Eversmoke Rose From Newcomer To A Top Contender In 2012, We Review What Has Made Eversmoke A Popular E-Cigarette Choice and How It Stacks Up For 2013


Eversmoke Review 2013

All in all the Eversmoke device is one of the best out there. Why, with VaporMax technology, 300 puffs per use and the great price, you couldn’t go wrong if you tried. The Eversmoke review sites are all telling you the truth when they speak of this product. No matter the reason you are looking to buy an electronic cigarette, you cannot go wrong with Eversmoke.


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Electronic cigarettes continue to flood the market as the popularity of them continues to rise. One of the newest to arrive is Eversmoke.

eversmoke-ecig-200Making its debut at the end of 2011, Eversmoke had already built a solid reputation for quality according to industry insiders. Review after review of the Eversmoke product indicates the product is a true winner, offering its users a full and rich vapor that far exceeds what any other E9 model e-cigarette can offer. Although some would like to take these reviews and run with them it is important that one carefully examine facts from fiction before investing the just-under $60 cost of the basic Eversmoke starter kit.

Our Eversmoke ECIG Review Test Results

We didn’t sit around and believe what we read in the Eversmoke review pages that we viewed, and instead vowed to find out for ourselves whether this product was worthy of one’s time and money. It turns out that the many Eversmoke reviews were on the up-and-up, perhaps even a little modest in defining what a truly remarkable electronic cigarette that had been found.

Now that Eversmoke has had the chance to establish itself in the industry you can learn so much more about the product. Yes, it works, but what about the all-important other areas that a customer should focus on? How long does it take to ship? What is their customer service like? Do they offer any extras for those who choose to purchase Eversmoke? We found this information out as well, and can truly say that Eversmoke exceeded our expectation in every way imaginable.

Save when you choose EverSmoke

250-250-eversmoke-portable-charging-caseFurthermore if you are someone who is looking for an electronic cigarette and will not settle for less than the best, you can try Eversmoke at a great discounted rate. All who are reading this can take advantage of a very special offer that has been put in place just for you. This exciting offer, an amazing discount coupon worth a whopping 15% off any Eversmoke product, is yet another reason why Eversmoke produces win-win results in our eyes. It isn’t every day that you find discounts like these. When you do find them, and they are for a remarkable product of this nature, how can you go wrong?

If you want to get your hands on Eversmoke without delay, simply click on the link provided here on our site. Remember that this great special is not available through their website, and if you want to take advantage of it, this is the site to place your order with. This special coupon code will not last long, however, so you must act fast to beat the clock that is ticking. Simply click the link and you’re on the road to impeccable savings!

The Ever Smoke Starter Kit Choices

Eversmoke offers the consumer their choice of starter kits. The least expensive of those kits, the $59.99 kit, contains all that you need to get started. Of course the other three kits are also nice, with fancier supplies and other incentives for you. You are always free to choose the package that is most suitable for your needs- and your budget.

Each kit contains a lithium ion rechargeable battery, a wall and USB charger, an owner’s manual and five cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength. If you choose a starter kit other than the basic kit the items that you will receive increase.

The Eversmoke electronic cigarette is build similar in design to most other E9 cartridges on the market in that it is made of two pieces that combine the cartridge and atomizer into one. This makes it easy for the user to operate their electronic cigarettes as well as eliminates accidental spilling that can occur in some of the other electronic cigarette models. Even still the Eversmoke product is still compatible with components from other electronic brands such as the popular Green Smoke.


Review Of The Eversmoke Ecig – Telling it Like it Is

We are here to do what the other electronic cigarette review sites could only dream of doing, and that is to provide you, the consumer, with the most thorough of information about the Eversmoke e-cigarette. We want you to know all that you can possibly know about the product so that you can make your purchase with the utmost in confidence. We look at every possible angel of the electronic cigarette and pass that information on to you, leaving nothing for you to ponder later on.

In our Eversmoke Review, the product earns 9 out of 10 stars. It is an electronic cigarette (and an electronic cigarette company) that goes out of its way to win over the hearts of all who are looking for a great electronic cigarette.

250-250-eversmoke-cartomizers-refills-flavored-cartsEversmoke is designed like most other electronic cigarettes. It isn’t to heavy, but isn’t to light, either. It is offered with a simple design and keeps to the realm of the e-cig looking and feeling like a real cigarette. For those who may be trying to kick the habit, this is one of the best features that you will find. If you are a bit spontaneous there are other colors for you to choose from, however.

