Is There Nicotine In My Electronic Cigarette?

Nicotine Content In Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, while slightly different than conventional tobacco, are made to mimic the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. Despite differences in how either one works, both contain nicotine. This addictive substance comes in standard supply in a wide range of tobacco cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes, however, nicotine can be controlled. Nicotine is proven to be harmless on its own. It’s when nicotine is mixed with certain chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes that it becomes a health hazard. 

Unlike tobacco smokers, electronic cigarette smokers can determine how much nicotine they truly need. Furthermore, because electronic cigarettes lack the dangerous chemical additives and carcinogens of their counterpart, you’re free to enjoy a nicotine only experience without risk of contracting smoking-related illnesses and diseases. You can quite appropriately, get your nicotine fix without jeopardizing your health. 


Nicotine Longevity

Electronic cigarette flavor cartridges and or cartomizers contain nicotine in a propylene glycol solution. Both of these options last only as long as you use them. Conservative users will notice that their cartridges or cartomizers will last considerably longer than those who are very liberal in their use. As mentioned earlier, electronic cigarette cartridges and cartomizers are sold in varying nicotine strengths, in turn these strengths can affect longevity. Units with low nicotine strength will require more puffs on average than those with higher strengths to experience the same throat hit.

Furthermore, these units are designed to be used multiple times. Unlike traditional cigarettes, one cartridge or cartomizer is equal to at least one pack cigarettes. One of the beauties of using electronic cigarettes is that even a cartridge or cartomizer with relatively low nicotine might be as comparable as a full-fledged hit you’d find with a full pack of cigarettes.

Some smokers find that they don’t even require nicotine content in their electronic cigarettes, yet enjoy the physical ritual and opt to purchase nicotine free units which are a unique option. Offering tobacco (or other) flavoring zero nicotine e-cigarettes are the only case where nicotine is absent from ecigs, and the fact that some get the satisfaction they need to avoid returning to smoking without the nicotine certainly is a clear indicator of the power of the smoking ritual and the purely psychological component of the complex smoking habit. By mimicing that processess in such a convincing way ecigarettes may be utilized in a still less harmful way, though statistics indicate most ecig users so still prefer to have at least a minimal nicotine level when vaping. There’s a certain versatility of electronic cigarettes that affords users the option to “smoke” how they want to – even if it is to purely ‘go through the motions’ as it were. 

Nicotine Withdrawal

The average tobacco cigarette roughly has the same nicotine content as a medium-strength cartridge for an electronic cigarette. Taking into account this fact, it’s wise for those transitioning to choose a nicotine option that’s similar or close to the same level that you’ve become accustomed to while smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Doing this insures that you’re receiving the same nicotine content you’d be receiving with a traditional cigarette. As your body absorbs a steady amount of nicotine it begins to get used to the intake. Matching that amount of nicotine when you transition to an electronic cigarette keeps your body from responding poorly to lowered content. If you lower your intake too soon by choosing a lower nicotine level cartridge or cartomizer your body will react through cravings. Often times, novice users underplay this recommendation and end up going back to their tobacco habit which defeats the purpose of smoking a healthier alternative. 

Adversely, choosing a greater amount of nicotine content than you’re used to could lead to a harsher throat hit. Excess nicotine absorbed through the body could also lead to severe discomfort. When choosing a nicotine level, pay close attention to what level you’re currently used to now and match that appropriately once you switch.

Once you’re accustomed to the nicotine content, you can adjust this to lower or higher strengths as you see fit. Your body will adapt to varying strengths when you give it the time to. Many ex-smokers have actually used electronic cigarettes as cessation devices in lieu of patches or nicotine gum. The ability to lower your nicotine content through subsequent refills led them move from high to low to nicotine-free cartridges.


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