Stop Smoking Reasons and Motivations

Most smokers want to quit, but many don’t really understand how many positive reasons there are to kick the habit. We all know that smoking is hazardous to your health, but do we understand the specific ways in which smoking affects the body? The fact of the matter is that as cigarette smoke takes the place of oxygen in the bloodstream, it can cause smokers to feel lacking in energy. Additionally, a lack of oxygen to the brain can cause irrational behavior. These are just two of the less dire negative physical and mental effects of smoking. There are so many serious problems that can be caused by smoking that it is safe to say that stopping smoking will positively impact every level of a smoker‘s existence. 

Smokers are always amazed at the difference in their level of health when they eliminate carbon monoxide and nicotine from their daily routine. In addition to getting more fully oxygenated blood, former smokers can enjoy healthier lungs and heart because the body is always ready and eager to heal, no matter how much damage has been done.


Does The Feel Good Effect Of Stopping Smoking Happen Immediately?


One thing that many smokers find surprising is the fact that when they quit smoking they immediately feel worse! This is due to the simple process of detoxification which involves the experience of smoking withdrawal symptoms. Among these symptoms are fluid retention, dry mouth, painful gums and weight gain. While these symptoms may be irritating, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize and understand that they will soon pass and you’ll feel better than ever before.

When you’ve managed to get through the first few weeks of stopping smoking, you will awaken one morning to find that you do not have a chronic cough. Many smokers come to accept their smoker’s cough as a way of life and believe it is a permanent part of their makeup; however, this isn’t true. The smoker’s cough is a side effect of smoking, and when you are no longer a smoker you will no longer experience a constant scratchy throat and smoker’s cough. One great benefit of getting rid of your scratchy throat and smoker’s cough is that you won’t have to disrupt church services, business meetings, movies and other public gatherings with a constant clearing of your throat.


Stopping Smoking Rejuvenates Your Entire Body!

Another big change that is sure to amaze you when you stop smoking is that you will begin looking healthier and younger than you have in years. Smoking robs the body of oxygen, and the effect is a lowered amount of healthy blood circulation to the skin. In part, this is the reason why smokers have thin, wrinkly, dry skin. Additionally, smoking dehydrates the body and causes dry and unhealthy skin, hair and nails. When you quit smoking, your hair, fingernails and teeth will no longer be discolored by nicotine. If you have had problems with hair loss, you may be surprised to find new hair growing in when you stop poisoning yourself.

In addition to your overall health and appearance being enhanced and improved by stopping smoking, you will surely notice a big change in your dental hygiene. If you have been plagued with bad breath, you may find that this problem disappears when you stop smoking. Additionally, when you stop smoking you reduce your risk of a number a different kinds of oral cancer.


You’ll Smell Better All Over When You Stop Smoking!

Bad breath is not the only bad odor that will go away when you stop smoking. You’re sure to be aware of the fact that smokers have a generally acrid odor thanks to being engulfed in a cloud of toxic fumes the vast majority of the time. Smokers are often unaware of this strong smell because their own sense of smell has become deadened by exposure to the carcinogens, chemicals and pesticides found in tobacco smoke. The fact is, this odor is ingrained in a smoker’s system and is often quite offensive to non-smokers who can smell it even when the smoker shows up freshly bathed and clothed for a formal event. Smokers may be surprised to find themselves much more popular when they quit smoking.

In addition to having the strong odor of smoke ingrained in one’s very own skin and hair, smokers also generally have homes, cars and clothing that bear a strong and offensive smell of tobacco smoke. This odor is not just bothersome, it can actually be dangerous to people who are allergic to tobacco smoke. Studies have shown that children and pets who live with smokers have far more problems with upper respiratory illnesses than those who do not.

Stopping Smoking Brings Your Senses To Life!

People who stop smoking can literally enjoy stopping and smelling the roses. The changing of the seasons carries a new stimulation in the form of tastes and scents that smokers may have long forgotten such as new-mown grass, fallen leaves, wood smoke after a snowfall and new flowers in spring. 

Just as smokers lose their sense of smell due to being constantly exposed to toxic and carcinogenic fumes, they also lose their sense of taste. Many smokers are astounded by the world of flavors that assails their senses after forgoing smoking for a period of time. Food smells and tastes better. When you stop smoking, your taste buds literally, come alive and eating becomes a whole new realm of pleasure. 


Mountains Of Cash Can Be Yours When You Stop Smoking!

Another fantastic benefit of stopping smoking is that this action is a very big step towards financial freedom!  The tobacco industry literally nickels and dimes its customers to death. A pack of cigarettes costs from between $5.00 to $12.00. If you smoke a pack a day, it’s easy to see that you’re racking up a very big cigarette bill every month. 

Just imagine what you could do with all that money! You truly could take a vacation, buy a car or boat, open and fund a retirement account, invest in the stock market, send your child to college or many, many other things that would be a far better use of your money been continuously buying nails for your coffin.


Stop Smoking For Any Or All Of These Reasons!

Many smokers are desperate to quit simply because they feel that they have become slaves to their smoking addiction. This is an excellent reason! If it’s not reason enough to help you take the bold step forward to stop smoking, just review the reasons presented here to ramp up your courage and take the most positive step of your lifetime.


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