KR808d-1 E Cigs – Why One KR808d Doesn’t Equal Another

This post is being published with less than my usual standard of editing and revision as I was influenced to write it quickly based on frustration i encountered reading other [WPMSHOT key=”ecig review” url=””] sites who don't seem to know what they are talking about, despite being some of the most heavily visited and read on the web today. Please excuse any typos and the rambling nature of the post, i will try to tidy it up ASAP. 

Other Review Sites Claim They Don’t Appreciate What They See Is Overpricing On KR808D-1 Branded E-Cigs, Clearly They Have Some Learning To Do presents a case in point. From their ‘how we rate ecigs’ page:

“For example, there is no reason that a KR808D1 (our personal mini e cig favorite) model should cost twice what other comparable models are on the market for that particular e cigarette.”

Which based on a quick browse of their site reveals what the previous comment likely intends it’s aim. The following is from their V2 Review:

“What we’re not too crazy about are V2?s battery prices, which start at $19.95 for a basic 150 mAh rating. The largest mAh capacity is 380 and is priced at $29.95. The high cost is due to their warranty coverage. Yet, regardless of coverage, $30 is still $30, which is pretty costly for just a battery.”

Generic KR808d-1 2 Piece E cigarette

What is Wrong With These And Other Similar Comments Throughout the Review Site:

A someone who has sourced KR808d-1 components directly dealing with manufacturers in China, engaging in long drawn out discussions of minutia with those manufacturers and subsequently testing well over 10 distinct manufacturer’s “KR808d-1” – I can tell you will great certainty that there is a huge range of quality and performance differenced between different so called “KR808d-1” models – in all components but most significantly the Battery, the Cartomizers and Personal Charging Cases. I’ll last note that KR808D-1 as a term is convenient (if everyone knows it is being used as such) but problematic term.

The K in the name is for Kanger, the manufacturer who originally brought the KR808d-1 to market, just as a Joye 510 or Joye EGO is from JoyeTech and DSE-901 or other dse-### is named this based on the first manufacturer to introduce the model (i aplogize their name slips my mind). Often 808, 808D,808D-1 and others are used and all refer to the KR808d-1 that everyone usually means, which isn’t the real KR808d-1 made by kanger but one of countless clones made, just as with said other models, by a vast network of factories at varying grades (and not a 5-10% difference but varying much more substantially).

As someone who is particularly fond of the model, it is upsetting to see review sites talking with authority whose own words betray the notion that they have the background knowledge to state what they do.

In the case of V2 Cigs, the brand that I most recommend, it is important to keep in mind all of the above when noting their batteries and components are of this type. While Firelight Fusion brand as the site notes offer the same KR808d-1 type batteries, who knows where they were sourced (certainly not in their own factory, the brand is to limited to warrant an entry among the top rated brands and is selling a branded oem product). They also don’t offer a choice of colors, lengths (people electing for the mini 120mah battery do so knowing it is a tradeoff of convenience vs charge time) and choice is always a good thing. Most crucially, brands not offering a manual option get an ‘epic fail’ from this reviewer and e-cig fanatic.

What this supposedly expert review site (who’s involvement with Firelight Fusion makes them questionable as an authority at best in my view) doesn’t seem to understand is that just as all electronic cigarettes are not created equal; not all Kr808D-1 based, e-cigs are created equal. For that matter neither are inferior spec models – not all E9-based ecigs are created equal (ie. EverSmoke and the new South Beach Smoke, with improvements to their spec and manual battery, while not so impressive as many kr808d-1 models, are vastly better than Green Smoke – a brand touted as the best electronic cigarette recommended by many sites – it is a poor quality overpriced brand at best – for the sheer reason the brand rolled out a well paying affiliate program earliest. Run from ANY review site touting Green Smoke as the best of anything!).

V2 is hardly the only brand based on the spec. that I rate highly, others include Smokeless Image VOLT and Bloog. Several others also employ top-rated kr8 based models that I endorse.

V2 has one benefit going for them that none of the other brands mentioned do however, and it is a HUGE one. SIZE. Because they simply outsell even their next competitor BLU CIGs, by a tidy margin, and most other brands by 5-10x or more, they have the cash on hand (and HAVE) elected to put that money back into their product. They outright own multiple factories in Asia and in the USA – and use the benefits that come with this to constantly improve and innovate making the batteries and other KR808d-1 components  In my expert opinion – having more distinct similar models to compare theirs to than there are even brands based on the spec – V2 offer the best e cig not only based on the spec but out of any major brand on the market today.

Comparing V2 to other market offerings one must also keep in mind (too many reviewers do not) that there are HUGE benefits to going with a brand likely to still be here (and I will say right now, in 1-2 years by far most here now – regardless of what happens with the FDA – will NOT be in business whatever their warranty says). I will post on that specifically and the economics of why it is the case – but [WPMSHOT key=”[WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cig” url=””]s” url=””] WILL be one out of any who will be around to both continue offering exceptional support, backing their warranty and providing the best refills to continue using with the product you bought today. I argue that to see otherwise is to not understand the big picture with regards to not just ecig models but the ecig industry as a whole.

For the most complete V2 Cigs Review online see ours, it doesn't gloss over things but explains in detail what we think and why we think it – yes it is several thousands words long, but we assume those who are about to purchase an ecig brand and commit to that decision are interested in reading the type of review other sites see to not think are worth writing, or don't have enough insight to share on the topic.

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