Blu Cigs Review

blu-cigs-1Blu Cigs are a very popular electronic cigarette available from blucigs.com. I first tried Blu Cigs when I was very new to e-cigs and was very happily surprised with the quality and knew that I would be a customer of theirs for a long time to come. I’m going to be looking at the Blu Cigs Premium E-Cig Starter Kit for this review and show why I feel this is one of the best E-cigarettes on the market today.


First things first, the customer service from Blu Cigs is some of the best I have ever come across. The kit arrived in good condition and within a week. It’s actually a cool experience just opening the package as they come in nice little boxes that I didn’t want to destroy. With so many other options in the electronic cigarette world today, this is just one more nice little touch that really goes a long way with customers.

Alright before I get into any of the features for Blu Cigs or any of the different options that you can order, I’m going to go right into the actual cigarettes to give my impressions of the quality of the products. Now for electronic cigarettes the most important things are the battery life, the overall flavor and vapor of the cigarettes and the accessories to keep and transport them.

Blu Cigs Battery

Battery: The battery of the Blue E Cigs is honestly the best I’ve seen. Now anyone who has ever used a E-Cig knows that battery life is very, very important. The last thing you want to happen when you’re having a fun night out on the town is run out of battery and have to call the night short.

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It doesn’t matter if you bring a few spare batteries with you with some other brands, the fact is you won’t make it through the night. With the Blu though, I found
that I would generally make it through whatever I was doing on the very first battery, and I could easily have a few replacements with me just in case. The charging pack keeps your back up batteries fully charged which lets you enjoy your night and not be constantly worrying about whether your going to have enough vapor power to make it through the night.

With BluCigs being my first E-cigarette I didn’t fully appreciate how valuable this was until I tried a few other brands and realized how inconvenient it was to have no battery life halfway through the night. In my opinion the Blu Cig is perfect in this aspect and only suffers in that the battery – being a “super mini” electronic cigarette by type, is smaller than most – in diameter even though the longer 100s Blu Cigs does help this – even still the battery can at best hold a charge that wont last as long as similar kr808d-1 models and other “Mini” e-cigs.

The Blu Cigs Battery gets a well deserved 8.5/10.


Blu Cigs Flavor Cart Refills


Blu Cigs Flavor Cart Refills: E-smokers come in a variety of personalities and unique desires for their E-cigs. For this reason I basically decided the flavor in two ways. I thought about whether there was enough variety in BluCigs to satisfy most of the smokers out there, and then decided what the quality was of the flavors they do have.

I loved the flavors that are more fruity or don’t really have the traditional cigarette taste, such as the Vivid Vanilla or Peach Schnapps flavors. They offer a very nice taste that is very appealing to me and very tasty. Blu E-Cigs do have the Menthol and Classic Tobacco flavors though for those E-smokers that want their traditional cigarette flavor. Whatever flavor you happen to decide on though, I can honestly say that they are a high quality and very satisfying experience.

I find that BluCigs generally have a option for almost every type of E-cig smoker out there and most will find a flavor that is enjoyable. They do only offer seven flavors though, which is the only reason I took a point off of their rating.

For the great quality and nice but not huge variety, I gave them a strong 8/10.

Accessories: The accessories of Blu E-cigarettes are good without being overly flashy. I believe the charging case and chargers are the main accessories to any E-cig and BluCigs have what I think is the coolest one on the market. They come with a USB and wall charger so you have the option to charge how you want and when you want to. The charging case itself is nice little conversation starter by itself and has a nice social aspect to it. It will actually flash when you are near another Blu Cigarettes smoker. This can be turned on and off and is just a cool little feature for the more social smokers out there. Blu Cigs don’t have a million accessories but offer the necessary ones in a nice quality product earning them a 8/10.

blu cigs review

Vapor: Vapor production is one, if not the most important thing in a E-cigarette. It doesn’t matter how good the flavor is or how long the battery lasts, when you take a full drag on your cigarette and barely feel it hit your throat, you’re not going to stick with that brand long. Let me tell you, this is not the case with Blu E Cigs. From the very first puff, I was highly impressed. The throat hit I experience after a long, slow drag is satisfying in every way. The Blu Cigs have a nice, heavy vapor that really lets you feel it in your lungs, all the way out to the exhale. I can blow smoke rings or exhale through my nose, even surpassing the cloud from my old tobacco cigarettes. I can’t say anything negative about the vapor from the BluCigs and give them a very satisfying 10/10.


Now that you’ve seen the quality of the actual cigarettes, I’m going to go into the options and features. First off the Blu Cig Premium Starter Kits come in three different styles. There is a white one, a black one and the Premium 100 kit. The black and white one are $79.99 and come with two Blu Cig batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger, a charging pack and five cartridges. The Premium 100 kit comes with the same, except they are like your normal 100 cigarettes. They have extended cartridges and batteries, which while not only longer, also give you a longer battery life. The 100 kits will cost you $89.99.

blu-cig-smallThe Blu Cigarettes are a very nice and high quality brand that I would definitely recommend. The cartridges are available in seven flavors, and you get to choose which flavor and the strength of that flavor you want. They have flavors from cherry crush or pina colada, all the way to your more traditional magnificent menthol or classic tobacco. BluCigs come in strengths from non-nicotine to full flavored. With the variety in strengths and flavors, most all E-smokers will be able to find a taste that they enjoy. The flashing charging pack is a cool little feature that I personally really enjoy, and the pack itself is very convenient for life on the go. Blu Cigarettes are in my opinion, just a great product that is perfect for anyone looking for a great E-cigarette.





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