Top E-Cig Tips When Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette Kit For You

Best Electronic Cigarette Tips: Avoid three piece technology (with the one caveat: at least until you really know what you are doing and then only if you are well and truly bitten with the vaping bug and become obsessed beyond reason or rationality!).
The electronic cigarette’s atomizer must work perfectly to deliver superior performance and give the user a good experience. Since atomizers are sensitive, they should be replaced often to maintain good vapor. This is one of the reasons we recommend a two-piece electronic cigarette, where the atomizer is replaced every time the cartomizer is changed. This automatic replacement of the atomizer provides great vapor production minimizes leaks, and provides ultimate reliability and performance.
Here are the 3 most important considerations when you chose the best electronic cigarette for you:
1) Long Battery Life – Don’t be disappointed by a brand that needs frequent recharging. Look for lithium ion batteries, and a 4.2 volt battery is preferable to a 3.7 volt. Note that brands might call some batteries “long” or “short.” “Long” batteries will last… longer! V2 is the stand-out of minis and smartly is built on the KR808D-1 spec – who has had solid battery cells for a while.
Standard length are a solid 280mAH rating, lasting close to double the 150maH of many other smaller E-Cig batteries, even the Joye 510. While the XL is indeed a full 140mm long (i think its more stylish myself) but whether or not you think so, the 380maH is undeniably a nice solid charge capacity. Even if you vape a lot it can last you a good number of hours per charge, and with 2 and a PCC your golden!
2) Great Tasting E-Cig Cartridges – Some brands simply taste artificial – this is an issue i have with Volcano Ecigs liquids which has a bit of a chemical aftertaste (and proof not all USA E-Liquid is 'better'). You want something that will taste the most like a real Marlboro, Camel, Newport or other tobacco cigarette – V2 offers three tobaccos, roughly modeled on Marlboro (red), Parliament (congress) and Camel (sahara) as it is likely you will use tobacco flavors mostly while in the midst of switching possibly exclusively.
But to restrict yourself to that would be a shame however as part of what makes vaping so unique is the ability to explore with flavors – and the rest of V2's famous 10 flamous offer delicious and really nicely balanced others you owe it to yourself to at least try. This include common like Menthol, Chocolate and Vanilla. To Coffee (super), grape (awesome!) and other unique tastes: Mint Tea, Peppermint and Cherry! If you don't mind opening up and refilling your carts it opens up hundreds more possibilities as you can explore other eliquid suppliers.
V2 now also have all but 2 of their flavors available in bottled E-Liquid too, which is a great way to have fun trying blends – (adding anything as a dash to your preferred tobacco will usually yield a nice result), and it also saves cost even more if you refill each cart just a couple times each.
3) Start With Auto, Then Try MANUAL Batteries – Manual batteries sound like an odd proposition for those who have yet to try them. They require pressing a small button on the side to activate the E-Cig, and you have to hold it for the duration of inhalation; sounds like a pain compared to just puffing away right? Well I can tell you from my own and many other long-time ecig users that Manual tends to be the mode of choice once you have some experience with vaping. Many would agree with my opinion that while automatic batteries are great for the transition period while switching from tobacco cigarettes at first because they some closely imitate the smoking process – producing vapor when you take a puff “automatically”.
The one drawback with AUTO E-Cig batteries, is the slight lag time from the start of your inhalation – which in AUTO batteries triggers the sensor inside the unit, which connects to a little tiny microchip who then gets busy and activates the power going to the cartomizer to heat up instantly and produce the delicious vapor. 
It is stunningly impressive that all of this can happen so insanely quickly as it does, as it does react – in good models at least – very quickly and accurately. 
It became noted however that pre-heating the atomizer coil a couple of seconds BEFORE starting to inhale, through some sort of “manual” trigger…. and I'm really not sure if it was some DIY 'mod' building type who struck on the idea first or if it came directly from Joyetech, as it was the Joye 510 that soon after launch introduced the first manual batteries ( and their common button on the side approach )  – Joye certainly has many many innovations locked away under its belt, so it wouldn't surprise me  if it simply came from their 'labs'.
What the manual offers as its selling point is an ultimately thicker, richer vapor is produced – and that much more feeling of control you get with the ecig. It becomes all zen-like 🙂 you and the ECIG are ONE :-).  Well, not quite so profound but the difference isn't subtle – the difference is quite substantial and because the activation of the heating coil in the cart is fully determined by the button being pressed or not, and as this way you can in addition to preheating so the vapor is at peak performance from the instant you inhale, as normally automatic inhales lessen in pressure tapering off from a couple seconds in. 
With manual here again the button is held for the duration, keeping the max consistent vapor production going while inhalation is at your leisure. On the whole it leads to a solid boost in richness and vapor quality – giving a nicer throat hit generally, and a control and closeness to the E-Cigarette that is often found more satisfying than automatic by ecig users who have a little experience after trying both types.
I can compare it to using say a computer mouse vs a small trackpad, or even how in a stick shift car ones feels much more connected to and in control of the vehicle. 
At this point in time i only ever buy manual batteries when there is a choice (the E9 Cartomizer made popular by Green Smoke, eSmoke Sensation, AmeriSmoke and South Beach Smoke – for a long time didn't have any manual options – that was until last year EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke each introduced manual versions which definitely improved the experience they are capable of), though Green Smoke still don't sell one, plus the E9 (sometimes called U9) only comes in 2 lengths/capacities rather than the much more flexible 3 offered by the KR808d-1.
Whether or not you go with [WPMSHOT key=”[WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cig” url=””]s” url=””], consider the issue of whether to not a brand offers manual batteries (surprisingly quite a few do not) as it is for me a make or beak issue. Some popular brands that do use the KR808d-1 specification, SmokeTip, Premium E Cigarettes P110 and P111 main models and eSmoke PRO model – 3 popular options are auto ONLY. Vapor4Life, Smokeless Image and Bloog however all sell both auto and manual options (other than V2).
Of course for those who never know the difference, they don't realize what they are missing out on – I urge you not to be one of them! This is why i tend to suggest at least getting one manual battery if you are selecting preferences – even in your first order. So long as you can manage a 2 battery kit – the V2 Standard Plus kit is ideal here if you can't manage the V2 Ultimate Kit, as it specifically comes with one standard length battery of each AUTO and MANUAL.
I hope that helps to explain it – but like many things in the vaping world, to properly know requires trying it. What I can do is tell you there indeed are great rewards to be had in exploring manual batteries and suggest you give them a shot to see if they agree with your style and vaping preferences!

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