The KR808D-1- Unique and Simple

Being the main distinction between the two, it gives the user less challenges while smoking. Newer versions of the KR808D-1 from different companies are formed according to some new and distinct shapes and sizes. Some are shaped like screw drivers while others are shaped like ballpoint pens. There are even others that are shaped to look like pipes and cigars. They are cheaper in the long run and promise the user the same nicotine sensation from the Vape, which the conventional cigarette have. Also, they are cleaner since they have no smoke emitting from any point within the cigarette. The invention that took place 30years ago in China is slowly becoming the biggest thing in the United Sates and beyond.
Its features:
The KR808D-1 is an advanced e-cigarette that contains more than just the original features of the e-cigarette. Initially, the e-cigarette contained the following main components:
The atomizer: This component is responsible for heating up the e-liquid inside the cigarette in order to produce the vapor that the smoker inhales.
The Cartridge: This component holds the e-liquid that is heated by the atomizer. It is conventionally connected to the atomizer for the process to take place
The Battery: As its job is to provide energy, the batterys chemical energy is transferred to heat energy in order for the process to be complete.
There are other components that make up the e-cigarette. To make the KR808D-1 different from the rest of the e-cigars, the inventors decided to combine the cartridge with the atomizer. The result was what is termed as the cartomizers. It is a more convenient form of, and its advantages are simple, yet unique.
The cartomizers, firstly, is a longer lasting component. It has been created to withstand the pressures of the atomizer heat, and being attached to it, it gives off better quality than the separate cartridge. Secondly, the user will spend less time making adjustments over the different components of one cigarette. Too many fixtures make the whole fixing process slow and tedious, which many people do not prefer. Thirdly, it is less costly than the other version.
Brief overview
Many people have been wondering about the difference between the KR808D-1 e-cigarette. It is quite a basic difference yet, a unique and beneficial difference to any user. First of all, sales have escalated over the last few years. The news broadcasts and the internet, together with many other bodies have risen up in arms against the habit of smoking.
They have claimed of how much the smoking habit is killing the family member (especially the fathers) who is to be otherwise productive. The associated diseases that were caused by habitual smoking are relate to cancerous cells developing in the lung or on the respiratory system. The idea of a new system to curb the smoking habit has been received with open arms, especially from the medical bodies, political arm of the country and more so, the environmentalists.

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