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Why e-cigarettes should be allowed in the office

From original piece:

One of the great advantages of these things is that it’s perfectly legal to puff away at work. As you can’t actually light them, they don’t count as smoking. And as all they emit is a little water vapour, they aren’t even antisocial.

Yet, increasingly companies are taking the very regrettable step of banning them. Some say they are a fire risk or that they may be harmful, but the main reason seems to be that they look too like the real thing. A spokeswoman from the British Medical Association recently complained that they set the wrong example and they renormalize the idea of smoking in offices just when everyone had succeeded in making it seem freakish.

It is for that very reason – the similarity to a real cigarette and the way they normalize the idea of smoking at work – that I’m strongly in favour of people puffing away on them in the office.

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James Oliver‘s comments:

Nice Amount Of Both Humor And Insight – surprisingly in my home team paper too, the Globe & Mail. For American’s who dont know, and unless you follow these in detail why would you – though it should be of concern. That in Canada ecigs were banned before even a smidgeon of a public dialogue. I hear about 40% of American’s know about ecigs now. I still get approached on the street (not that i admit to using such illicit devices in the borders of Canada!) but i still get asked what it is 9/10 times – and its the first people have ever heard of it. This is changing though, even here – I had my first experience of seeing ecigs for sale at a big-name ‘drug store’ checkout this week in Canada to my amazement and even though it WAS a no-nicotine version (and a brand i hadn’t ever heard of, though it didn’t look to be any of the proven models like a kr8, i think likely was a super-mini of some sort).

This article in the Globe is a little more humorous of a take though and things have, as many of you will know, gotten more serious in the meantime with significant threats to the e-cigarette’s future on the near horizon.

The FDA challenging e-cigs this year and CASAA (The Consumer Advocates For Smoke Free Alternatives Association) working with Dr. Carl Philips to create a comprehensive and medically authoritative collection of all the evidence and study results to help bring the arguments FOR ecigs to the discussion in a way that hopefully won’t be as easy to brush aside or simply ignored, as has been regularly documented happening publicly by Dr. Seigel on his blog and elsewhere.

I encourage everyone concerned about the future of ecigs to get informed and see what you can do to help, consider joining CASAA and supporting their research fund initiative. You can look at potentially looming threats if you are in an area (like UTAH at present) looking to pass regional legislation to hamper or virtually stomp out ecig use – there are things we can all do to help. Here is the CASSA Calls To Action page for ongoing updates of threats and what you can do about them: http://casaa.org/Call_to_Action.php

There is little doubt 2013 is going to prove to be an important and possibly even decisive year when it comes to the future of electronic cigarettes in America – and with the possibility of winding back the clock to only allow those ecig models available in 2007 as ‘grandfathered’ thus not at risk of being regulated out of existence (the models that far back pre-date almost all the innovation – think 2-piece cartomizers and all the popular models today)  it is a situation that should be of concern for anyone who cares about the survival of this wonderful product that has changed so many of our lives for the better.

— James


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