V2 Cigs Review - Highly Recommended E Cig For 2013


V2 Cigs Review 2013

Price: ~ $24.99 - $174.99 (large range)

V2 Cigs Is Our Top Rated Kr808d-1 Mini Electronic Cigarette, and the Top Selling E-Cigarette Brand in America in 2013. V2 have proven the top notch quality of their brand - both product and support/warranty and service quality - and we have no hesitation recommending V2.


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V2 Electronic Cigarettes Have More Than Arrived, They Lead The Pack By Virtually Every Measure in 2013

White Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review’s March 2013 Updated [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs” url=”http://smokelesscigarettesreviews.org/v2-cigs-review/”] Review Confirms Why V2 Is Still The Smartest Choice for Smokers looking to make the Smokeless Switch and others already using ecigs looking for a better all-around experience than they are getting from their current brand. Lets take a look at what really sets V2 apart and why so many users, well into the millions in the United States now, continue to flock to this ecig brand name.

2012 Saw The Brand Solidify An Already Strong Position To Solidify An Undeniable Leadership Position As The Best of the E Cig Brand Names – a Trend That Hasn’t Slowed Down in the new year.


v2cigs starter kit coupon - save 15% on V2 KITS - use coupon EVAPE15

v2cigs starter kit coupon – save 15% on V2 KITS – use coupon EVAPE15


Combining Great Product With The Best Logistics, Support, Warranty and Many More Aspects That Balance Just Perfectly… No One Is On Top Of Their Game Like V2, Making The Brand an Easy Pick as Top Recommended Pick, for now at least.

It will be interesting to see what 2013 brings as e-cigs evolve past the point of mass awareness (V2 has surpassed one million customers alone) to the point of – well, there are a number of possibilities, some better then others.




Electronic cigarettes have been around longer than most people think. The idea was first conceived in the 1960’s by Herbert A. Gilbert. There was no market at that time because the dangers of traditional smoking were not known. The modern e-cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003.

He introduced it to the market the next year with his employer at the time Golden Dragon. Electronic cigarettes were exported from China in 2005.  Since 2005 other companies have started manufacturing electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are electrical devices that simulate smoking traditional cigarettes and produce a mist that is inhaled instead of a smoke like a traditional cigarette.

E-cigarettes often use heat to vaporize a liquid solution, often called e-liquid, into a mist that is inhaled and does not have the odor of a regular cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are made of a few components: a battery, an atomizer, a cartridge, and a disassembled cigarette-style electronic cigarette. Sometimes the atomizer and the cartridge are combined and that combination is called a cartomizer. The most popular is the KR808D-1 compatible electronic cigarettes. To find the best electronic cigarette company I did some research on the internet. I looked at companies and I looked at what the reviewers were saying. I found this company and decided to do a review myself.


V2Cigs Is One Name You Will Come Across Hunting for the Best Electronic Cigarette

Anyone doing research on electronic cigarettes is sure to notice the popularity explosion for a new brand in the game, V2Cigs. Upon learning of the new brand I checked out their website and user reviews methodically to determine what all of the hype was about. Having knowledge about the different models and types of e-cigarettes; I ascertained V2Cigs offers e-cigarette choices compatible with the KR808D-1 original cartomizer design. The difference is the V2Cigs seemed to have improved batteries compared to other brands.


Browsing through the V2Cigs Coupon Code starter kits webpage I noticed they have starter kits for every person’s budget. The starter kits start around the $25 price range for the V2 Notebook-Cig Kit up to The V2 Ultimate Kit which contains almost everything a person would want to start e-cigarettes. Each of the starter kits are value priced especially with the 30 day money back guarantee and the lifetime warranty. The real test for value would be when I tested the products for myself so I placed my order. The V2Cigs e-cigarettes are made of two pieces; the battery and the cartomizer. One of the selections I really wanted to test was the “V2 Power Cig” which is the USB Passthrough and is supposed to be optimized with increased voltage.


