7 Things To Expect From New Electronic Cigarette Devices

New electronic cigarette devices normally come in starter kits that are packaged in such a way that vapers will have almost everything they need to ensure an extremely satisfying vaping experience.  It is important to point out though that although electronic cigarettes are designed to last for a relatively long time; some of its components are considered consumable, like in the case of the nicotine cartridges, and even the rechargeable battery.

Ordering the best e cigarette starter kit for your needs is considered the best option for new vapers because they provide the most savings, especially if the intention is to use the device for a substantially long time.  The cost of the starter kit is an initial cost that will eventually pay for its own over time.  The key is to understand how to use electronic cigarette devices properly so that they can last as they are designed to.  There are some things that vapers can expect with their new electronic cigarette devices.
New Electronic Cigarette Devices

    •    Heavier weight
It is reasonable to expect electronic cigarette devices to be heavier compared to their traditional tobacco cigarette counterparts.  This is primarily because of the metal material used for the battery casing, which is definitely heavier than the paper used to house the tobacco leaves.  Although heavier in weight, it is necessary to point out that it can still be conveniently held with just two fingers.

    •    Difference in taste
One of the most glaring things to expect from new electronic cigarette devices is the difference in taste.  Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that have powerful flavors, those of the electronic cigarettes have a smoother delivery.  This is even if vapers choose traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol, which are closest to those of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There are also a variety of non-conventional flavors like fruits and other concoctions.  Normally, the flavors are derived from ingredients that are naturally produced and artificial sources that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as fit for human consumption.

    •    Vapor instead of smoke
With traditional tobacco cigarettes, harmful tobacco smoke is produced, which contains at least 4,000 toxic chemicals that can put the health of smokers as well as those around them in danger.  Using new electronic cigarette devices, vapor instead of smoke is produced, which is characterized by its odorless and harmless property.  It also does not contain any harmful chemicals that can harm other people.

The reality is that it just makes use of water vapor to recreate a realistic smoking experience.  The amount and quality of the vapor can vary substantially depending on a number of factors such as battery power, technology of the manufacturer, and level of liquid nicotine among others.

    •    Varying nicotine strengths
Although electronic cigarettes are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes in many aspects, it does differ with regard to nicotine strengths.  This is because aside from offering varying nicotine strengths, electronic cigarettes also allow for the usage of nicotine-free flavors, something that cannot be done with traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Moreover, switching among the varying nicotine strengths is as easy as changing the cartridges.

    •    Lasts longer
Smokers and vapers alike enjoy the benefit of having the ability to use the product longer.  This is because aside from being able to use it, put it off, and use it again at any convenient time, the nicotine cartridges of electronic cigarettes also lasts longer because they are equivalent to approximately two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Since there is nothing burning, tucking it away is as convenient as just putting it inside your shirt pocket.

V2 Cig New Electronic Starter Kits

Another reason that electronic cigarettes lasts longer is the fact that unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are not designed to be finished off in one sitting.  This makes them a more practical and safer alternative to conventional smoking habits.

    •    Starter kit contents
It is expected that manufacturers will try to vary their starter kit contents to give more value to the money of vapers, as well as distinguish their products from that of their competitors.  However, despite these attempts, it is reasonable to expect starter kits of new electronic cigarette devices to have at least two batteries included in the package.  The intention of including a spare is to allow for a longer vaping experience.

It is important to point out that usually the spare battery only comes with a factory charge, which means that it may require additional charging in a substantially shorter time.  There is also at least one type of charger that is provided in the starter kit along with at least three cartridges, usually of varying flavors.  The actual contents of the starter kit may also vary depending on the actual price paid for it.

    •    Not always allowed in public
There is a growing misconception that electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere, even in places where smoking is explicitly banned.  This is partially true, that it can be used in places where smoking is banned, because electronic cigarettes are not covered by the same laws that apply to traditional tobacco cigarettes.  However, to make a general statement that they can be used anywhere is a fallacy.

This is because there are some localities that may have legislation that prevents the use of electronic cigarette devices.  These types of legislation are normally due to reservations that there is a lack of regulation to ensure proper manufacturing processes for both the electronic cigarette and e-juice.  In majority of places though like restaurants, groceries, department stores, and even theaters, there is a possibility that these devices can be used without restrictions.

Familiarizing yourself with these expectations from new electronic cigarette devices will allow you to use them correctly and in the proper place.

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