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Unless you’ve been reading a lot about electronic cigarettes lately, you might think that the whole subject is a bit confusing. Your wouldn’t be alone!

Data from the FDA (the Food & Drug Administration), E-Cig producers, and “vapers” (E-Cig consumers) can differ greatly. A few experts, even some MD’s like the fantastic Dr. Seigel state that E-Cigs can help people who want to cease smoking standard cigarettes, and you probably have a great deal of curiosity regarding these statements.

Serious online research yields both good and bad E-Cig reviews that also include different kinds and brand names of E-Cigs.

Consumers can become confused after reading all this conflicting information. Can you really put your full confidence in a government, other experienced vapers or electronic cigarette manufacturers to provide you with honest information about E-Cigs?

white smoke review stop smoking start vaping

Our MISSION with White Smoke Review is fully backed and inspired by vapers who have numerous years of experience they wish to share with our users.

Our team makes a tremendous effort to offer our readers the most honest data regarding E-Cigs that is available anywhere online. Our reviews also have detailed information about each of the brands. We strongly believe that you will have the capacity to make clear and autonomous decisions if you are provided with top quality information.

We thankfully acknowledge that our numerous years of experience vaping on E-Cigs include trying out products made by well-known manufacturers and by manufacturers that are not as popular. Of course, we write about the electronic cigarettes we prefer, but we do not intend to influence our readers to purchase any particular name brands.

While we are still getting things rolling and not everything is in place just yet – you can expect much more in the days and weeks ahead. http://whitesmokereview.com/ is here to offer a medium for an exchange of information on people’s personal experiences. It is for people who smoke, as well as those who quit smoking and now vape (indulge in electronic cigarettes). We promise to include our personal knowledge with professionalism, but keep in mind that we will balance that with your personal experiences and reviews.

Each vaper (individual who likes to indulge in Electronic Cigarettes) differs from another vaper, and every person has his or her own distinctive and valuable opinion.

Our desire is for our website to be a greeting gateway for all different opinions in order to allow people interested in E-Cigs to make informed decisions. Each discussion will be founded upon reputable research and user reviews by our experimented team. As soon as we reviews written by expert members of our team, we want our users to join in the fun and post their own opinions, questions and answers on our forum. The information you write about in your reviews is going to assist other vapers in making the right selections since they are going to have access to all-important data simply by visiting one specific website.

Our process can be compared to that of a court. We’ll look at different brands so we can identify any issues that could come up with regard to them. We will publish our results and let customers reach a verdict about the merits of every brand that we examine. Vapers who participate are going to have the chance to read all of the reviews and give their own ratings for each of the reviewed name brands; these ratings will reflect a variety of points to consider. If we join together as a harmonious team, we are going to establish a massive wealth of information for persons who want to know all of the pros and cons regarding E-Cigs.

For truly in depth reviews and really useful information, we believe our website is soon to be the best. There are far too many biased e cig review websites that give only positive testimonials and reviews about chosen brands. We don’t do that. We give you the whole story. We wish to present an improved version of these websites by offering personal reviews written by our expert vapers and posting reviews written by website users. We think that this will provide a comprehensive picture to those who want an honest and unbiased evaluation of every single E-Cig brand out there.

With our website set up in this fashion, we can guarantee you that our goal is not merely to promote one particular brand to cash in on a percentage – actually we publish reviews on numerous brands that we don’t make any money from. We are hoping to make a review site that offers complete and honest reviews of many different brands in all their complexity. Other websites that offer reviews offer only positive ones of those brands that bring the owners the most revenue. Unlike these sites, “White Smoke E Cigarette Reviews” is consumer-driven.

Bookmark and share us please – http://whitesmokereview.com – if you like what you see, expect more and better … we are passionate about ecigs and intend to show it through this site.
You can count on us for delivering informative how-to and general vaping knowledge, opinionated editorials and the most in-depth and useful e cig brand reviews anywhere – both reflecting the positive and negative, as the ecig marketplace has plenty of both to go around! and it helps to know which is which. Once a brand has been put up for reviews, it will stay there, so that if there are any alterations in the composition, cost or any other vital factors, you will be able to see this in the latest reviews. White Smoke Review will always be the most reliable Internet source for the greatest, most recent and most precise E-Cig reviews.

Please give a review of E-Cig brands you have used, as this will assist us and other e-cig users. Your greatly valued input will assist people thinking about E-cigs in their life-altering transition or vapers looking for the right brand. To encourage and reward your input, we will be giving away e-cig prizes such as free electronic cigarette starter kits, premium e-liquid, as well as other great giveaways. Remember to bookmark our review website for future reference because we are going to get our project rolling in the near future.

Our website does not engage in the practice of posting information solely for the purpose of gaining sales; we do not post fake reviews, nor do we criticize other eCig brands without any justification, and our expectations are that users are going to follow these same practices. We expect people to leave objective reviews and refrain from negative personal assaults. Our objective is to give honest information that will help those who use the website to make informed decisions. We are not trying to influence our website users to buy or refrain from buying any specific E-Cig brand name. Bear this in mind when you write a review so that those who read your written review can make objective choices. You always need to make sure your review contains the truth and that it is not written from a purely subjective viewpoint, whether you review your own brand or one of your least favorite brands.

Our users also appreciate the ability to submit questions on our helpful contact form that comes in handy for topics that are not covered by our reviews. Did E-Cigs help you kick your smoking habit, or cut it down a lot? Tell us your story at our E-Cig Review Site, or stop by to learn more from our wealth of E-Cig information and reviews.

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