Liquid Nicotine & Misinformation

E Liquid Nicotine - Worries and False Scare Tactics

There are many detractors of the electronic cigarette and they mostly claim that the vapor they produce could be just as harmful as the smoke from a tobacco cigarette.


Liquid Nicotine Electronic Cigarettes and their Benefits

The main reason behind these statements is because the contents of electronic cigarette vapor are unknown. Companies which manufacture electronic cigarettes have rightly made the contents of their electronic cigarettes public knowledge. You can know exactly what chemicals you are taking when using an electronic cigarette from many sources. The Internet is one of the sources of this information and you would realize that the ingredients list of electronic cigarette e-liquid is quite short.

There are usually between three to six ingredients present in electronic cigarettes and you will rarely find a brand that has more. The important thing with these cigarettes after all is to provide liquid nicotine to users of the cigarettes. Most of the other ingredients serve a simple purpose which does not pose any health risks to users.

Liquid nicotine versus tobacco


Mention of cigarette smoke invokes the thoughts of nicotine and carbon monoxide. This is a remarkably short-sighted view of tobacco cigarettes. The real picture of the components of tobacco is quite bleak for smokers and non-smokers of tobacco alike. Tobacco leaves contain more than 4,000 chemicals and these chemicals all find their way into traditional cigarettes. More than 30 of the distinct chemicals present in tobacco are known carcinogens. A considerable number of the chemicals in tobacco are simply lethal if they were to be taken in large doses. These include substances like hydrogen cyanide, cyanide, and formaldehyde. The sad part of smoking tobacco cigarettes is that a person exposes himself to all these chemicals for the sake of just one – nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes make the process of smoking much safer with its liquid nicotine cartridges. The liquid that electronic cigarettes vaporize contains several ingredients in order to enable it to carry nicotine. These ingredients are also important in order to give a person the feeling of smoking that he is used to when smoking tobacco. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes for example is as a result of a substance that is present in the e-liquid. Otherwise the cigarettes would not be able to produce vapor.


The following is a list of the essental common chemicals/compounds found in electronic cigarette ‘e-liquid’ :

  • Vegetable glycerin 
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavoring (this is where some confusion and scare mongering has come from… as it is where thing CAN vary slightly, read below)
  • Liquid nicotine (generally ‘pharmaceutical grade’)


While there are often several other compounds and chemicals in tiny amounts, this is due primarily to whatever flavoring concentrates are of a particular e-juice blend, these are few in number and in all but the most freakily rare cases that have been spun by the FDA and other interest groups, creating massively hyped fear stoies in the media with no true basis in the real world.

This is one reason it is a good idea to consider quality of ingredients in what you vape; but try not to buy into too much hype either – the perception that American made e-liquid is by default somehow safer and purer than that imported from Asia more than a bit of a myth. There isn’t a regulating system in place in the USA either, and there are well known and well regarded manufacturers producing great e liquids originating in both parts of the world.

The thing to recognize is that the ingredients in 99% of eliquids on the market today have nothing but a short list of compounds, all of which are classified GRAS (generally recognized as safe) – by the FDA, and are all common ingredients in food and basic daily items you likely already consume without thinking about it.

These compounds all have a specific purpose. Tobacco has thousands of chemicals most of which have never been tested to determine their effects on peoples’ health. The best smoking choice for anybody therefore is electronic cigarettes. The fact that electronic cigarettes can also help a person to quit smoking tobacco gives tobacco cigarettes no excuse to stick to the unhealthy habit.

To Help Shed Light On Some Of The Mis-information About E-Liquid Nicotine Ingredient Scare Messages You May Have Heard In The Media or From Various Interest Groups:

The following is from the excellent “Truth About E Cigs” Website: was developed in response to the FDA’s sensationalistic July 22, 2009 press release stating that the FDA’s testing of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) “found that they contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals such as diethylene glycol, an ingredient used in antifreeze.” The FDAs release set off a firestorm of activism and disinformation that has falsely demonized the first technology that 300,000+ smokers are actually consistently using to stay off of tobacco. The 7/22 press release is now leading to state bans (in deference to the FDAs lack of a national ban) based on their tests which in fact did not find any toxins or carcinogens at any levels harmful to humans.


In Summation To the FDA’s Revised Comments

On July 22nd 2009 the FDA first reported to the world that “These tests indicate that these products contained detectable levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals” and “In one sample, the FDA’s analyses detected diethylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze that is toxic to humans” scaring thousands of e-cig users and leading to Oregon, Connecticut, and potentially California in taking legal action and now their only concern is of the safety of nicotine, the one component it approves for use in nicotine inhalers, gums, lozenges and patches? So in summation, this current confused attitude of The FDA seems to be driven by a combination of pharmacological puritanism and bureaucratic stubbornness that does not bode well for the FDA’s ability to rationally regulate tobacco products and subsequently the e-cig especially now given the fact that over 300,000+ users are reliant on. To ban the electronic cigarettes based not on scientific fact, but conclusions in search of facts would commit 300,000+ e-cig users to return to smoking tobacco, the one product we know will kill them.




Lab Test Results – Ingredients In E-Liquid:

Propylene Glycol >50%

Glycerol <30%

Nicotine 0 to 1.8%

Water <10%

Alcohol (ethanol) <1%

Coriandor <1%

Solanone <1%

Citric Acid <1%

Benzel Alcohol <1%

Orient Tobacco Absolute (flavor) <1%

Pepper Oil <1%

Guaiacol <1%

Menthol <1%

Fragrant Orchid Element <1%


Ingredients of e-cigs explained

One of the ingredients present in electronic cigarettes is propylene glycol. It is one of the substances which made people skeptical about the safety of electronic cigarettes. One of the reasons for this confusion is the fact that propylene glycol is commonly confused with ethylene glycol, a substance that is definitely toxic to human beings. This substance was once commonly used in the manufacture of antifreeze and it made antifreeze to be very toxic. The substance has a sweet smell and as a result children and pets used to inhale it for a long time. This caused serious medical conditions. The substance was later replaced by propylene glycol. Many people confuse these two substances because of this reason.

Propylene glycol is used as a solvent and it is commonly used in many electronic cigarette brands. In addition to being a pretty good solvent it is also an emulsifier. It also reduces the temperature at which the liquid turns into vapor. It is the substance responsible for the visible vapor from electronic cigarettes. Vegetable glycerin is used in exactly the same way as propylene glycol. Both these substances are commonly used in foodstuffs, drugs, and in cosmetic products.

The purpose of liquid nicotine in electronic cigarette really needs no explanation. It is the reason why the cigarettes can be used as replacements for tobacco cigarettes. The flavor present in e-juice is totally harmless and its main function it to make a person’s smoking experience more enjoyable and unique.

Causes of difference in vapor production 

Various liquid nicotine solutions used in electronic cigarettes produce different amounts of vapor. There are many reasons for this which relate to differences in the electronic cigarette design. There is also a big difference between e-liquid that has vegetable glycerin as the base and liquid with a propylene glycol base. The liquid with vegetable glycerin base produces more vapor than that with propylene glycol but at less throat hit. Manufacturers usually combine these two substances in different ratios in order to have the best of both worlds.

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