Electronic Cigarette Brands: 5 Critical Factors To Look For

During recent years, with its increased popularity and market share, there has been huge importance placed on determining the best electronic cigarette brands being offered today.  There is no doubt that the principle at work can be fairly the same among the different brands, which has been seen as a viable way to quit smoking, although they are not being marketed as smoking cessation devices.  With the rising cost of conventional tobacco cigarettes, there is no doubt that the market share of electronic cigarettes will continue to increase.

With this increase in popularity and market share comes the legitimate question of what is the best brand to buy.  Undoubtedly, vapers will have varying opinions as to which are the best for them.  It is vital to consider that these opinions are largely affected by personal preferences as well as practical experiences of what is available today.  Therefore, to have a more substantial evaluation of the various electronic cigarette brands being sold, it is vital to consider some critical factors.

  • The Flavor and Taste.

There is no argument that among the critical factors in choosing the best electronic cigarette brands, flavor and taste should be of primary consideration.  After all, these factors are most responsible for ensuring a most satisfactory vaping experience, and will help brands to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competitors in the open market.  Having a distinctive taste combined with numerous options for flavors give vapers more control over their habit.

One of the most common goals of manufacturers of electronic cigarettes is to have the closest taste to conventional tobacco cigarettes as possible.  This is done while paying close attention to a wide cross-section of the market that is looking for more adventurous and one-of-a-kind vaping experience.  Hitting the balance between these two factors is critical to ensuring that they become the best in their industry.

This is the motivation for many manufacturers, which is why they continue to invest in research and development, to introduce more groundbreaking flavors in the market that satisfies varying taste.  The amount of nicotine that is contained in the products will also have to come into scrutiny to ensure that the perceived health benefits from electronic cigarettes will be preserved while attempting to gain better share of the market.

  • Reputation of the Manufacturer.

A product is only as good as its manufacturer.  Unfortunately, because of the huge impact of electronic cigarettes today, there are some deceitful manufacturers who are looking only to make a profit, rather than introduce quality products into the market.  This is a huge factor that vapers should carefully consider before buying any electronic cigarettes.  Considering this closely will ensure more value for the money you pay for the products.

When considering critical factors, reputation of the manufacturer should include the consideration for timely delivery of products and accessories to the market.  It is also essential to ensure that the brands you are considering have reasonably low factory defect rates to prevent after sales problems, or minimize them at the least.  These are critical factors that very few vapers even consider before buying.

For new vapers, this is an opportune reminder to invest in research.  There is no doubt that there are numerous websites that offer fair reviews, even customer feedbacks.  These are excellent sources of information that will allow for an educated decision.

  • Smooth Draw.

One of the determining factors that contribute to a smooth draw of electronic cigarettes is the venting system that is used by manufacturers.  Essentially, the smoother the draw, the more pronounced the flavor becomes, and the better the taste reaches the tongue and palate.  Again, as one of the critical factors in determining the best electronic cigarette brands in the market, this can be widely influenced by personal preference.

There are some vapers who would opt for a stronger draw, while there are others that want a lighter appeal.  The key is to balance the delivery system to ensure that everything enters the mouth of vapers smoothly, much like having a sweet spot on the tongue where the taste gently lands.  With a smooth draw comes a more relaxed throat hit that will prevent vapers from experiencing coughing and other adverse body reactions.

  • Amount of Vapor Produced.

The power of electronic cigarettes can be measured by the amount of vapor produced.  This means that when vapers take a puff, the vapor will not be the same, and can vary substantially among brands.  The importance of the amount of vapor produced is that it helps to mimic the experience of smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.  For smokers who are trying to quit, this can have a tremendous psychological impact to strengthen their resolve.

  • Battery Life.

It is important, especially for new vapers, to be familiar with the different types of batteries that go with electronic cigarettes.  Essentially, electronic cigarettes would be useless without the batteries, which are its main source of power.  Without this power, there will be no vapor produced, and no flavor and taste delivered.  The battery life will also dictate how long the product can be used on a continuous basis.

With these considerations, there is no doubt that battery life is one of the critical factors in determining the best electronic cigarette brands in the market today.  It is likewise worthy of mention that the power of the batteries can have a direct effect on the capability of electronic cigarettes to produce an acceptable amount of vapor.

As you can see, pricing was not part of the critical factors, simply because, if you pay for the best brands, the price should not be an issue.  In the same context that customer service only becomes relevant if you do not buy the best electronic cigarette brands.

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