E Cigs Introduction

ecigs-logoECIG (Electronic Cigarette)

The idea of electronic cigarettes was developed by a pharmacist with a view to provide an option of smoking with lesser nicotine intake and little or no side effects on the surroundings. The concept has been materialized into a battery operated device which comes with a liquid-filled cartridge containing nicotine. This useful device comes without the by-products of smoke, tar or any other harmful chemicals.

Why is Electronic Cigarette Preferred?

Electronic cigarettes are preferred over tobacco cigarettes because they are free from the odor of smoke and tar.

With no emission of smoke or chemicals; it is safe to use almost anywhere without affecting people around us. You have the advantage of being able to consume this even in places where tobacco smoking is officially banned in public places. It therefore has no health hazards associated to it.

No more ‘smoker’s teeth’: tobacco chain smokers have a distinct color of teeth and their fingertips because of tar and tobacco but with ECIG you smoke clean.

So you no longer have the need to use products for instance, toothpaste designed specifically for smokers.

As it does not require manual lighting of the cigarette with fire it does not release ash neither does it requires cleaning up buds or stubs.

Convenience of consumption: just replace the battery and cartridge and you can use an ECIG a number of times. This way you cut down on the expense incurred on cigarettes otherwise.

A safe, clean and healthy alternative to do away with your habit of regular smoking.

Mode of working of an ECIG

What’s involved in the production of an ECIG?

nicotine cartridge


electronic circuit

The battery heats up the coil present in the atomizer, thus vaporizing the liquid nicotine contained by the cartridge so that is enters the body of the user upon inhaling. The electronic circuit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.

ECIG is available in following types

In order to promote the use of ECIG, it has been made available in assorted flavors including tobacco flavor. This fulfills the urge of smoking yet keeping the user healthy. It comes in variety of cartridge choices depending upon the level of nicotine they carry.

It can be concluded well that ECIG is an intelligent creation and a purposeful replacement to tobacco cigarettes. With no side effects on the environment and personal health; ECIG can be consumed at all times without a second thought.

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