Why Are Fake Cigarettes So Successful?

Some people call electronic cigarettes fake-cigarettes because quite a few of them look like old fashioned tobacco cigarettes, and all of them deliver nicotine in very much the same way. For this reason, fake-cigarettes are rapidly running away with a large amount of the market share formerly enjoyed by tobacco cigarettes. Indeed, many seasoned smokers have decided to make the smart and affordable switch to vaping with electronic cigarettes.


Because electronic cigarettes are so popular, some of the better brands have put a lot of energy and thought into introducing new and interesting accessories and products. This motivates former smokers even more to make the exciting and enjoyable switch. Here are a few of the reasons why smokers find it so easy and attractive to switch from smoking with tobacco cigarettes to vaping with e-cigs.


Simply put, vaping with e-cigs is just better than smoking with tobacco cigarettes. The fact that inhaling a water based vapor that contains no pesticides, chemicals and carcinogens is better for your health than inhaling toxic smoke is simply a no-brainer. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is made up of water, food grade flavoring, food grade propylene glycol and the amount of nicotine chosen by the user. Tobacco cigarette smoke consists of a toxic mix of over 4000 carcinogens, tar and pesticides and the amount of nicotine chosen by the tobacco company.


Electronic cigarettes are downright environmentally friendly when compared with tobacco cigarettes. They produce no smoke, so they are not a danger to the user or those surrounding the user. Secondhand smoke is a thing of the past with electronic cigarettes. There is no smoky odor for smokers and their loved ones to contend with. Additionally, with electronic cigarettes there is no continuous production of toxic litter. Each individual cartridge lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes. When the cartridge is empty, it can be recycled. This certainly cannot be said of the thousands of toxic cigarette butts, hundreds of cigarette packs and cartons thrown into the landfill (or simply onto the ground) by smokers every day.


Electronic cigarettes cost less than tobacco cigarettes in every way. Although your initial cost for a kit maybe a little outlay of money, your ongoing cost of supplies will be much less than purchasing packs of tobacco cigarettes. When you consider the amount of money you will save in terms of health care costs and insurance, you will surely see phenomenal savings. Because you cannot burn your house down with an electronic cigarette, you can expect even the cost of homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to be less when you stop smoking tobacco cigarettes and begin vaping with electronic cigarettes.


Modern electronic cigarettes are incredibly easy to use. From the beginning they have been intended to be very like tobacco cigarettes in terms of use. Actually, vaping with e-cigs is even easier than smoking with tobacco cigarettes you don’t need a lighter or a match, and with modern automatic battery technology, you don’t even need to push a switch to turn the battery on! Just lift your e-cig your lips and puff away!


Sure there’s a little bit of assembly involved with fake-cigarettes. You have to screw the cartridge onto the battery, but after that all you do is puff. Your powerful, long lasting automatic e-cig battery will be activated by an internal sensor chip in response to your breath. If you want to try the classic switch-operated manual battery style, many of the better e-cig brands still offer this option.


When you quit smoking with tobacco cigarettes and begin vaping with electronic cigarettes you will no longer be a smoker. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved electronic cigarettes as a stop smoking device, the fact is that e-cigs have a greater success rate in helping people stop smoking than any of the devices the FDA has approved. The reasons for this are pretty simple. Fake-cigarettes are simply more satisfying to smokers then nicotine gum, patches and pharmaceutical drugs.


Rather than classifying electronic cigarettes as a stop smoking device, the FDA has instead classified them as a tobacco product. This is because electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine in much the way as tobacco cigarettes; therefore, they are covered by the same rules that govern the tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are also like tobacco cigarettes in that they deliver the same psychological satisfaction as cigarettes in terms of flavor, throat hit and rituals or actions. They differ from tobacco cigarettes in that they allow smokers control over the amount of nicotine consumed, and many smokers eventually taper off to using no nicotine at all.


Fake-cigarettes are an excellent smoking alternate. When you add up all of the positives of electronic cigarettes: affordability, enjoyment, reduced risk, reduced environmental impact and safety; it’s easy to see why fake-cigarettes are a great choice for smokers.

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