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The Mistic Electronic Cigarette

Currently you cannot order the Mistic eCigs online, though we recommend for the best vaping experience you go with another brand then these guys. Not recommended.


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Electronic cigarettes were first created in a Chinese manufacturing company called the Golden Dragon Holdings. Hon Lik, a pharmacist who wanted to create a different and easier way to stop smoking, invented this device. He was inspired to create the electronic cigarette after his father died of lung cancer, which caused by heavy smoking. By 2006 and 2007, many international manufacturing companies started to adapt the concept of the e-cigarette. One of these companies is the Mistic eCigs, an electronic cigarette manufacturing company based in Rock Island, Illinois. Mistic eCigs is currently one of the top contenders for the best e-cigarette device. The electronic cigarettes produced by Mistic eCigs are the favorite of many people because of its cool features. Here are important data that you may want to know about Mistic eCigs.

General Information About the Electronic Cigarette by Mistic

If you want an e-cigarette that works conveniently and still retain a sophisticated look, you may want to give the Mistic electronic cigarettes a go. With the Mistic e-cigarettes, you can enjoy the pleasure of smoking whenever and wherever, without having to think about the consequences. Because these devices only produce water vapor, the Mistic e-cigarettes are beneficial to everyone. Heavy smokers who actually enjoy the taste of cigarette don’t have to worry because the Mistic E-cigarettes taste just like the traditional type of cigarette. All of the e-cigarettes at Mistic eCigs are rechargeable. E-cigarette kits are available for purchase, and these kits contain everything that an e-cigarette smoker will need. Mistic e-cigarettes contain nicotine and flavorings. The nicotine content of these e-cigarettes is 1.2% by volume. Smokers can also choose between the two available e-cigarette flavors available at Mistic e-Cigs.

Mistic E-Cigarettes Available

There are many Mistic e-cigarette packs to choose from. There are two Mistic e-cigarette flavors to choose from as well. Smokers can pick either a menthol flavored Mistic e-cigarette, or a Mistic e-cigarette that has a traditional tobacco flavor. The e-cigarettes are divided by pack size, flavor and nicotine content. Mistic has a small, medium and large pack available. When you purchase the e-cigarette pack, you will need to buy the USB charger separately. If this is your first time buying a Mistic e-cigarette, you will need to buy the e-cigarette pack along with a USB charger so you can still recharge your e-cigs. First time Mistic users are advised to buy the Mistic eCigs Starter Kit. When it comes to nicotine content, you can choose between an e-cigarette that has a 1.2% nicotine content, or an e-cigarette that contains 2.4% of nicotine.

Setting Up Your Mistic Electronic Cigarette

If you’ve just bought your first Mistic e-cigarette, you’re probably wondering on where to start so you can finally begin puffing. The Mistic e-cigarettes are already pre-assembled, and once you take it out of the box, you can automatically use it since the device is already partially charged.

Before using the Mistic electronic cigarettes, there are a few simple steps that you have to do first. You have to prepare Mistic e-cigarette cartridge by removing the plugs. These silicone plugs can be found at the tip of the Mistic e-cigarette. Once removed, properly dispose the plugs. Now it’s time to connect the battery to the e-cigarette cartridge. To do this, simply screw the Mistic battery to a clockwise position at the front of the Mistic e-cigarette cartridge.

After connecting the batteries, you can now use your Mistic e-cigarette! Using the Mistic e-cigarettes is just like using any other typical cigarette. The moment you draw from the e-cigarette, you will be able to taste the flavor for that e-cig. Deeply inhaling from the e-cigarette can allow you to feel the vapor in your mouth. Once the Mistic e-cigarette battery is all used up, you can charge it by plugging the e-cigarette onto the USB charger. The USB charger can be plugged into any USB compatible socket, be it in a personal computer, laptop, or even in your car. The Mistic e-cigarette will usually take 3-5 hours to charge up, and once the batteries are full, the USB’s LED will change from red into green.

The Mistic Cartridge

A typical Mistic cartridge can last for about 300 draws, although the life of the cartridge will hugely depend on how intense the user draws from the e-cigarette. Mistic e-cigarette users are advised to keep these cartridges out of the reach of children and pets. Even if the cartridge is already empty, it may still contain nicotine, which can be very hazardous to children and pets when ingested.

The Mistic ECig Battery

Although the Mistic battery’s capacity depends on how much a person uses their Mistic e-cigarette, the batteries will usually last for about two days until it needs to be recharged again. Once all the power in the Mistic battery has been almost entirely consumed, the LED of the battery will flash for about 10 times. If the battery is still not recharged after flashing 10 times, the battery will automatically shut down to protect the battery and the e-cigarette user. This is a smart feature added by Mistic eCigs, because if the battery continues to function even if it’s already nearly empty, the battery can overheat the cartridge.

How To Order

Are you interested in buying a Mistic e-cigarette? Currently you cannot order the Mistic eCigs online, but don’t worry since the Mistic e-cigarettes are sold in various cigarette shops across the country. If you want to look for a store near you that is selling Mistic e-cigarettes, simply visit the Mistic eCigs website and utilize their Store Locator feature.

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