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It is Time to Change Your Vape Coil

Owning a vape means that at some point you are going to have to change the coil.  While your vape may last a year or longer, the coil is going to need to be changed more frequently.  If you are new to vaping then you may not know exactly when the coils need to be changed, more often than not you end up throwing them out far too early.  Here are some signs so that you can know it is time to change your vape coil.  Here is how you can change your vape coil.

You Get a Burnt Taste When You Vape

When it is time to change the coil you will definitely get a burnt taste no matter what type of e-juice that you are using.  You may first try cleaning the coil to see if that helps but by the time you get a burnt taste it is probably too late and you’re going to need to replace the coil.  If you’re tempted to just ignore the burnt taste and keep using your vape pen then you may end up ruining your vape entirely.

Your Vape Starts Making Funny Noises

When you use your vape and you hear a gurgling sound it may be another indication that it is time to change the coil in your vape.  The noise usually indicates that the coil isn’t burning the oil efficiently.  However, if you have replaced your coil and you’re still hearing the noise it may also indicate that it is time to replace your whole vape pen.  If the new coil only lasts for a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months then you are going to have to get a new vape kit.

Very Little Smoke

When your vape is working right and you have the right amount of juice you get a healthy amount of vapor when you use it.  If you don’t really use your vape that often you may not even notice that it is producing less smoke than it used to or that you are not getting enough nicotine when you use it.  A regular user may notice more quickly that you’re not producing the right amount of smoke.  This is usually an indicator that the coil isn’t working and it may be time for you to change it.

When you notice that the coil isn’t working properly you need to change it promptly, otherwise you risk ruining your entire vape.