Vapor vs Smoke – Water Vapor Cigarette Revolution

Many years ago nobody would have thought about a type of cigarette that does not produce any smoke. This idea would have seemed as absurd as when the Wright brothers said they can make a machine that floats on the air like birds. People usually imagined smoking to be taking a roll of tobacco leaves and lighting it up with a flame so that they can inhale the sweet smoke.

This absurd idea was first brought into the public limelight in 1963 by a pharmacist. The cigarette was usually referred to with phrases such as the water vapor cigarette. Today it is mostly known as an electronic cigarette or e-cig. Unfortunately at the time it could not see the light of commercial production and it was therefore shelved. Tobacco cigarettes were not yet ready to be replaced – at least in the minds of consumers.

There are two ways of making a revolutionary new product to become extremely popular within no time at all. The first method is obviously to make the product extremely useful to the people that they had no option but to buy it. Think about something as simple as a knife. If it were a new product to the market, you would obviously have no option but to buy it.

Another method to make a new product sell is to produce a product that solves serious problems that people have been grappling with such as lung cancer. The water vapor cigarette came and had both these two qualities and as a result it became extremely popular in a very short period of time. Just years down the line, the cigarette is now used by tens of millions of people all over the world and many more have come to know about it.

The undeniable relationship of the water vapor cigarette with a tobacco cigarette

If you asked a smoker he would tell you that one of the highest points in his day is when he experiences the feeling of tobacco smoke from a freshly lit cigarette going down his throat. Many people indeed describe this feeling as a moment when you let go of all your stresses and get into a world of peace and relaxation. This is the reason why many tobacco smokers turn to tobacco smoking during tense moments of their days.

Whether you believe it or not, the water vapor cigarette can also create the same exact feeling. Sure, the cigarettes were rudimentary and hard to deal with at the beginning but modern electronic cigarettes are anything but hard to deal with. They produce thick clouds of vapor that satisfy the needs of tobacco smokers just as well as tobacco cigarettes.

2-piece 808d style ecig aka water vapor cigarette

Many people are reportedly switching from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. This is because the electronic cigarettes are more than just the feeling of smoke going down your throat. There are benefits offered by the water vapor cigarette which the tobacco cigarette could never provide. Among the reasons why the electronic cigarette has come to challenge the superiority of tobacco cigarettes is the health implications that it carries.

To be specific, a person who smokes tobacco is literally cutting years from his life expectancy because of the damage he does to his internal organs every day. A smoker of electronic cigarettes however is not by any means jeopardizing his life. In addition to electronic cigarettes being safer to smoke, you can customize them much more than you can tobacco ones. In fact there is no customization you can do to a tobacco cigarette if you are an end user.

The electronic cigarette has therefore become a fan favorite because you can have it in a certain way one minute and have it in a completely different way the next. Among the goodies that the electronic cigarette packs for smokers all over is the number of flavor choices available. You can choose from many flavors when using electronic cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes have basically one flavor – tobacco. Any additional flavors are overpowered by the considerably strong tobacco flavor.

Water Vapor Cigarette

Why this craze about the water vapor cigarette?


The following are the reasons why people are so much into electronic cigarettes.

  • Electronic cigarettes use batteries as their primary source of energy. Say goodbye to your matchbox or tobacco cigarette lighter. You can smoke an electronic cigarette without as much as a spark of a flame.
  • The cigarette is a byproduct of technology. It is amazing how quickly technology changes. The electronic cigarette was first created as a rudimentary replacement of tobacco ones and just a few years later, it is considered to be adequate instead of a tobacco one.
  • People live healthier lives by smoking electronic cigarettes than when they smoke tobacco cigarettes. This is because there are no harmful chemicals in electronic cigarettes like the ones in tobacco.
  • Electronic cigarettes are also cheaper to smoke than tobacco cigarettes.

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