SmokeStik Review


SmokeStik Review

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Smokestik Electronic Cigarettes are White Smoke Review's top rated and most recommended e-cig brand for 2013!


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If you follow late night talk shows, you have probably seen Katherine Heigl smoke an electronic cigarette while on the Tonight Show. Did you know that the e-cigarette that she was using was from the brand SmokeStik?

The growing community of electronic cigarette smokers recognize SmokeStik as one of the pioneers and top brands electronic cigarettes. The brand has been around ever since the e-cigs were introduced in the market. Whether you are interested in trying e-cigs or want to give it as a gift, SmokeStik is sure to offer a high quality experience. SmokeStik has become responsible in helping many smokers quit tobacco use.


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There are many things that SmokeStik products have to offer. From high quality starter kits to their vast selection of cartridges and accessories, SmokeStik guarantees users the best electronic cigarette experience. I will review the Halligan SmokeStik Starter Kit in extensive details so you can get a grasp on what the brand has to offer.

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The SmokeStik Starter Kits 2013

SmokeStik offers a wide variety of options for their starter kits. In the e-cig market, having a lot of options is important because every smoker has different preferences. With the wide range of options, SmokeStik allows people to find the right e-cig fit for their needs and desires. SmokeStik has seven starter kits available: the Halligan Starter Kit, JET Starter Kit, Hendu Starter Kit, Pitbull Starter Kit, Pink Starter Kit, Royale Starter Kit, and Premium Starter Kit. The amount of given options may seem overwhelming, but I will provide a quick summary and feedback of each starter kit in the following paragraphs, beginning with the Halligan Starter Kit.


The SmokeStik Halligan E Cigarette Starter Kit

The newest addition to the SmokeStik starter kit lineup is the Halligan Starter Kit. In my opinion, this is SmokeStik's best kit. The Halligan kit comes with two red batteries that look like it came from the future that flashes white when the e-cig is used. Even though the Halligan batteries look good, the main feature that makes them extraordinary is their long life. The Halligan batteries can hold up to 250 mAH at full charge. These batteries can be used for a much longer period of time than other brands in the market. The Halligan Starter Kit is also packaged with three cartomizers of various nicotine level. When customers buy the Halligan Starter Kit, a portion of the profits are donated to the Feel Good Foundation, a group that assists first responders. The price of this high quality kit is $99.95.

The Hendu Starter Kit

In my opinion, the Hendu Starter Kit has the best looking electronic cigarette of the SmokeStik brand and the whole market. Like the Halligan Starter Kit, this kit comes with three cartomizers of different nicotine levels and two batteries. The main difference is that the batteries are stainless steel and illuminate a purple light when it is being used. This kit is also $99.95.smokestik-bottomlarger-getdealatsmokestik

The Pitbull Starter Kit

What does the Halligan Starter Kit and the Pitbull Starter Kit have in common? They both come with the high powered two 250 mAH batteries and three cartomizers. The body of the Pitbull e-cig is made out of steel and is decorated with a red jewel to add elegance. Part of the profits will be donated to the Compassion Revolution charity that focuses on controlling pet overpopulation that was founded by Katherine Heigl. The kit is listed at $99.95.


SmokeStik's Royale ECIG Starter Kit

The lowest starter kit offered by SmokeStik is the Royale Starter Kit. This is good for people that are just dipping their toes in the electronic cigarette community. The kit comes with three cartomizers and a white battery. The performance of the e-cig is comparable to the other kits, but the battery less powerful. The Royale Starter Kit is sold at $79.85.


The Premium, JET, and Pink Starter Kits

The Premium Starter Kit is SmokeStik's best selling kit. Many new converts purchase this kit because the e-cig most closely resembles the look of a regular cigarette. The body of the electronic cigarettes looks like it is paper and the tip is grayish, representing ash. When used, the end emits an orange glow. The Premium Starter Kit comes with two regular batteries three cartomizers. It is listed at $79.95.

The JET Starter Kit comes with a black battery and looks like a traditional e-cigarette. The tip is colored gray but turns reddish when smoked. The kit contains two jet black batteries rather than white. The JET Starter Kit is priced at $89.95.

