E-Cigarette Models: 4 Popular Types

The various types of E-Cigarette models are based primarily on a device that was invented by the Chinese.  This means that they have a substantial lead time in the manufacturing and marketing of the products and consumables in the world market.  This however does not mean that manufacturers based in the United States are being left behind by their competitors abroad.  In fact, during recent years, there have been a huge variety of choices of electronic cigarette products and consumables introduced into the market by manufacturers in the United States.


In some instances, manufacturers choose to vary the design to make the devices more attractive and catch the eye of consumers.  There are definitely some electronic cigarettes that look just like traditional tobacco cigarettes, while there are those that have a more elegant look and appeal for vapers who want a more upscale vaping experience.  Essentially, everything boils down to the personal preference of vapers in finding the right model for them.  The important thing is to be familiar with some of the more common E-Cigarette models in the market today.


  • The L88B


These particular models can make use of either a three-part or two-part design.  The three-part configuration includes the battery, atomizer, and disposable cartridge.  The two-part configuration relies on the use of a battery and a cartomizer component.  It is important to point out that newer electronic cigarettes being sold in the market today make use of the cartomizer technology.


Not all manufacturers in the industry today are capable of delivering E-Cigarette models based on the L88B configuration.  Some vapers believe though that this type of model is not adequate enough in delivering a vaping experience that can be noteworthy.  The cartomizers actually makes use of cartridges filled with e-liquid and a built-in heating element.  Because of this compact configuration, it is priced a bit higher but is widely considered as reliable.


The amount of e-liquid that can be stored is about 0.8 ml, which is just a little less than the 1 ml capacity of most cartomizers in the market.  This model is also recommended for vapers who enjoy dripping using a drip tip combined with the L88B.  The battery component is generally classified as automatic, which means that there are no buttons, only sensors that will trigger the atomizer connection and begin airflowVapers who are inexperienced with dripping are cautioned against the possibility of ruining the battery.


  • The KR808D-1 (aka KR8, 808D and similar)


Among the E-Cigarette models in the market today, this is considered as one of the more flexible because it allows for the usage of both manual and automatic batteries.  In some kits, this model may even have these two types of batteries included for greater vaping satisfaction.  The KR-808 is also highly recommended for novice vapers who are not yet set on their specific preference in electronic cigarettes.


With the various small electronic cigarette models sold in the market, this is the only model that has been designed from the ground up to be used specifically with cartomizers.  This means that there will never be disposable cartridges or atomizers that can be attached to this specific model of electronic cigarette.  There are some adapters that can make this model compatible with the 510, which is another highly popular threading used for dripping.


The attachment for the KR-808 electronic cigarette can extend from the tip of the battery while the threading of the cartomizers is recessed.  It represents the reverse of the 510 threading design for electronic cigarettes.


  • The 510 (Joye 510, Titan, Yeti, Dura and other JoyeTech and Clones)


Many of the novice vapers eventually end up choosing this specific model of electronic cigarette.  This is because aside from being one of the more popular models in the market, it is likewise one of the more affordable models that have built a reputation of being a reliable device and exquisite performer.  Something that novice vapers will truly benefit from as they attempt to establish exactly what they want from their vaping experience.


Another reason for the longevity of the 510 in the electronic cigarette industry is its perceived flexibility.  It also features a threading style that has become one of the most adapted in the electronic cigarette industry.  This means that vapers using this model can actually have the convenience of experimenting with different compatible cartomizers and atomizers, until the one that is perfect for the preference of the vaper is found.


Common areas looked into with this type of electronic cigarette model would have to be the flavor, convenience, and vapor production.  On the average, the 510 can hold approximately 180 mAh of charge capacity, which is equivalent to about 90 puffs.  The kits sold with this model normally come with cartridges, cartomizers, tank systems, and drip tips among others.  The battery configuration can either be manual or automatic.


  • The Disposable E-Cigarette


Physically, among E-Cigarette models, the disposable E-Cigarette is one of the longest in the market, with its length fairly exceeding that of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This model of electronic cigarettes is one of the easiest to find because they can be bought online as well as in conventional stores.  Some vapers however believe that buying from conventional stores is actually cheaper than going online because of the instant availability and gratification.


Disposable E-Cigarette brands usually make use of nicotine filled cartridges that come in either menthol or tobacco flavors.  The battery unit also comes pre-charged making it ready to use out of the box by vapers.  The battery used with the device may be automatic or manual, depending on the actual design of the manufacturer.  The nicotine content is normally equivalent to that of two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.


This means that disposable E-Cigarette products can be comparatively strong, making them last ideally for a couple of days depending on how heavy the vaper is.  The nicotine as well as the battery charge is expected to last a reasonable time, until the e-liquid is consumed or the vaper decides to throw it away for some reason.  This type of electronic cigarette is not recommended for full-time vapers because they pose no substantial savings.


These are the four most common E-Cigarette models in the market that can result in a substantially satisfying vaping experience.

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