V2 Cigs Starter Kits Offer Well Priced Options

I wanted to try a variety of the cartridge refill flavors, battery types and sizes, the USB Passthroughs including the charges for each, and the V2 Portable Charging Case. The best choice for me was to order the V2 Ultimate Kit priced around $150 before any available discounts. There is often at least a 10% discount available. The Ultimate Kit is the top starter kit available and the largest kit available. The kit includes: 3 batteries of your choosing, the V2 Power Cig, the Portable Charging Case, a variety of chargers, and an amazing 25 cartomizer refills. The batteries are available in manual and automatic; white, black, blue or chrome color; and three different lengths. I was able to choose five flavors to try. Competitors do not offer that much of a choice in their starter kits. The chargers in this kit include a car charger, a USB charger, and a wall charger.



The V2Cigs website contains an ample amount of information and it is fairly easy to navigate through, but the options for customizing your starter kit may not be the most obvious and some people may not realize the amount of customization available for starter kits. There is a noticeable pull down menu to select the cartomizer flavor and strength. By reading the entire description it becomes clear when there are more than five cartridges included; you are able to select different choices by using the comment section in the order form to type your customization choices. Selecting the different batteries is done in the comment area as well.  In my order I selected a short white automatic battery, one black regular manual battery, and one long chrome manual battery.

Before I Placed My Order I Tested V2 Cigs Support, They Passed With Flying Colors

A second test of the V2Cigs Company was to see how the customer service was. I, like many other people do not like to do business with companies that do not value their customers. Before I communicated with the V2Cigs customer service I had written down a wide variety of questions I wanted to ask and knew the answers to them. They offer two methods to reach customer service, using the telephone or live online chat. I decided to try the live online support option. I got in touch with a support agent fairly quickly and asked a lot of questions someone new to using e-cigarettes would most likely ask her.


The conversation lasted for quite some time while I asked my questions and covered many aspects of e-cigarettes and vaping, or smoking e-cigarettes. We chatted about cartomizer strengths and flavors, USB Passthroughs, and battery improvements over the competition. She was patient during the lengthy conversation and she was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the products. She even brought up some key points that I did not even think of to ask her. She told me it is possible to order mixed flavor cartridge refill sets if you buy kits with more ten cartridges in the comment section for your order. I decided to order the mixed sampler simply so I could try them all.


The transcript is available on the site. I was more than satisfied with the answers she provided and felt very secure in dealing with the V2Cigs Company. She gave me the suggestion of calling the hotline to make sure whatever I wanted to order was in stock and if was not how long the wait for a backorder would take.


It would be great if they included the inventory available on their website for even more convenience. I especially like the fact V2Cigs is open and honest on the fact of the cartridges are refillable up to five times each. Most companies are happy to let you believe they are not refillable creating a bigger profit margin padding.  In addition, they sell empty cartridges even though they do not sell many liquids thus far themselves. Filling the cartridges yourself is a good way to save money and try out different flavors at the same time. They have flavors reminiscent of Marlboro, Parliament, and Camel cigarettes as well as the many other flavors they sell. There are E Liquid Reviews on this website; check it out for recommendations to refill used cartridges or to fill empty ones.



The V2Cigs website makes their online checkout easy to use and fast. They offer shipment through the Post Office or Fed Ex Delivery. The Post Office orders generally go out within 48 hours and delivery time varies. For faster deliveries use the Fed Ex option.

