V2 Cigs ZigZag E-Cigarettes

You can use V2 Batteries with Zig-Zag cartridges. Zig Zap Flavor Cartridges offer you the best vaping pleasure.

Zig-zags are sealed in foil and packed for freshness and cleanliness.  These cartridges are dated with an expiration date to ensure freshness.

The life cycle of your  Zig-Zag cartridge mainly depends how often it is used. For many users, one cartridge will provide around 200 puffs – very similar to the number of puffs from traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Carts contain a propriety e-liquid blend, comprised mainly of water, nicotine, glycerin, food coloring and propylene glycol.

You might be happy to learn that Zig-Zag cartridges are available in two nicotine concentrations, i.e., 1.8% and 2.4%.  Another hassle-free addition to this simple to use product is disposal atomizer, saving you the trouble of cleaning or maintaining.

just like using a tobacco cigarette it is easy to use a zig-zag flavor cartridge as the pulling action automatically triggers the battery to power the atomizer thereby heating the e-liquid and producing a rich thick vapor

When the vapor production is getting low or you notice a burnt taste it is time to replace the cartridge. Removing the old one and putting on a new one is very easy and you will be back to full vapor in no time.

Zig-Zag™ cartridges should be kept dry and cool to help them remain fresh and easy to smoke.

The traditional blend has a rich taste with warm tobacco flavors.

You can enjoy the rich flavor of menthol with the mint taste with these cigarettes.

Flavor Choices: Columbian/Coffee, Mango, Vanilla, Caribbean (Tropical Flavor) and Clove.

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