Electronic Cigarette Price: 3 Important Issues

Although not the primary consideration in the selection process, there is no denying that electronic cigarette price can have, and should have, a substantial impact on the decision which brand to buy. in order to get a better appreciation of the role of pricing in the market place, it is vital to deal with important issues that surround it, so when considering just how much e cigarettes cost (and the dizzying array of variation in pricing you are sure to find when shopping for an electronic cigarette). By taking some time to consider issues affecting the price of ecigs, vapers (or soon to be vapers) will understand that setting of prices is not done merely out of the whim of manufacturers – not most of the time anyway.

How Much Do E Cigs Cost & Why? … It’s A Question With a LOT of Variables So Isn’t Quick and Easy To Answer

Though this articles will give you some things to consider about the price of e-cigs you likely wouldnt otherwise, and help you begin to judge for yourself whether something is a good deal, worth the cost for you, or a total rip-off. As White Smoke Review grows and we add more info both in our reviews and general vaping knowledge-base the issue and many sub-topics relating to the price of electronic cigarettes.

  • Do they really save smokers money who switch from tobacco?
  • Is it worth saving 20% for a starter kit saying it is the generic non-branded version but other than name, the seller claims to be identical to the branded one elsewhere?
  • Does it really save a lot of money to buy my own E-Liquid instead of prefilled E-Cig Cartomizers?
  • Should I buy a used ecig on craigslist the seller says is ‘almost like new’ and even comes with some half used carts from 4 months ago – its only $7.00 after all :-)

You are in the right place for answers to these sorts of questions – White Smoke Review is not another shallow, ecig site full of fluff content and not even much of that!

Electronic Cigarette PriceFor many vapers, shifting to electronic cigarettes has already brought them considerable savings. However, it will not hurt if they get the best value for the price that they pay for their electronic cigarette brands. Many vapers wonder why some brands are more expensive than others, while some believe that higher priced models actually deliver the same quality of vaping experience as cheaper priced ones. To put the electronic cigarette price in proper perspective, consider these important issues.

1 – Quality of vaping.

Any consumer in his right mind understands the concept of getting what you pay for. This means that when it comes to electronic cigarettes, it is impossible to expect the same quality of vaping from an entry level model compared to a premium one. Many new vapers make the common mistake of buying cheaper models and planning to buy a better one once they begin to enjoy their vaping experience.
This line of thinking though is flawed from the start. This is because it is almost impossible to enjoy the vaping experience from cheaper electronic cigarettes. In fact, the quality of vaping can be extremely poor, which means that new vapers would immediately feel that shifting to electronic cigarettes would be a waste of their time and money. There is also the concern of product quality that goes into cheaper electronic cigarettes.
When you put everything in their proper perspective, investing in cheaper electronic cigarettes would actually cost more in the long run, not only for the electronic cigarette price, but also the potential safety risk. Careful consideration must also be placed on the durability of the cheaper product and the type of manufacturing process that has gone into it. These are all important issues that are directly related to the price of electronic cigarettes.

2 – Choosing the right brand.

The electronic cigarette price is also a good indicator in choosing the right brand. Vapers should keep in mind that choosing the right brand does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive, but rather, one that fits within your budget without sacrificing the quality of the product as well as the vaping experience. There are plenty of mid-range priced electronic cigarette brands that fit this criterion.
Vapers who face the challenge of choosing the right brand should be aware that mid-priced starter kits normally are capable of delivering excellent performance and functionality that is close enough to that of premium products. First time vapers must understand that this would present a better investment for them instead of lower end products. This is especially true if the brand allows for customization and has huge choices for accessories.
Complexity of choice can happen when there is insignificant difference in the price and virtually equal features. The best way that the electronic cigarette price can help in making the decision would be to look at the components of the starter kit. For a slight difference in price, one or two components more in the starter kit can have a tremendous impact on the functionality as well as flexibility of the electronic cigarette brand.
For example, one of the brands in the same price range may offer two high capacity batteries instead of one. Perhaps, one has more charging options by including a USB charging cable and car charger, while another does not. You may also look at the number of cartridges that are included free in the starter kit. All of these differences in the components of the starter kit will actually help justify the price of electronic cigarettes.

3 – Determining the price.

The variety in the price of electronic cigarettes being sold in the market can be affected by a number of factors that many vapers may not be aware of. Obviously, the impression is that an electronic cigarette that has a higher price must be made from better materials, which can increase its functionality and durability. The issues of design and technology will definitely play a significant role in the price of electronic cigarettes, once they are sold in the market.
Vapers should be able to understand that the capacity of batteries can differ substantially. This means that a 1200 mAh ecig mod can be substantially more expensive than a 380 mAh large Kr808d-1 Mini ECig battery, while other ecig batteries, even with less charge capacity, cost somewhere in between but remind you more of a mini computer! Some newer models do things like keep track of puffs inhaled, indicate remaining battery charge by displaying it on a build in display screen and even let you adjust the voltage with on-screen menus!
Indeed all ecig batteries have at least a simple microprocessor chip housed inside) The quality of the atomizers will also be taken into consideration when determining the price of electronic cigarettes. Good quality atomizers should be able to deliver acceptable vaping experience within 4 to 6 weeks for heavy users. This is without considerable decline in the quality.
Aside from quality, the electronic cigarette price has a lot to do with the branding of the products. This is consistent for majority of products in the market, which means that reputable brands can normally command higher prices than lesser known ones. This perception is greatly affected by a cycle where manufacturers have built a reputation for delivering exceptional products to consumers based on what they want, and what they are willing to pay for.
These are three important issues that have a direct effect on the electronic cigarette price as it is sold in the market and hopefully will get you thinking about the various factors that are reflected in the cost listed next to that e-cig kit you have your eye on but aren’t sure if its worth it or not. Be sure to spend time with our brand reviews of course to get insight on a case by case basis into each brand and how it scores in terms of value.


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