Selection of V2 Cartridge Flavors Include Nine Varieties, a Larger Selection Would Be a Welcome Improvement

Most reviewers do not review all available flavors and stay with the flavors that closely taste like traditional cigarette flavors. They may even have the opinion the other flavors do not matter. Maybe they think the only people using e-cigarettes are smokers and they would not like the different flavors. I however; disagree with those opinions. I believe e-cigarettes are superior to traditional cigarettes especially because of the extensive flavors available including the ones that are similar to the taste of top cigarette brands. I also believe vaping has more options to explore making them a little more exotic. I think smokers will like the additional flavors. I do still believe an important aspect is the flavors made to imitate the taste of traditional cigarettes. I personally enjoy the Cowboy, like Marlboro, flavor the most and thought it the closest of the three. The other two tobacco flavors are Sahara, like Camel, and Congress which is most like Parliament. Of course taste is entirely a subjective sense; you may have a different opinion of which is the best. v2cigs-shadowbox

It is important for e-cigarette companies to offer fine tobacco flavors to help encourage people quit smoking traditional cigarettes. The tobacco flavors greatly aide in the transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes simply because the flavor is the same. Compared to the competition; V2 offers the most potent and rich vapor cartridges. A 1 milliliter bottle of fluid is included with each cartridge; this is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. The three tobacco flavors will make most smokers pleased due to the similarity of taste.

I am thrilled there are many other flavors besides just tobacco flavors. I like being able to choose different flavors when I am in the mood to do so. Some of the different flavors offered are cherry, cola, peppermint, coffee, and chocolate among others. Additional flavors are added about every other month. Each flavor has a nice full taste to it regardless of the strength ordered.

V2 Cigs Batteries Offer a Full Host of Options and Are Optimized To Deliver an Extra Jolt of Power for Excellent Vaping

The KR808D-1 cartomizer design includes three different battery sizes and automatic and manual batteries of each size. The KR808D-1 design is the most widely used. Until recently it has proven fairly difficult for electronic cigarette manufacturers to find batteries compatible for electronic cigarettes. The batteries were too big or not powerful enough to power the e-cigarettes they made. The technology is just starting to develop improved batteries to with adequate power for e-cigarettes.


Each company has taken a different path to solve the battery issues. Another popular company has a great battery both powerful enough and long lasting but it is more the size of a cigar. Most smokers want something more along the size of a cigarette not a cigar. This makes a two piece electronic cigarette the best choice; one that contains a battery and a cartomizer like the ones V2Cigs sell. Their batteries come in three sizes which are short, medium, and long. The short battery is 100 millimeters in length and provides up to 150 mAh (milliampere-hour) of power; the charge may not be long enough for some people. Being the short battery loses a charge quicker than the other two; you may want to opt for the automatic battery because the manual batteries drain a little quicker than the automatic batteries.  The medium or standard battery is 110 millimeters long with 250 mAh. The long battery is 112 millimeters long and delivers 350 mAh.


The standard for e-cigarettes is 3.7 volts produced compared to the 4.2 volts encountered with the V2Cigs electronic cigarettes. The standard battery is the most popular choice in batteries is the one shipped when a battery size in not specified when ordered. The long battery usually lasts the biggest part of the day before needing to be recharged, but it often will last an entire day. There is a visible difference in vapor quality and amount with the manual batteries versus the automatic batteries.

Customize Your V2 Cigs Starter Kit, Selecting At Least One Manual and One Automatic Battery

When placing an order it is possible to pick and choose the battery sizes, types, and even the colors in the V2Cigs starter kits. Most new users will usually want to include one automatic battery which has an internal flow sensor in them. This provides power for the electronic cigarette and cartomizer when inhaled. Manual batteries have a small button on the side that has to be held down while inhaling. It is a good idea to order at least one of each type of battery, but of course it is a matter of individual preference. The manual battery can be more burdensome but usually provides a better vapor in quality and amount.


Pre-heating the cartomizer is a feature of manual batteries and is the reason they provide a better vapor. Manual batteries usually have a longer life span due to the fact they are sealed and keep the e-liquid from accidentally entering the battery chamber; this often happens with automatic batteries. Regardless of which battery type you prefer; it is a good idea to have and try one of each battery type. As a person that vapes fairly often I consider this sound advice.

