cigarettes and can be used right out of the box.  It is gaining popularity among smokers primarily due to the increased attention to the negative health impacts of traditional tobacco cigarettes, which has been linked to more than 4,000 types of carcinogens, toxins, and poisonous chemicals.  The good news is that these devices are capable of delivering the same level of gratification that smokers have been used to.

This device contains a cartridge that has a nicotine solution that is connected to a heating element that is powered by a pre-charged batterySmokers do not even have to look far to enjoy the kind of satisfaction that this device can deliver, because they are widely available in different convenience stores across the country.  Many sectors are actually pushing for these devices to be recognized as excellent alternatives to dangerous traditional tobacco cigarettes.  To get a better appreciation of the disposable electronic cigarette, let us tackle these questions.

  • What are the benefits provided by these disposable types of e-cigarettes?

Pricing is one of the perceived benefits associated with these types of electronic cigarettes.  However, it is good to understand that prices can actually be affected by the kinds of taxes being imposed in your locality.  In general though, smokers may find the disposable electronic cigarette as a relatively fair deal, especially when you consider that one device is equivalent to roughly two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

With this kind of service life, smokers will get the distinct benefit of trying out the delivery system of electronic cigarettes before committing to invest in starter kits.  Aside from the pricing benefit, it is also equally important to point out the ingredients that go into the nicotine solution or sometime referred to as e-juice.  The main component of the solution, amazing as it may sound is actually water, which is a stark contrast to the extremely hazardous compounds in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The functionality of electronic cigarettes allows it to produce vapor.  Before you can get vapor, you need liquid that can be heated enough to make it change its state.  Water is not only the most abundant, but practically the cheapest type of liquid available, that can be used for this purpose.  Propylene glycol is another ingredient that is popularly used in other products such as cosmetics and cough syrups, which means it is relatively safe for use, just like water.

The other ingredient that is included in some e-juice is nicotine.  It is important to understand that not all e-juice contains nicotine because there are some variants that are nicotine-free, and contains food flavorings only.  This means that with relatively safe ingredients, it simply follows that the use of these types of electronic cigarettes are generally safe for use.


  • Who should try this device?

The value of the disposable electronic cigarette among non-users of electronic cigarette devices is that it allows for a smooth transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This is because there can be a bit of difference between the amount of throat hit and delivery of flavors that smokers may not be used to, which is essential before investing in starter kits.

Even if electronic cigarettes are comparatively cheaper and safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is important that smokers get a satisfactory vaping experience; otherwise, they will fail to transition.  There is no question that many smokers already have established personal preferences with smoking, which means that they will be looking for a relatively same level of experience when they try out electronic cigarettes.

This type of electronic cigarettes are also ideal for light smokers who are going to travel and are not fully aware of the laws on smoking.  This device can be just like renting a car or a hotel room, which will help give them a bit of smoking lift when they get the urge for some nicotine.  The device can also be ideal for social smokers who do not really keep a stock of traditional tobacco cigarettes and can look at starter kits as costly investments.


  • What are the common features of disposables?

It is necessary for smokers to understand the common features of disposable before they even attempt to try the device.  This will ensure that they do not have any unfounded expectations that can lead to huge disappointments when trying it out.  It is reasonable to expect this device to last almost as long as two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  It also makes use of the same type of atomizers as those found in electronic cigarette starter kits, but without the accessories.

The unit should come fully charged so that it can be used directly out of the box.  The disposable electronic cigarette cannot be refilled and does not need any type of charging device.  This means that smokers can expect the battery to last as long as the nicotine solution in the cartridge.  There is also nothing to assemble, which is the highest level of simplicity and convenience that any smoker can wish for.

When you consider these common features, there is no question that it is the ideal device for smokers who want to experience the delivery system of electronic cigarettes as well as those who frequently travel.  It is important to point out though that even if they are disposables, their quality, taste, and flavor, are comparable to those of electronic cigarette starter kits.

These are three important questions that should be tackled before trying any disposable electronic cigarette brand.

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