Upon lighting the Eversmoke the user will notice a bright orange glow that appears with each puff. It isn’t quite the same as the other electronic cigarettes out there, and is yet another way that Eversmoke keeps the user satisfied and feeling as if they are using a real cigarette. The biggest difference is that with Eversmoke all of the dangers of the real thing are eliminated.

Features that are Customizable

Eversmoke scored such a high star rating for many other reasons as well. Unlike many of the other top e-cig brands on the market, Eversmoke allows one to customize some of the features of the product. You can choose the battery type that you like as well as the color that most suits your needs. There are three different battery color choices available to you, as well as your choice of two different batteries. Black, stainless steel and white are the three options given to one interested in customizing their Eversmoke.

You will find that Eversmoke uses the latest in technologies to create their product, including VaporMax. VaporMax technology offers the user a thicker amount of vapor that offers power and smoothness with each hit. The VaporMax is found inside each of the e-cigarette cartridges and works in conjunction with the atomizer and tandem to produce these outstanding results.

No Performance Worries here

A problem that comes with many of the electronic cigarettes on the market is their performance. With the assurance of this technology you can always feel confident in your product, knowing that it will last the entire day through without causing you a single ounce of grief.

With the USB charger in the box you are also getting more than what you get with the other guys. The charger is perfect for those who are always on the go but may not have the time to plug their product in and wait for it to charge.

Long Live the Eversmoke Battery

250-250-eversmoke-battery-ecig-batteriesThe battery is yet another area in which Eversmoke excels. With a single battery you can achieve around 300 puffs from your e-cig. This high number is affected by the frequency of your use; however you can always count on getting far more with Eversmoke than what you get elsewhere. When it is time to charge the electronic cigarette you will certainly appreciate that this can be done quickly rather than taking endless hours as some products do.

You will find that both automatic and manual options are available with Eversmoke. This is another customizable feature that sets Eversmoke on a pedestal high above the rest. The lithium ion battery allows you to simply puff on the cigarette to power it on. Once you have been inactive with the puffing of the electronic cigarette, the device will shut down to conserve your battery. If you wish there is also a manual switch that you can use that allows you to control the amount of vapor that is inhaled. Once you change the settings on your decide you are ready to go. There is a negative side to the manual operation, however, and that is the battery life. Using the device on manual can quickly drain your battery. It is a good idea that you switch your settings regularly to avoid wasting precious battery.

Learning more about Eversmoke Refill Cartridges: Strength and Flavor

There is simply no area in which Eversmoke fails to exceed expectations. You have your choice of strengths, which include a 0MG, nicotine free variety, a ultra-light 6MG choice, light with 12 MG, and full flavor, offering a full 18 MG of smoke.


Eversmoke does not offer some of the flavors as the other guys offer, however with all of the other astonishing qualities of the product, you will not let this prevent you from making the best decision. Right now you will find flavor choices which include Cherry Crush, Peppermint Party, Cool Menthol, Classic tobacco and Very Vanilla. We tried each of these exciting flavors during our Eversmoke review and found each of them to offer great, bold flavors that surprised and pleased the mouth.

250-250-eversmoke-home-delivery-convenienceThe Price is the Icing on the Cake

No matter the budget you have in place for an electronic cigarette, Eversmoke has you covered. The Basic kit retails for only $59.99, making it a true bargain for those who always want the most value for their money. If that weren’t enough, everything that you get in this kit makes it far greater in value than what it sells for. The other three kits are also affordably priced should you prefer one of those instead. Take a look at Eversmoke and then at some of the others. You will see that the savings can be $10-$30 and more. Don’t forget the incredible coupon code that is being offered here and you can save even more.

Customer Service and Shipping

You can always count on fast and affordable shipping straight to your home when you order the Eversmoke device. Should you encounter a problem, have questions or need further assistance, Eversmoke representative are at your beck and call, all professional and friendly and ready to assist in all of your needs.

Review Conclusions: Is Eversmoke Worth it? Is It a Good Choice?

All in all the Eversmoke device is one of the best out there. Why, with VaporMax technology, 300 puffs per use and the great price, you couldn’t go wrong if you tried. The Eversmoke review sites are all telling you the truth when they speak of this product. No matter the reason you are looking to buy an electronic cigarette, you cannot go wrong with Eversmoke.


Eversmoke Review

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