The Truth About E-liquid And Your Health

Since its introduction, vaping with electronic cigarettes has become more and more popular. For the past 10 years, the number of people who continue to smoke with obsolete tobacco cigarettes has been in steady decline. Simultaneously, the number of people who enjoy clean, fresh nicotine vapor produced by electronic cigarettes has increased.


How is vaping with e-cigs different?


One very big difference between smoking obsolete tobacco cigarettes and vaping with electronic cigarettes is the e-liquid. This is also sometimes called liquid nicotine or E juice. E-liquid is the medium that contains the flavoring and nicotine enjoyed by users of electronic cigarettes. The fact that good e-liquid delivers satisfying and flavorful nicotine vapor is, in large part, the reason why even the most hard-core smokers have found satisfaction with electronic cigarettes.


Is e-liquid bad for you?


Lots of people wonder exactly what’s in e-liquid and whether or not those ingredients might be just as bad for you as the ingredients found in obsolete tobacco cigarettes. Are people just trading one dangerous addiction for another when they switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes? The simple answer to this question is NO. When compared with tobacco cigarettes, the ingredients in electronic cigarettes are simple and fairly innocuous. Additionally, manufacturers of high quality e-liquid generally guarantee their ingredients and have even begun to provide online verification of content and safety of specific batches of e-liquid. When compared with the 4000 dangerous and deadly ingredients found in cigarette smoke, the four simple ingredients found in e-liquid seem quite inviting, indeed.


How does vaping with e-cigs compare with smoking?


The combination of nicotine flavored e-liquid and high quality electronic cigarettes creates an excellent and authentic smoking like experience for people who choose to take up vaping. Because smoking consists of both a physical habit and a physical and emotional addiction, any successful smoking alternative will have to address both the habit and the addiction. High quality nicotine flavored e-liquid address the physical addiction to nicotine. The fact that electronic cigarettes are very much like tobacco cigarettes in their shape and form and the activity they provide, addresses the need for a physical habit.


The fact of the matter is, e-liquid and e-cigs can provide an even more satisfying experience than smoking with standard tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that high quality e-liquid comes in a solid selection of excellent tobacco and menthol flavors that are sure to satisfy any smoker. Additionally, e-liquid comes in exotic flavors such as clove and other interesting tobacco type flavors. 


As if that weren’t enough, people who vape with high quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquid can enjoy a wide variety of fun, frivolous and exciting novelty flavors ranging from chocolate the cherry to Pina Colada and more! It’s easy to see that e-liquid provides a level of interest, fun and exploration that obsolete tobacco cigarettes could never even approach.


In addition to the interest provided by e-liquid, electronic cigarettes themselves provide a great deal of interest, activity and novelty. Although most vapors choose a specific type of electronic cigarette that they enjoy using most of the time, many also enjoy collecting the various incarnations of e-cigs. Some even enjoy building their own versions. The combination of exploration of e-liquid flavors and active collection of fun and interesting technology and devices make vaping with e-cigs an enjoyable hobby. This is a far cry from helpless addiction to obsolete tobacco cigarettes.


When considered altogether, it is easy to see why vaping with electronic cigarettes is often considered a safer alternative to smoking with tobacco cigarettes. The activity of vaping replaces smoking in a very positive way that reduces the amount of harm caused by an addiction to smoking. While e-liquids do contain nicotine, the fact is nicotine is the least of your worries when you smoke obsolete tobacco cigarettes. 


The chemicals, pesticides, tar and so forth are the ingredients that cause cancer. Nicotine is a stimulant that has both good and bad effects. On the upside, it calms you down and helps you focus and feel more alert. On the downside, it can raise your blood pressure and have negative effects on your central nervous system. Be that as it may, with electronic cigarettes you are in complete control of the amount of nicotine you consume. Many people begin vaping with a fairly high amount of nicotine and reduce it bit-by-bit to none at all. Then they’re left with a harmless and enjoyable pastime and hobby.


Where can you find the best electronic cigarettes and e-liquid?


The best thing to do when you’re just starting out as a vapor is visit review sites, forums and blogs. Here you’ll find information, reviews, complaints and praise from other people who have tried a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. This will help you to make your own wise choice. This is valuable information because, while there are quite a few high quality electronic cigarette manufacturers that give good guarantees and stand by their products, there are still quite a few fly-by-night scam artists. You’ll want to sort the wheat from the chaff and identify the e-cigs companies that you want to do business with.


