What is the best e cigarette and which products should be considered

The number of smokers in the world is increasing considerably. Various smokers smoke for different reasons. People consider smoking as an addiction but it should be rather considered to be a habit. Various researches have revealed that tobacco smoking is injurious to health and is the cause of various diseases. In this kind of situation, the advent of e cigs could be the perfect solution for this problem. E cigs guide a smoker to quit tobacco smoking without quitting his so called smoking addiction.

E Cigs vs. Normal cigs

  • E cigs in many ways are better than normal tobacco cigs. There are many points which can be considered, amongst which some points are mentioned below:
  • E cigs are healthier than normal tobacco cigs as they do not produce tar, carbon mono oxide or other toxic gases which tobacco produces.
  • E cigs are environment friendly
  • E cigs are easy on the pocket than normal cigs
  • E cigs can be consumed anywhere as it does not produce any smoke

While smoking e cigs, other non-smokers do not get affected as it happens while smoking tobacco for the passive smokers

What is the best e cigarette?

Most of the people get confused while making a choice of e cig brand to purchase.

The requirement varies from person to person. Some people like miniature automatic models and some of them want go for bigger model with long lasting battery backup. But most of them commit the mistake while choosing the best model. People should consider the brands which offer the complete package of affordability, quality, user friendliness, availability etc. In this regard, there are three brands available in the market which can be considered as the best of the lot. The unique features and other advantages of these brands are discussed hereafter.

V2 Cigs


These are available in different kits. The basic pack contains batteries, charger, cartridges of desired choice, user manuals etc. This brand to a great extent is a customer friendly brand. They serve the people with full transparency. The most popular and best-selling ecig brand in America today (by a landslide), V2 Cigs are cheaper and comes with high quality accessories. The special unique features of this brand are:

  • Ample choices of flavors
  • Liquid used is manufactured with their own patented formula
  • Quality tested products and accessories
  • Health and safety never compromised here
  • All the electrical equipments come with lifelong warranty
  • Economical
  • Easily available

Provide great customer services. They offer one month’s money back guarantee upon any kind of dissatisfaction about the kit.

South Beach Smoke

south beach smoke one of the top best e cigs
These cigs are specially designed to provide the customers full satisfaction. They offer a healthier smoking experience to the smokers and better surroundings for the non smokers.

They have been the top most brands in this sector where honesty with the customer service is the ultimate goal. The characteristics which attract people are:

  • It comes with the most technologically advanced batteries
  • The vaporizer is built within the cartridge for which it produces better smoke and taste
  • The choice of flavor is wide
  • The accessories are 100% quality tested
  • They provide a lifetime warranty on their electronic parts
  • They provide thirty days money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with purchaseWhy Buy Electronic Cigarette?





SmokeStik are the premier brand of upscale electronic cigarettes. They are renowned in the world for their innovative thinking as far as the product designs and quality are concerned. SmokeStik’s  customer oriented approach makes them one of the best players in the e cig industry. These e cigs are equipped with best technological innovations at regular intervals. SmokeStik features accomplishes the list of qualities when we look for “What is the best e cigarette”. Some of the features are discussed below:

  • Plenty of options available as far as the choice of cartridges are concerned
  • Flavors are available in variety
  • The kit contains batteries, charger, cartomizer, USB chargers etc.
  • Many celebrities endorse this product out of their personal experiences
  • As these cigs do not produce any smoke they can be used anywhere
  • It saves money due to the long lasting cartomizer it uses which is equal to two hundred puffs.
  • Lifetime warranty is offered on all the accessories
  • 30 days’ cash back guarantee is given if dissatisfied with the purchased product
  • Customers can easily order through website, phone and retailers

These were some of the features of the above mentioned three world-class brands. When customers get confused when making a choice about what is the best e cigarette, it is highly recommended that the final choice should be made within these 3 brands.

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