Black, white, stainless steel, and blue are the current battery color choices with V2Cigs. There are different tip colors for some of the batteries. White batteries have a red glowing tip. Black batteries have either a blue or black tip. The stainless steel has a blue tip. The blue one contains a white tip. The tip color may not seem to matter at first, but, if you are in a no smoking area with an electronic cigarette that has a red tip you may quickly realize differently. You may end up in a quandary as people may think you are smoking a traditional cigarette instead of an electronic cigarette. Using electronic cigarettes is allowed in many areas where traditional cigarettes are not is an extra benefit of using them. If people see a red tip in a no smoking area; it can cause issues and get you dirty looks from others leading to you having to explain yourself maybe even to the cops trying to give you a ticket.


A Proper V2 Cigs Review Would Not Be Complete Without Describing The Two Unique V2 USB Passthroughs

The V2 Notebook Cig starter kit along with the V2 Power Cig start kit are the two least expensive starter kits V2 Cigs has available. They are both bundled with the higher priced starter kits as well. Both of these kits contain alternative power supplies instead of using the batteries. They are USB Passthrough e-cigarettes. They have the same look as the e-cigarettes that contain batteries and they even work similarly. The refill cartridge screws onto the end in the same way, but they have a wire that comes off the end and gets plugged into a USB plug for your laptop or desktop computer or even a USB hub cord that plugs into the wall or another device. One advantage is there is no battery that needs to be charged and you have a constant power supply available so you always have a good quality vapor. The USB Passthroughs have a steady 5 volts of power providing the better vapor quality. This may use up each cartridge faster because of the higher power going into the e-cigarette.

There is not much of a difference between the V2 Power Cig and the V2 Notebook Cig electronic cigarettes. They both perform and function roughly the same.  They have a constant power supply of about 5 volts for vaping. They are both available only with a manual switch. The main difference between the two options is the appearance. The V2 Notebook Cigarette is only available in black and has a cord length of 4.25 feet making it a better option for being closer to the computer. The V2 Power Cigarette is available only in white and the cord is 7.2 in length giving you more cord to move around the bigger stationary computer. Either model makes a good choice; again it just depends on your personal preferences of which one you should order.  If you do not have a battery charged you are still able to Vape with one of these models.




Final Thoughts on V2 Cigs… We Have a Winner

I now realize why V2Cigs has had a popularity explosion among electronic cigarette users everywhere. V2Cigs maybe a new electronic cigarette supplier/manufacturer; however, they are doing everything correctly that matters. They offer quality electronic cigarettes and accessories that are value priced. The V2Cigs Company offers quality products. They have knowledgeable and polite customer service agents ready to help you whether you contact them via phone or on live online chat. I have proof on this website with the conversation transcript with a customer service agent I chatted with extensively. You can contact the customer service pre sale, post-sale, or anywhere in between.


They offer a 30 money back guarantee and a superior lifetime warranty. I am now one of the reviewers giving this company glowing reviews and I am doing so with appropriate reasons. V2Cigs offers starter kits for all budgets starting around $25 dollars and range to about $150. The starter kits are very customizable ensuring your satisfaction; just make sure to use the comment section when ordering. They offer a good variety of products sure to please every personality and taste bud. They have a good selection of e-liquid flavors for those wanting to fill their own cartridges or to refill a used cartridge and are increasing the flavors available every other month.  They do not take forever to fill your orders. They ship through the Post Office and Fed Ex giving you a choice to have it delivered in a hurry or standard delivery.



The V2Cigs website is fairly easy to navigate around find exactly the items you are looking for. The website is full of information as well. They even have a user forum to discuss different aspects of the electronic cigarettes or talk to V2Cigs users about a variety of topics; the website is v2forum.com. The only suggestions I have for V2Cigs would be to include the inventory available on the website and to make it more obvious about the customization available when ordering. With word of mouth being the best advertising for any company I know there is at least one electronic cigarette company doing it the right way; that company is V2Cigs.

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