Things to Know Before You Buy Pure Nicotine Liquid

One specific thing that all vapers continue to hear when it comes to e liquids is the presence of pure nicotine in liquid form. Well, it is actually this usage of pure nicotine that is the latest buzz today with its own pros and cons. Talking about the pros, the experts after researching on the making of e cigarettes have accepted that the quantity of this nicotine inhaled per puff is almost 3-10 times less in case of these electric devices as compared to a burning Marlboro cigarette. This means that the risk factor of deadly diseases that a tobacco cigarette can trigger is minimized drastically. That said; smart vapers who want to spend economically on their vaping devices do not hesitate to buy pure nicotine liquid for making their own e liquids. Although that is a wise alternative to purchasing filled cartridges, the buyer is still not 100% free from the risks of using pure nicotine. Before you use such nicotine, it is vital to become aware of its risks so that you can keep them at bay by taking proper safety measures.

Pure Nicotine Risks and Safety Measures

It has been found that nicotine in its purest form is a deadly toxin whose single drop can kill an adult if ingested. So, consuming even a single drop can kill you. In relation to body weight, the lethal dose is .9 mg nicotine per kg of weight. Therefore, for a 110lb person, 45 mg of nicotine can be killing if even its single drop is inhaled. Death would hit in just a few seconds because of respiratory failure.

Further, know that nicotine can be absorbed via the skin the moment you touch it directly to cause many grave health problems. However, despite these lethal risks, pure nicotine is in use today in inhalers sold as medicine, and that no deaths have occurred from them although millions are dying due to smoking a tobacco cigarette. So, it is fine to buy pure nicotine liquid if you know how to handle it properly, as a small mistake of its spilling or inhaling can prove dangerous for you. This is a necessary condition for you to fulfill, or else, kindly prefer buying e liquids straight away if you are not a trained person on how to use pure nicotine. And believe me; there is no exception to this rule. Only life haters would try using such nicotine without any knowledge about its handling.

Well, as a safety precaution, ensure that you protect your skin by wearing latex gloves. And yes, also wear safety glasses to protect your eyes as well at the time of preparing your e liquid. Further, keep liquid away from the reach of children (this is obvious!). In addition, always store the liquid in sealed plastic container! It would be better to use a haz-mat suit along with a breathing gear! Lastly, always consider diluting the liquid by mixing it with the Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycol (VG) base. So, that you never inhale pure nicotine, thus, keeping all its health risks at bay. Remember, nicotine is carcinogenic no matter in which form or in through which medium you use it!

So, now if you are sure to take training from an expert and then use pure liquid nicotine, here are some places for you to buy pure liquid nicotine online.

Online Places to Buy Pure Liquid Nicotine

When it is the matter of buying pure nicotine, it is always a smart idea to do so from the DIY collection of a reliable and known e cig shopping portal. You will get four benefits of doing so First, you get the desired grade, which needs to be USP. Second, you can directly buy a bottle that contains pure nicotine mixed with PG or VG base without having to buy the base separately. Third, you can save a lot by using coupon codes and reward points or by purchasing in bulk. This means you need not buy the desired base separately. Fourth, the online dealers are very transparent in revealing what is mixed with pure nicotine and what is not mixed along with how this liquid should be handled with care and what other customers say about the product! So, here are some highly rated sites for you to consider. Check out its DIY area to find out 99.998% pure nicotine liquid on offer. The nicotine is extracted from the high quality American Tobacco leaves and is certified by U.S. Labs, which means you can trust the liquid. It is available with the option of 100% pure hospital-grade PG or 100% pure Kosher VG. Okay, this is a Chinese manufacturer but is well-trusted when it comes to e liquids. Just browse through any e cig forums and you will find this name with praises and full marks. A simple search on the site with the phrase pure nicotine will introduce a list of various pure nicotine liquids on offer. It is vital for you to know that a pure nicotine liquid bottle will have 990mg/ml of nicotine. So, choose the one that has this label. This is a pure American site that offers American-made pure nicotine liquid bottles at reasonable prices. This is another dealer that is famous in forums and blogs.

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