The Truth with the Smokeless Cigarette Reviews

For people looking into quitting harmful cigarette smoking, the electronic cigarettes provide a reliable and safer cigarette smoking option. The advantage in using these cigarettes is that they do not use actual smoke but they do meet the needs of the smoker when it comes to nicotine. These cigarettes are much safer as compared to original cigarettes since there is not a single reported case of electronic cigarette related complications or illnesses and yet, millions of people are already using the cigarettes.
Why people are turning to smokeless cigarettes
When a person is smoking the traditional cigarette, they are exposing themselves to over 69 different compounds that are responsible for the occurrence of lung cancer, larynx cancer, bladder and stomach cancers, just to mention a few. In the United States of America, over 350,000 people die yearly due to tobacco smoking. This is over 18% of the total deaths in the USA.

People smoke tobacco just to get the nicotine rush and throat hit, but with this comes the risk of long-term illness and death. Since the e-cigarette delivers, the throat hit and nicotine fix without the presence of numerous harmful compounds, may be the e-cigarette will reduce the number of deaths caused by tobacco smoking.

People across the world are now turning the green way of smoking, e-cigarettes. Majority of the bars, casinos and restaurants are now prohibiting tobacco smoking. This gets very troublesome since the smoker has to look for a place where smoking is allowed. However, when people read smokeless cigarette reviews from blogs and forums, many of them decide to quit tobacco smoking and try out Vaping.

As compared to tobacco cigarettes which have a combination of over 4000 chemicals, e-cigarettes combine two major compounds, nicotine and propylene glycol (the vaporing element.) this makes e-cigarette smoking much more safer. After people start vaping or smoking e-cigarettes, they never look behind since it gives the whole smoking experience without the risk of exposing yourself to danger.

An addiction killer
As the year comes to an end, people start planning for next year. Resolutions start being made for the following year. Many people who are addicted to tobacco smoking have resolved to quit smoking because they clearly know the dangers. Since quitting is a process that takes time and great effort, an e-cigarette can be a great gift for someone who is trying to quit. Smokeless cigarette reviews state that people quit smoking much faster with the help of e-cigarettes than someone who was cutting himself or herself out completely from smoking.
This is because the e-cigarette delivers the nicotine fix and throat hit without the contamination of tar, smoke and other carcinogens. E-cigarettes can also be a great way to save your money. One cartridge filled with e liquid is equivalent to a packet of tobacco cigarettes. With this in mind, a person can save up to $1,200. With this amount of money in your pocket, you can spend it on something more worthwhile like a laptop, new hi-fi system, a bicycle for exercising or that flat-screen TV you have been eyeing at the mall. Smokeless cigarette reviews clearly show the advantages associated with e-cigarettes, and they are proving to be beneficial to very many people.

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