Top Reasons To Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Although its popularity has translated to numerous sales worldwide, there are still many conventional smokers who are not convinced that they should buy electronic cigarettes.  Still, there are those who believe that there are not enough motivations to make the shift, because they believe that there are substantiated evidences that support the numerous claims of electronic cigarette manufacturers about supposed benefits that can be received.

 Why Buy Electronic Cigarette?

This type of mindset is precisely the reason why smokers should be educated about the positive effects of e-cigs that they can get when the make the shift from traditional tobacco cigarettes.  By being aware of the various reasons, they will be able to make an educated decision as to whether it is actually worth their time and money to convert to electronic cigarettes.  There may be several reasons to buy electronic cigarettes, but the more relevant and practical ones are:

Varying nicotine levels.

Electronic cigarette manufacturers have successfully formulated nicotine solutions that are designed to help control cravings experienced by smokers.  They have the option to start with a dosage that they are familiar with, and slowly work down until they reach zero nicotine content.  For smokers who are trying to kick the smoking habit, but simply cannot fight off the addiction, the process of gradual reduction made possible by electronic cigarettes has proven to be effective on many smokers.

The successful impact of the nicotine solutions is attributed to the same level of sensation that traditional tobacco cigarettes provide.  The main difference is that traditional cigarettes include over 4,000 different kinds of toxic chemicals that poison the body, people around you, and the environment.  This means that electronic cigarettes are the smarter choice for those who are serious in kicking the smoking habit.

By correctly using the gradual reduction technique, the cravings will slowly disappear, and smokers will have greater control over their habit.  This is one of the most important and common reasons smokers turn to electronic cigarettes.



Eliminates many undesirable effects of smoking.

Aside from the absence of poisonous chemicals, carcinogens, and other toxic substances, electronic cigarettes also do not possess the many undesirable effects that have been associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes and the habit of smoking.  One of the best reasons to buy electronic cigarettes is that it eliminates having to deal with stained teeth and fingers, which is a common occurrence for smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

No longer will smokers be subjected to the humiliation of smoky smelling hair and clothes.  This is because using electronic cigarettes allows for the exhaling of pure water vapor instead of harmful smoke, which means there is no odor.  In some instances, the pure water vapor of electronic cigarettes have been combined with some high grade food flavoring to enhance its taste as well as to make its odor more desirable, even to non-smokers.

There is also no need to experience unsightly holes burned through clothes, car interiors, carpets, as well as furniture.  This is primarily because electronic cigarettes draw power from a rechargeable battery, which means it does not have to be lit up.  They also do not produce heat, which eliminates the threat of accidental fires.  It makes it possible to puff on the electronic cigarette and place it in your pocket immediately afterwards.


Very convenient to use.

When you want to take a puff, there is no need to look for matches or lighter, simply press the button to activate the battery and power the heating element, and you are set to go.  In automatic models of electronic cigarettes, vapers do not even have to press anything; they just need to put it in their mouth and puff.  The built-in sensor detects the puffing motion of vapers and activates the battery to initiate the action of producing vapor.

Since there is no fire, there is also no need to use ashtrays, because there will be no ashes produced.  There are also no worries about the device being crushed when placed in the pocket or bag, because the casing is made of relatively strong material.  Cigarette butts, which are non-biodegradable, are also eliminated, which means a lot of the mess associated with the habit of smoking has been done away with.  This type of convenience makes it a worthwhile device to use.

Create savings.

Smokers who choose to buy electronic cigarettes will create savings for themselves because of the relatively cheaper cost.  On the average, traditional tobacco cigarettes would run for about $6 a pack.  Electronic cigarettes would only cost about $2, which translates to an automatic $4 savings.  More than this though is the fact that the longer you use electronic cigarettes, the more savings you can create.

There is a reason why they are considered as low cost alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Aside from the price difference, switching to electronic cigarettes can also result in relatively cheaper insurance rates.  This is because you will be technically classified as a non-smoker, which means you are relatively low risk.


Healthier gains.

Health experts have confirmed that passive smoking can have tremendous negative effects on the overall health of individuals.  Switching to electronic cigarettes eliminates many of the health hazards associated with smoking.  Moreover, there are healthier gains not only for you, but also those around you, because they will no longer be exposed to second- and third-hand smoke.  This is because you no longer exhale pollutants into the environment.

Since the air around you becomes relatively healthier, you no longer pose a danger to the ones you love.  You also eliminate unnecessary medical expenses that can be brought about by smoking, such as the manifestation of allergies, frequent cough, irritation, and sore throat among others.  All of these gains are good enough reasons to buy electronic cigarettes.

There is no doubt that there are other potentially good reasons that can be considered, however, these five should be sufficient to motivate smokers to buy electronic cigarettes.

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