E-Cigarette and The Law

One of the main reasons as to why the number of smokers making the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is continuously on the rise is because of all the laws surrounding tobacco cigarette smoking. Aside from the high taxes being charged with traditional tobacco cigarettes, there are also many other laws such as the smoking ban. On the other hand, there are a only a few number of e-cigarette laws that e cig smokers have to think about. This is mainly because of the various differences between conventional tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. 


One of the biggest differences between regular tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes that contribute to the few number of e-cigarette laws is that the former produces smoke. This smoke is not only mal odorous, but it is also harmful to the health of both the smoker and the people who inhale the second hand smoke. E cigs, on the other hand, do not produce smoke. It only produces vapor that is responsible for the same sensation, feel, and taste that traditional tobacco cigarettes produce. Because of this, e cigarettes are not included in the smoking ban and is not restricted by the law in many areas.


However, while e-cigarette laws allow you to smoke in many areas where the smoking ban is being enforced, this does not mean that you should light up and take a puff on your e cig anywhere that you want to. Even if you live in one of the places where the smoking ban does not restrict the use of electronic cigarettes, it is important that you take into consideration several factors first.


E-Cigarette Laws: The Use of E Cigarettes in Public


Before you start taking a puff on your electronic cigarette in a public place, it is always a good idea to check the local e-cigarette laws first. Make sure that you are always updated of any changes to these laws being enforced by the state and by the government. Laws involving smoking, whether these are for regular tobacco cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, are always being changed and updated, so you should always stay abreast of these changes. There are also new states and cities being added to the smoking ban list, so make sure that you are aware of what the laws are in your own community.


Are you Allowed to Use your E-Cigarette in Public?


The smoking ban, while this only restrict people from smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes, is something that you should take the time to learn about. Even if you are allowed to use and smoke your e-cigarette in a public place, it is still a good idea to first think about any repercussions. Keep in mind that the reason behind the smoking ban is because it is not only dangerous to the health of the smoker, but it is also hazardous to the health of individuals inhaling second hand smoke. With this being said, you should always consider the other people around you, especially non-smokers before lighting up.


E-Cigarette Laws: The Use of E Cigarettes in Airplanes


As you may already be well aware of, e-cigarette laws allow people to smoke in public places, even in areas that are strictly following the smoking ban. Bars, rental cars, and hotels are just some of the public places where you can light up and take a puff on your electronic cigarette. But what about in airplanes? Does the smoking ban include restricting the use of e cigarettes in airplanes? So before you start using your e cig while you are in an airplane, make sure that you already know the answer to this question that you have in order to avoid having to deal with problems in the future.  


Are you Allowed to Use your E-Cigarette in an Airplane?


So, are you allowed to use your e-cigarette in an airplane? Well, the answer to this question that may be on your mind is a yes. Smoking electronic cigarettes in airplanes is not allowed. While e-cigarette laws may allow you to smoke in public places such as hotel, bars, rental cars, and even in cities and states that are enforcing the smoking ban law, this does not apply in airplanes. You cannot simply turn your e cig on and puff on it while you are in the enclosed space of an airplane. This has been reported in the year 2011, by the Associated Press, specifically by Michael Felberbaum.


The main reason behind the e-cigarette laws that restrict smokers from using their smoking devices in airplanes is because of the fact that there have been no in depth and thorough studies conducted to find out the long-term negative effects of electronic cigarettes. Restricting the use of e cigarettes in airplanes is something wise, since passengers who are non-smokers should be shown the proper courtesy and should not be subjected to the yet unknown effects of electronic cigarettes.


Now that you have learned more about the places where e-cigarette laws permit you to use your smoking device, you should still keep in mind to be courteous of the people around you. Put yourself in the shoes of a non-smoker. Would you enjoy having someone puffing and puffing on a cigarette beside you, even if it is not a regular tobacco cigarette? So make sure that before you smoke in a public place using your e cigarette, ask the people around you if they will mind you smoking or not. Always show courtesy to others, especially in public places.

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