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A Beginner’s Guide to the Cost of Vaping

The popularity of vapes and e-cigarettes are on the rise, largely because for smokers it is seen as a safer alternative than smoking traditional cigarettes.  It is easier to transition to a vape than it is to quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey.  That being said, there is still nicotine in a vape and nicotine is still highly addictive.  If you are considering switching from cigarettes to a vape pen then here is a beginner’s guide to the cost of vaping. Brought to you by a vape shop online Canada.

What Comes in a Vaping Kit?

A basic vaping kit can cost you less than $50 and it is going to last roughly a year, depending on how you look after it.  You may have to replace a piece during that time, but not that often.  In the kit you will have a battery, vaporizer, atomizer, charger and a bit of the e-liquid to get you started.  The atomizer is the part that heats the e-juice and creates the vapor.  A basic kit is a relatively inexpensive way to see if vaping is for you and if you can switch from cigarettes to a vape.

Once you decide to vape rather than smoke then you will probably want to look at getting a better device.  For a better vape kit you can expect to pay around the $150 mark.  The reason most opt to switch is better battery life, for starters.  Bigger batteries can give you up to two days of use, whereas the smaller kits you will be lucky to get through the entire day.  These rates will depend on how much you vape during the course of the day.

The “Other” Costs

You’re probably thinking that the costs so far are not that bad it’s cheaper than smoking and less dangerous.  But those aren’t the only costs associated with vaping they are just the initial costs let’s look at some other expenses you may end up paying.

  • E-Juice: This is going to be an ongoing costs and a vial of the e-Juice can vary in price.  A bottle can cost $15 – $30, but they will last roughly a month so that is significantly cheaper than smoking.  However there are a dozens of different brands and flavors to choose from and you may end up buying a bottle or two that you never finish.
  • Atomizer: The vape pen itself and the battery should last you 6 months to a year, but the atomizer will have to be replaced more often.  You could end up buying a new one every six weeks or so.  Particles from the e-Juice get clogged in there and it stops working.  However atomizers don’t cost that much, about $5 each.

When all is said and done your cost to vape will average out to about $40 per month, give or take.  That is A LOT cheaper than cigarettes by a good margin and it is far less dangerous.