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Vapor4Life Vapor King Review 2013

Price: ~ $24.99 - $174.99 (large range)

Vapor4Life is a top e cig brand with a long track record of great products. We found their latest ecig kits to be a solid kr808d-1 based offering and recommend both Vapor King original and new Vapor Titan models.


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Electronic cigarette has redefined the habit of smoking. Now one can smoke anywhere they want starting from public conveyance to office rooms. What’s more, no one can even complain about one’s public smoking as e-cigs are welcome in public too. But what is so special about electronic cigarettes? Actually, electronic cigarettes are called cigarettes only because they contain a considerable amount of nicotine. Otherwise, they do not resemble any characteristic of the traditional cigarette except the shape and design. E-cigs do not have any smoke, tar, carbon monoxide like the traditional smokes. One can even dump their dirty ashtrays forever as they are not required anymore. Thus, with electronic cigarettes one can enter into a virtually smoke free zone.


Vapor4Life Vapor King Can Change Your Life

While one chooses an e-cig , he or she will come across a wide variety of e-cigarette brands. All of them claim to be the best electronic cigarettes available in the market, but this is not practically true. All of them have some pros and cons. One will have to compare the electronic cigarette reviews and find out the best e-cigarettes which will suit their purpose and preferences.


In that case, Vapor4Life Vapor King can beat others and a good suggestion. It is a two-piece electronic cigarette containing the battery and the cartomizers. Cartomizers are actually a combination of the cart, the mouth piece and the atomizer. There is a liquid too with the help of which the nicotine is vaporized. Carrying the liquid around is considered to be a cumbersome task. But Vapor4Life Vapor King comes with a variety of cartomizers and that has done away with the need of carrying the liquid.


Features of Vapor4Life Vapor King

All electronic cigarettes are designed on some basic principles, yet there are some features that make a huge difference. Vapor4Life Vapor King provides a number of such features which makes electronic smoking a habit that can be accepted in places where normal smoking is not allowed.

  • Variety of starter kits
  • Variety of cartomizers
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Variety of accessories


Vapor4Life Vapor king offers a wide variety of starter kits. There is a kit for every budget. The gadgets can be customized according to one’s needs. There are ultimate starter kits, ultimate ultimatum starter kit, ultimate XL starter kit, value kit, mini PCC kit, mini USB passthrough etc. All these kits are well endowed with necessary gadgets and with the help of these starter kits, the experience of electronic smoking can kick off really well. The ultimate ultimatum kit is highly recommended.

Traditional e-cigarettes originally come in three parts. There are liquids that have to be separately carried, but with a variety of cartomizers available now, e cigs have become smarter and Vapor4Life Vapor King is the prime example of this smart generation e cig brand. These cartomizers are disposable but that does not hike the price exorbitantly. This particular brand has a number of cartomizers like blank cartomizers, premium cartomizers, Wow vapor cartomizers etc.


The strength of electronic cigarettes lies in the battery. These cigarettes are entirely battery driven and thus, battery power matters quite a lot. One just has to put their trust on Vapor4Life Vapor King, and the rest is necessarily assured. This brand has already made a name among the brands that are famous for long lasting batteries. It provides both the options of a manual and an automatic battery and one can choose from the two according to their choice.

Electronic cigarettes are for the gadget freaks. These cigarettes need a lot of care and attention but what if one is not that careful about things? It won’t be a problem if they choose Vapor4Life Vapor king as their choice of brand, as it provides a wide array of accessories to make smoking easier. There are carrying cases and portable chargers to facilitate charging at the time of smoking.

Why should you go for Vapor4Life

There are a number of e-cigarette brands vying with each other, but if one is on the lookout for the best for themselves Vapor4Life is the best. It can be highly considered for more than one reason like:

  • Excellent technical support
  • Unflinching quality
  • Customer care services
  • Variety in range

Vapor4Life provides high-end technical assistance to the users. Be it the cartomizers, the e-liquids, or the accessories, the technology is always up to date with Vapor4Life. Those who are first timers with electronic cigarettes find it difficult to cope with the new habit. This is because the smokers are mostly used to the habit of smoking and throwing away the butt but, here with electronic cigarettes you can not exercise the old habit; rather one has to take particular care of the e-cigarette. Vapor4Life Vapor King promises that the first time users of e-cigs would not feel technologically impaired; rather they would enjoy and come to terms with it very quickly.

Vapor4Life never compromises with the quality be it, its variety of kits to its cartridges, liquids and other accessories, this brand provides the customer with the premium service against very reasonable prices.

Vapor4Life never compromises with customer satisfaction. It provides all round assistance through helpline numbers, live chats, emails, Facebook and twitter. If you face a problem with any product, your query will never go unanswered.

The variety that this brand provides is simply unparalleled. It has products for all budget types and to suit the needs of every person.

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Vapor4Life Vapor King Cons

It is difficult to find the negative points of Vapor4Life Vapor King as the product is highly commendable and recommended on the whole. But some people complain of the dearth of flavors as compared to flavored e-cigarettes of other brands. Getting used to the technology also takes time and another major concern for the customers. However, these complaints get replaced with satisfaction when one gets involved with Vapor4Life intensely.

The Customer’s Verdictvapor4lifereview-new-logo377

Users generally believe that a particular brand cannot give them satisfaction in all aspects. They think if the quality is high, then the customer service is sure to be a flop or vice versa. Primarily this is the experience of the majority of the customers but with Vapor4Life, this does not hold true. According to customers Vapor4Life has outshone all other e cigarette brands in its performance. The quality and the thickness of the vapor are highly praised.

Vapor4Life-kr8-kr808d-1-cartomizer-007424Vapor4Life offers the best in quality, variety, range and cost. So, why not consider this brand when one has made up their minds to choose electronic cigarettes over the traditional cigarette. There are hundreds of brands to lure one with multiple offers, nevertheless, quality and genuine products do not depend on easy offers and discounts. It is the service that matters and Vapor4Life is synonymous with optimum services.

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