South Beach Smoke Deluxe

The smoke that real cigarettes produce contains around 4000 chemical compounds most of which are cancer-causing agents. Owing to the health hazard posed by traditional cigarettes, smokeless cigarettes are being promoted as an alternative. Although not completely harmless, they are not as harmful as real cigarettes are. Smokeless cigarettes are nothing but electronic devices, which run on battery and offer users either nicotine vapors or non-nicotine vapors without producing any harmful smoke. These devices are also called electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. These e cigarettes will also produce smoke but they will not burn tobacco to do so. The smoke is derived from liquid nicotine contained in cartridges. It is when you inhale that the battery activates the atomizer, which in turn converts some amount of liquid nicotine into smoke.

South Beach Smoke Review The South Beach Smoke Deluxe – The Revolutionary E Cig Brand


South Beach Smoke had launched its line-up of electronic cigarettes in mid 2010 and since then it has made a distinct place for itself in the market. Its superior quality products, reasonable prices and lifetime warranty have set new standards in the electronic cigarettes industry. In recent times South Beach Smoke has become one of the top rung e cig manufacturers in the world. It is one of the first brands to offer its customers a choice in the kind of e cig design they want. One design, which is called the South Beach Smoke Premium, has a three-piece design while the other called the South Beach Smoke Deluxe has a two-part design.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe e cig is easy to use and convenient. It has a powerful design that facilitates a stronger pull of nicotine and creates vapor each time you inhale. The South Beach Deluxe e cig comes with 2 parts where the atomizer and the nicotine cartridge are clubbed together. This ensures that the atomizer is changed every time you change the nicotine cartridge. This in turn will ensure that the cartridge does not get clogged with nicotine resin.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Features


  • Excellent design, closely resembling a real cigarette in appearance
  • It is available in 5 e cigarette flavors
  • It offers 4 different nicotine levels- 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 16mg. 
  • Its starter kits are low priced

While most other e cigarette brands strive to make their product look as different as possible from a real cigarette, South Beach Smoke Deluxe has made a conscious effort to create a design that closely resembles traditional cigarettes. This is something that many users appreciate.

Not only does South Beach Smoke Deluxe offer a great design it is also great to taste. At present it is available in 5 e liquid flavors. The various flavors available are traditional tobacco, vanilla, cherry, cool menthol and chocolate. This e cig is also available in various nicotine levels. This does not imply that you must start taking nicotine if you are non-smokers. Non-smokers can go for zero level nicotine. Smokers can opt for 6 mg, 12mg or 16mg depending on their preference.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter kit, which is one of the well loved e cigs in the market today, comes with 2 e cigarette batteries of different lengths, a portable wall charger and 5 nicotine cartridges.


Its starter kits are available at the lowest rate in the market

The brand is synonymous with excellent customer service

It comes with lifetime warranty

South Beach Smoke e cigarette brand is a very progressive one. They offer their Deluxe starter kits at very low costs whereas other brands offer the same at about $100 to $150. The best part about selecting the Deluxe starter kit is the ability to opt for the two piece design which implies that the atomizer and nicotine cartridge would be combined. This in turn will allow you to draw in more vapor easily and quickly. This implies that with South beach Smoke Deluxe you get to enjoy more puffs at a reduced price.

The South Beach cartomizers also have a decent life. It is said that their life is equal to 1.5 to 2 packets of traditional cigarettes.

When purchasing the product if you opt for the Home Delivery Program your costs will reduce by 30%. This is a rather convenient and affordable program as it facilitates the automatic delivery of 15 cartridges / cartomizers after every 30 days. Many users find this program extremely useful as they do not have to keep track of the cartridges used. The hassle of forgetting to place a new order and running out of cartridges is also not present.

Apart from all these benefits South Beach Smoke also offers amazing customer service. Their customer service is one of the best in the industry and they always manage to live up the expectations that users have of them.

What customers like about South Beach Smoke Deluxe

The e cigs from South Beach Smoke Deluxe have received rave reviews from customers. Most customers are pleased with the product and say that it has actually helped them get rid of their smoking habit. A particular user has stated that she used to be a heavy smoker earlier but after she took to South Beach Smoke she was able to get rid of her habit of smoking. Users just love the vapor draw that they are able to achieve with the South Beach Smoke Deluxe.

The Verdict

Overall the South Beach Smoke e cigarette is a great value for money. Considering its vapor draw and affordable price it is not difficult to understand why so many people have great things to say about this wonder product. Moreover, the home Delivery Program is a great draw for many users as this program allows a rebate on the already low cost of the product. South Beach Smoke Deluxe is the best way to quit smoking. It is a good nicotine replacement method that you can go for as it enjoys great success the world over and is regarded as a premier e cigarette brand in the industry.

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