Working with the clearomizer- easier than other forms

Electronic cigarettes look like regular cigars or cigarettes, while others look like pens. E- Cigarettes are generally powered by battery and create the smoking experience by vaporizing the nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and water. The effect is similar to having smoke in the lungs and mouth, without engaging real smoke, combustion or tobacco. The e- cigarette vapor dissipates rapidly, leaving very little scent on clothing and in the air.
The clearomizer is one of the advancements made to the e-cigarette. We have already established the fact that the e-cigarettes need the combustible nicotine flavor to be replaced with the more convenient e-juice. The e-juice is a flavor filled liquid that is vaporized by the atomizer of the gadget and in haled instead of the smoke of the traditional cigarette. The clearomizer is a tank that is a bit more advanced. It holds this flavored e-juice in a concealed transparent chamber.
Some advantages of the clearomizer
There are several advantages of using the clear cartridge instead of the conventional cartomizers. The cart is an umbrella name for all the tanks that have the e-liquid with the combination of the atomizer. The cartomizer will always need to be attached to the battery in order to source for energy to convert the e-juice.

For the clear cartridge, the e-juice is clearly seen through the walls of the tanks. The user can therefore drain and refill the tank in whichever way he fills necessary in order to have the right kind of nicotine fill. Other cartomizers do not have this advantage, and therefore one will have to keep guessing if the tank is empty or not.

The other advantage with the clear cartridge is the fact that they can be cleaned much more easily. The walls are transparent, thus any stains are visible to the eye. One can also have a clear picture if the tank or its atomizer is worn out or not. This way, he can do a quick exchange of the various parts effectively. Other people also confess that the clear cartridge is a better-looking gadget than the other forms of tanks.

They are much smaller and can hold more liquid than the cartomizers. This is because the cartomizer technology involves the e-liquid being absorbed by a wick to saturation. Most of the volume of the cartomizer is therefore filled up through the wick. The clear cartridge gives room for pure liquid to be placed inside the tank without interruption. They also produce better vapor effect compared to other forms, since the technology used maximizes on each droplet of the e-liquid that is in the container.
Where are they found?
You could consider purchasing e- cigarettes that accommodate clear cartridges (ordinarily a combination of a cartridge and atomizer), which come in a clear or transparent re-filler enabling you to see the e- liquid. It is ideal to use because you will be able to observe the cartridge for the sake of refilling, preventing the clear cartridge from going dry. Moreover, it is easy and convenient to clean. There are however several brands available in the market.

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