How To Use Your First E-Cigarette

You are sure to be eager to get started with your new E-Cigarette as soon as you get your starter kit. Here are a few simple instructions to help you begin “vaping” with ease.

Quick Start Up List:

  1. Open up your starter kit and make sure you have charger, batteries, cartridges, atomizer, e-liquid, and filler.
  2. Charge your battery fully (4-6 hours). When your battery is charged the indicator light will change from red to green.
  3. Once your battery is charged, open up one of your sealed cartridges (be sure to save the rubber cap for later use).
  4. Take out the atomizer and remove the “dummy” cartridge. This is just in place for safe shipping.
  5. Add a couple of drops of e-liquid to the atomizer to flush out the “primer”, which does not taste good.
  6. If you have pre-filled cartridges, simply place the cartridge firmly in the atomizer. 
  7. If not, fill the cartridge with 7-15 drops of liquid. Don’t overdo it! (Blot up excess.)
  8. Insert your filled cartridge firmly into the atomizer. Be sure the heating coil is submerged in e-liquid.
  9. Press down the manual button and listen for a slight crackling sound. 
  10. Take a 3-4 second drag.
  11. Now you’re vaping!
  12. Enjoy!

Complete Instructions:

Before you do anything else, be sure to charge the batteries. Your battery may already be partially charged right out of the box, but it is always a good idea to start with a full charge. Keep your batteries charging for 4-6 hours, then use them up completely and start over again. After this initial, complete cycle, you can just top off the charge as you wish and not worry about getting a complete charge or discharge. E-Cigarettes use Li-on batteries. For this reason, they do not have the problems of “memory effect” that earlier types of rechargeable batteries demonstrated.

Your E-Cig kit will come with a charger. The first time you attach the battery to the charger, you will see a red indicator light. This means your battery is not yet fully charged. Once the battery is charged, the indicator light will turn green. This will always be the case. When the indicator light is green, you will know that your battery is fully charged. 

After you have a full charge on your battery, open up one of the sealed cartridges that you will find in your starter kit. The cartridge should be sealed with rubber so that the contents (e-liquid) will stay clean and will not evaporate. Be sure you keep the rubber seal because you can use it again when you refill your cartridge. Having the rubber seal will prevent e-liquid from leaking out. This will make it much easier for you to keep a few spares on hand without any muss or fuss.

Your starter kit will also come with an atomizer. This will be pre-equipped with a cartridge, but you will find that this cartridge is empty. It is only there to hold the atomizer in place while being shipped, so take that one off and throw it away. Replace it with a full cartridge. You may want to put a couple of drops of e-liquid right into the atomizer just before you insert the cartridge. The reason for this is that new cartridges are equipped with a primer fluid. This is not particularly tasty, so you will benefit from flushing it with e-liquid.

If your kit did not come with pre-filled cartridges, you will need to fill your cartridges yourself. This is easy to do. Be sure not to put in too much e-liquid because you don’t want it to leak into your mouth! Depending upon what type cartridge you have, it will take seven to fifteen drops to fill it. Put in enough e-liquid so that the filler is soaked, but there is no pool of e-liquid at the top of the cartridge. If you do overfill, just soak up the excess with a bit of tissue or paper towel.

Once you have added e-liquid to your cartridge, you can insert it into your atomizer. Be sure to insert it securely so that the heating coil is completely submerged in the e-liquid. This will help your atomizer to last longer. If it dries out, it shortens its life span. The next thing to do is take the atomizer/cartridge combination and screw it onto your charged battery.

Start Vaping!

Hold your E-Cig and press down on the manual button. You will hear a quiet crackling sound when the atomizer starts heating. This should happen instantly. While you are holding the button down, take a three-to-four second drag on the mouthpiece. This is a slightly shorter drag than you would take with a traditional cigarette. You will feel the vapor entering your mouth followed by a nicotine hit! 

Once you get the hang of it, you will probably want to take a longer and deeper drag for more satisfaction. One technique a lot of vapers use is to inhale a long drag into the mouth, continue holding the manual button down, and simultaneously draw the vapor into the lungs. You don’t have to hold the vapor in the lungs for quite as long as you do traditional cigarette smoke. The reason for this is that the vapor absorbs differently than smoke in your lungs and throat. After all, vapor is moist. Smoke is dry. You can release the vapor after only two or three seconds, and you will immediately experience a nicotine hit.

Like any new hobby or activity, you will need to practice a bit to become a proficient vaper. Remember that it takes two weeks to make or break any habit. If you follow the suggestions offered here and use your new E-Cigarettes in the place of traditional cigarettes each and every time, you will soon find the vaping experience to be satisfying and enjoyable. You will appreciate the rich, tasty and ample vapor, and you will be happy to have left your damaging addiction behind to move forward with a harmless and enjoyable habit.

You are sure to see, right away, that vaping is as close to smoking as a person can get without smoke and deadly toxins! Of course, you will notice slight differences between your newfound habit and your lifelong addiction. Every new experience takes a little getting used to, but before you know it, you will be happily vaping and wondering why you ever hung onto those cancer sticks.

Never Be Caught Without Vaping Supplies!

After a while, you will notice that your E-Cigarette is not producing as much vapor and the flavor is not quite as rich. This is how you know that it is time to top-off your cartridge. Just take the cartridge out of the atomizer and apply a few drops of e-liquid. When the filler is saturated again, you are done. After practicing this process just a few times, you will be a pro, and it will be as natural as opening a fresh pack of traditional cigarettes.

You can use each cartridge for a long time, but after you have topped it off ten or fifteen times, you will see that the filling is starting to wear thin. When this happens, you should throw it out and put in a new filling.

This is why it is always a good idea to have extras on hand. You will never be frustrated if you keep plenty of supplies. Also, if you have extra fillers and cartridges, it will make it easier to try out new flavors. Whenever you try a new flavor, you should use a fresh cartridge and filler to get the full effect. You will be happy to know that Totally Wicked has very inexpensive multi-packs of cartridges to go with every model we offer, so you will never be without cartridges and filler.

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