The Pink Starter Kit is perfect for the ladies. The kit comes with two pink batteries that is tipped with a diamond like jewel. The tip sparkles when it is smoked. This kit truly portrays elegance in electronic cigarettes. The Pink Starter Kit costs $99.95.


So How Exactly is SmokeStik a Great Brand?

SmokeStik offers the highest quality of electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are engineered with a high powered battery that last much longer than most of other brands in the market, and that is just he basic battery. In addition, the batteries look much more appealing than any other e-cig. In addition to the long lasting batteries and the attractive appearance, the SmokeStik cartomizers produce one of the best vapors. The cartomizers have low resistance, so when you take a drag from the e-cig you get thick vapors without needing much effort. SmokeStik cigarettes creates such amazing vapors that you think you are actually smoking a cigarette filled with tobacco.


Looking at the Smokestik XL Cartomizers

One of the newer SmokeStik product is the XL Cartomizer. These are the cartomizer used in the SmokeStik e-cig battery. The XL Cartomizer contains the e-liquid and the atomizer that produces that thick vapor. What makes XL Cartomizers special? These cartomizers can hold twice as much e-liquid as other cartomizers! The price for five packs of XL Cartomizers is only $27.95. That is a great deal considering the difference between the regular five pack cartomizer is only about $8.

The Accessories

SmokeStik offers extra accessories for people that are not content with the amount of things packaged in their starter kits. Customers can choose their own battery skin covers. SmokeStik has a variet of skin covers that customers can choose from to make your e-cigarette more personalized. This is an option that is missing from other e cigarette brands. SmokeStik also sells lanyards that can hang the e-cig on your neck so you do not have to risk losing the e-cigarette.


My Experience With the SmokeStik Halligan Starter Kit

I have been sampling the Halligan Starter Kit for a while now. This is the newest starter kit from SmokeStik and, in my opinon, the best one. When I first got the kit, I noticed that the packaging from SmokeStik looked like it was high quality. This may seem mundane and superficial, but I knew that a company that takes an extra step in packing their product must provide high quality merchandise. I felt like a child that got the exact present that I wanted for Christmas.

I was a bit disappointed when I found out that I had to charge the battery first before using the SmokeStik. I really wanted to start puffing from the sleek looking battery. Who can blame me, though? I had heard that SmokeStik cartomizers produced vapors that are as thick as regular cigarette smoke, so I was really exited to try out the product.

When the Halligan battery was fully charged, I used and e-cig and understood what the hype was about after one drag. The low resistance cartomizer made is so easy to take a drag that the vapors flowed smoothly down my throat. Needless to say, the drag was extremely satisfying. A huge, thick cloud of vapor released when I exhaled. After seeing the cloud of vapor, I knew that SmokeStik was going get a well-deserved high rating.


My Ratings for the SmokeStik E Cigarette: Review 2013

Appearance and Design: 10

SmokeStik manufactures some of the best looking electronic cigarettes in the market. The Halligan e-cig that I received looked marvelous. The same can be said for the other SmokeStik e-cigs, espcially the Hendu Elite model. Each electronic cigarette has a sleek look that creates a simple, but elegant glow when used.


Battery: 9

SmokeStik batteries are one of the best in the electronic cigarettes market. My Halligan Starter Kit came with two 250 mAH batteries, a great improvement on the already high quality old SmokeStik batteries. The high powered battery creates a longer smoke and helps produce thick, satisfying vapors. The sexy red appearance is a great addition.

Quality of Vapor and Throat Hits: 8.5

I feel like I need to reiterate the quality of the vapor created by SmokeStik. The vapors I experienced from the Halligan e-cig is one of the best I have ever seen, felt, and tasted. The cartomizer really make a difference in producing

Price: 9.5

The cost of an SmokeStik is a bit pricier than other electronic cigarettes on the market, but the quality you get makes every penny worth it. The performance and appearance of SmokeStik electronic cigarettes is far superior than its competitors. SmokeStik is known to make high quality products that not only perform at a high standard, but looks fantastic as well. I guarantee you that if place a SmokeStik next to other e-cigs and asked you to pick which one looks best, you will pick the SmokeStik model. This is one of the situations that getting a high quality product, in this case electronic cigarette, is worth spending a little extra.


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