It is noteworthy that complaints about electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are always about lack of quality in technology, flavor or some other practical matter. No one ever complains that electronic cigarettes are ruining their lives, causing them to go broke or sending them to the hospital. Although opponents of e-cigs often speculate that people could suffer from nicotine poisoning or one thing and another, there have never actually been any documented cases of this.


Why would a health professionals and others be opposed to e-cigs?


Most of the opposition to electronic cigarettes comes from tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical industry. The reason is quite obvious. Electronic cigarettes offer the first real competition ever to smoking and to pharmaceutical stop smoking treatments. Additionally, the concept of smoking alternatives and tobacco harm reduction challenges the standard 12 step and willpower concept promoted by organizations that propose to help people stop smoking. Because electronic cigarettes offer a new concept and a new technology, many professionals are dubious. Of course, the desire to maintain the status quo is always very strong.


What are the concepts of smoking alternatives and tobacco harm reduction?


The concept of smoking alternatives is one that provides positive and satisfying alternatives to smokers and adds to their quality of life rather than depending upon restriction and sacrifice. The idea is that the smoker will replace smoking with a similar activity that provides many of the same positive points with few, if any, of the negative points. For example, people who use e-cigs enjoy the same hand-to-mouth and inhalation action that they enjoy with cigarettes. At the same time, they do away with tremendous expense, secondhand smoke, fire hazards, offensive odors, overflowing ashtrays and the production of outrageous amounts of litter.


The concept of tobacco harm reduction is one that accepts that simply stopping smoking is incredibly difficult. For many people, stopping smoking is impossible. Rather than making those people feel like failures for the rest of their lives as they struggle along with their addiction to tobacco cigarettes, tobacco harm reductions present a path of lesser harm. Nobody is saying that the nicotine in e-cigs is harmless, but the four simple ingredients found in e-liquid are surely less harmful than the thousands of toxic and carcinogenic ingredients found in tobacco cigarettes. The concept of tobacco harm reduction coupled with the use of electronic cigarettes gives smokers an opportunity to improve their quality of life and experience success.


Is vaping with the cigs really that much better than smoking with electronic cigarettes?


Indeed it is! When you’re a smoker, you’re dragging yourself around with the ball and chain around your ankle. You know that you’re pouring your money into a bottomless pit and receiving nothing but poor health in return, yet you can’t stop. When you vape with electronic cigarettes, you spend a reasonable amount of money for an enjoyable habit that provides many aspects one finds with a satisfying hobby. You attract pleasant interest from others. You meet others who enjoy vaping, and engage in lively discussions. You enjoy new technologies and interesting flavors and simply have fun!


So, what exactly is in e-liquid?


High quality e-liquid from reputable sources consists of four simple ingredients. 


They are:


  1. Propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin
  2. Nicotine in levels that you choose
  3. Flavoring that you choose
  4. Water


The propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring are all high quality, food grade ingredients that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The nicotine is pharmaceutical grade. All of these are ingredients that are generally safe for people to consume. Of course, as we have discussed, nicotine is a stimulant and should be managed carefully. The interesting thing is that many people who take up vaping with electronic cigarettes eventually drop the nicotine altogether and don’t even miss it.


Are all e-liquids alike?


When choosing an e-liquid, it’s very important that you find a high quality, reputable company that offers guarantees in regards to the quality and contents of their e-liquid. Presently there are only a few companies that do this, but they are the best!. When you find a truly high quality e-liquid with excellent flavors, you’re sure to have a satisfying vaping experience. The best e-liquids produce thicker and more satisfying vapor, and they simply taste better. Your exploration of Internet forums, blogs and review sites for electronic cigarette users will surely provide you with all the information you need to make great choices in e-liquid.


What’s the best website to visit for e-liquid information?


You must be sure to visit This all-inclusive website was formed for the purpose of educating and informing vapers worldwide. The site is dedicated to empowering vapers in making the very best and wisest choices in e-liquids.  Here you’ll find excellent information on sources of the very best quality e-liquid at the very best prices.

When you visit the, be sure to explore the section on mixing your own e-liquid. Here you will find tips and recipes that will help you create your very own unique and delectable e-liquid blends. This is just one of the many things that makes vaping with electronic cigarettes so much more interesting and fun than smoking tobacco cigarettes. has a great collection of the best and latest reviews. The forums are lively, enjoyable, informative and entertaining. You’re sure to make lots of new friends and gain lots of great information that will enhance your vaping experience.

With, you’ll find the very best deals in e-liquid thanks to the site’s partnering with some top-notch manufacturers. This is just one more way that vaping can make your life more fun while improving your health and keeping your money in your pocket.

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