Can Electronic Cigarettes Supply A Throat Hit?

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular as traditional tobacco users begin looking for more affordable and healthier options. Many smokers are curious about electronic cigarettes, but have yet to try them due to the fact that they are afraid electronic cigarettes cannot provide them with the same smoking experience that traditional tobacco can. This simply is not true.

What is a Throat Hit?


When traditional tobacco cigarettes make the switch to electronic cigarettes there are a few things that these smokers are hoping for. A throat hit is one of those things. A throat hit is the burning sensation in that back of the throat that smokers experience when they take a drag off of a traditional tobacco cigarette. While this burning sensation may sound unpleasant, it is actually something that smokers enjoy and look forward to.

Electronic cigarettes can provide the same taste and throat hit that traditional tobacco is capable of. Many users state the electronic cigarettes gives them the same throat hit that they have become accustomed to with traditional tobacco without the harmful chemicals and irritation that traditional tobacco is infamous for.

Can Electronic Cigarettes Provide Smokers with Throat Hits?

Many smokers want to know if electronic cigarettes can provide them with a throat hit. The answer is yes. Many brands of electronic cigarettes can provide the same throat hits that traditional tobacco supplies. The stronger the electronic cigarette refill cartridge that is used the stronger the throat hit that can be expected.

Refill cartridges come with varying amounts of nicotine. Eight grams, sixteen grams, and twenty four grams are the most commonly sold increments. Electronic cigarettes are perfectly capable of providing the same throat hit that a traditional tobacco cigarette would provide.

Liquid Nicotine can Provide Throat Hits

Electronic cigarettes use e-liquid nicotine. The nicotine is what is responsible for causing a throat hit more than anything else. A certain amount of milligrams is required for a smoker to achieve the same effect. A heavy smoker would want to consider nicotine refill cartridges or eliquid at a high strength (at first at least) which is usually expressed as a percentage of the nicotine liquid – 18mg is often enough, though some brands who offer 24mg or even 36mg eliquid (you can purchase the eliquid independently – and may even find flavors you prefer or enjoy the variety of – and refill cartomizers from your e-cig brand of choice if they don’t offer the highest levels and you find that you need them).

Some Recommended E-Liquid Suppliers Include:

1) Smokeless Image (famous for their VOLT E Cig and Now The X2 Model – their eliquid is really great too)

2) HighBrow Vapor (absolutely AWESOME supplier – small business who shows amazing passion in their flavors and quality of USA made ingredients, nothing but the best here…)


Low nicotine levels will not deliver the same satisfying throat hit that heavy smokers are looking for. Liquid nicotine can provide the body with the same effects of smoking without all of the harmful chemicals and potential health risks. Smokers can finally enjoy their throat hit without having to put themselves at a higher risk for heart disease and many types of cancer.


Make the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes Today

In summary, throat hits can still be enjoyed, even if you choose to make the switch to electronic cigarettes. E-Cigs have become increasingly popular over the last few years and their popularity is only expected to grow as more smokers learn that electronic cigarettes can provide the same smoking experience as traditional tobacco. Say goodbye to all of the things that you hate about smoking while still being able to enjoy the things that you love about smoking. Make the switch to electronic cigarettes today, read our e cigarette reviews and guides and pick the model and brand that best suits you – then get started!

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